Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Arcturian Group - 2/10/2013

Greetings dear ones. Again we come to encourage you in your journey of enlightenment and ascension into the new energies you are now receiving. We see many of you beginning to question the actions of local and world governments because you no longer resonate with much that heretofore was simply taken for granted. Your energy levels are becoming finer and more evolved causing you to be out of sync with energetically denser ideas of life and living. This is proof of your evolution dear ones and demonstrates that you are indeed waking up and seeing the bigger picture.

Take a stand in what ever small ways you can, not by making a power out of ideas representing beliefs of duality, but by gently planting seeds of truth without any expectations, where you can . You need not preach, but simply and silently hold the light of truth within dear ones, and be available for those who want more (truth).

Many awakening souls are afraid and need validation regarding new emotions and ideas they find themselves experiencing. When an individual's background has only been in and of the three dimensional belief system, a shift into perceiving the world in new and different ways can cause confusion,fear, worry, and alienation of friends and family. This is especially true for those in families or countries with strong traditional belief systems firmly in place.

Today we again wish to speak of love. Yes, we have spoken of love many times but we wish to speak of love to help you understand that what you have been taught about love is not always love. Too many still see love as an emotional connection between people, family, or possessions. LOVE IS THE ACTIVITY OF ONENESS. Love is the interconnectedness between all that is, but this truth is interpreted according to the level of awareness within each individual.
The powerful energy shift and ascension process taking place at this time is moving mankind more deeply into a realization of oneness. It is a shift from metaphysics (trying to change a bad picture into a good picture through various tools) into mysticism (the realization that within the ONE there can be nothing needing to be changed). In the absolute sense, everything is already whole and perfect because if Infinite Divine Consciousness is all there is, everything must be embodied within it. The attainment of this realization is the journey, is evolution, and is where all are slowly or quickly heading.

Meditation, crystals, oils, etc. are all tools to help you get to that place of Oneness that each and every soul unconsciously seeks and yearns for. In the third dimension this innate yearning for wholeness manifests in hundreds of ways--pharmaceuticals for every perceived need, attainment of more and more money, better sex, right foods, as well as the readily available advice of experts on any topic.

Corporations and businesses believe themselves to be making the world (usually themselves) "better" in some way, but often trample on the rights of other living things and even their own workers in order to do it. These human activities represent the un-awakened soul's concept of completeness but these creations can never satisfy a soul's yearning for that which he really is, for they are simply concepts of the spiritual reality he is seeking.

There must be an understanding of this as you move into the next stage of your journey. Too many are still stuck in the teachings of metaphysics believing it to be the fullness of spiritual truth. Metaphysics is a good place to start and has assisted almost every spiritual student in their shift from duality and separation into truth but there is much more--you are ready to go deeper. It is difficult to throw away the tools that have served you well in your journey, so we say keep them and love them, but understand that you do not NEED them.

You have learned that you are Divine beings who have chosen lifetimes of human experiences in order to experience evolutionary lessons and which have often been difficult and painful. In the past, new and higher ideas came to man through metaphysical teachings and teachers who understood deeper realities, however try not to become stuck at that level. Many of you were a part of the ancient mystery schools which taught new ideas on the use and manipulation of energy. This has evolved into current day metaphysical teachings and so for some of you, metaphysics feels very comfortable and familiar. There were a few at that time who were not evolved enough to realize that this information was not a self serving toy and so through the selfish use of this knowledge began what is now called the "dark arts".

There were in ancient times and still are a few highly resonating temples of healing where evolved healers use energy, light, oils, color, and sound to bring into alignment individual energy fields that may be in discord. This is beautiful and sacred work done by aware and highly resonating beings for those seeking help in this way. Many are still doing this sacred work through old and new healing modalities which become energetically higher as the "healer" himself evolves.

The point we are making is that there comes a time in everyone's, (teacher and student), evolutionary journey when he shifts into a realization of oneness. This may come in an instant after lifetimes of spiritual seeking, or it may be a slow and gradual process. This is ascension, the attainment of that state of consciousness that realizes everything Real is perfect and held in place by Divine law and that ONE is ever manifesting ITSELF as... What you "see is what you get" as the saying goes... Your state of consciousness is interpreting for you, the divine ideas embodied within the One.

If the tools and books of metaphysics no longer resonate with you, trust that. It means that you are moving into a state of consciousness where you will be able to get your information, guidance, and direction from within instead of from people or the tools that have helped you in the past. Meditation is a tool that helps connect you to your higher self and would be worth keeping until you are fully experiencing the reality of yourselves. This is graduation dear ones. Trust, honor, and accept that as truth.

Letting go of obsolete tools can be a difficult step for those who may have an ego attachment to their use--those who have built their identity on teaching certain techniques or ideas but it is time for everyone take spiritual teachings to new and higher levels of interpretation which does not leave these individuals without purpose or activity, but manifests as new activities to teach and practice.

Move deeper into your awareness regarding the purpose of tools. The use of tools, including meditation instruction telling you that you must sit this way, chant, light a candle, spine straight, feet on the floor etc, were taught because they helped the student to shift into higher dimensional energy. Most are now in that higher energy and no longer need the tools that assisted you when you were not.

Structures formed out of old beliefs are crumbling both within and without for the energy needed to sustain them is no longer present. Physically, emotionally, and mentally mankind's' "house of cards" is falling. Do not be afraid when this happens, dear ones for this is what you have asked for, yearned for, and waited for--lifetime after lifetime.

Trust, trust, trust your inner guidance. All is well and all is proceeding according to what is needed for each one even though it may not seem that way to the un-awakened eye.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/10/13

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