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February 14 - Nova Earth Day


   Nova Earth Day Tomorrow

  By Steve Beckow February 13, 2013


Tomorrow is Nova Earth Day. And Nova Earth Day has several objects. The first is to send a Valentine to Mother Earth, to Gaia. Geoffrey West spoke to her this past Monday on An Hour with an Angel (Archangel Michael told us some time ago that Gaia is an archangel).

The Holy Spirit is worshipped as the Divine Mother“In the celebration of the old St. Valentine’s Day, so often those emotions, shall we say, have been less than genuine or authentic.

“No one has ever asked me to be their Valentine, and yet here you are, stepping forward, in your humility and your glory, and you are saying, not only am I asking you to be my Valentine, but I am asking you that we celebrate this day for you — for the sister, for the friend, for the Mother that has always loved you, that has always loved each and every one of you, regardless of your background, your heritage, your lineage.”  (1)

And she accepted our Valentine.

“What I see in your hearts, as we come together in this journey of Nova Earth, it is not only a resurgence, but a much deeper level of commitment, of connection, of unity with me and a realization on a far deeper level of the partnership that we are in.

“And it is a sacred union. It is a sacred partnership. It always has been. Yes, I am also in sacred partnership and service with many, as we are all in service to the sacred [Divine] Mother. But this phase, this shift into new creation, into the anchoring of beauty, of truth, of peace, of wonder, of awe excites me. So it is my honor to be your guest this day, and I humbly celebrate the fact that you celebrate me.” (2)

Archangel Michael gave us our marching orders for that day: to love everyone, even a stranger.
“[Nova Earth Day] is a celebration of the new, it is a celebration of the divine qualities, and it is a celebration of love. There are many on this side, particularly the Council of Love, that are finally joyous that this is being acknowledged. [Valentine's Day] has been a day of love for a long time, but not in the true universal sense. It is a day to throw open your arms and say to strangers — and the stranger the better — ‘I regard you with infinite consideration and love. I wish to be part of your life in unity and community, and I wish for you, dear stranger, to join with me in creating a bountiful, prosperous, abundant, co-creative Earth.’”  (3)

And the Divine Mother herself, who is the source of the Divine Plan for Ascension and for life, said:
“Let us go to the day of love. Every culture on this magnificent planet has days of celebration. And I tell you, we delight in most of them. …

“But there have not been days of unified celebration of love, and that is truly what you have thought of as February 14th, St. Valentine’s Day. …

“But to have a day where everybody comes and celebrates and talks to the flowers and the trees and to the very Earth that holds you, to the skies and to your star brothers and sisters that still patiently wait — if you think you are patient, dear heart, you have nothing on them!
“So, yes, we love this planned event.”  (4)

She added her voice to AAM’s vision for the day:

The first thing on my mind....“What you can do on Nova Earth Day is have an incredible, heartfelt, unique expansion of love — for Gaia, for each other. That is the most important thing you can do right now, is create love between each other, harmony and peace amongst the humans. And that begins with harmony and peace within.” (5)

Nova Earth Day has other objects as well, most prominent among which is to draw attention to discrimination against and the persecution of women, not just in our neighborhood, our city or our nation, but around the world.

It’s a day to shake off from ourselves all unloving thoughts and to commit to stopping all unloving behavior. This alone will accelerate our entry into higher dimensionality.

It’s a day to remember that sending a Valentine’s card once a year is no substitute for stopping all unloving, all harmful acts towards those men send their cards to – the women of this world. An erstwhile-loving act once a year is no substitute for commitment to a loving way of being 365 days a year.

It’s a day of nailing our foot to the ground on ceasing discrimination and the persecution of women throughout this world, call it One Billion Rising Day or Nova Earth Day – it matters not. A lifelong commitment is what’s needed. But we already know that the life we have ahead of us is an eternal life. The soul lives forever and now our journey is to return to God so this lifelong commitment is in fact an eternal commitment that will end only with our full return to God. And then it’ll never end.

So get your red shoes on, your dancing shoes, your best birthday shoes, and walk the yellow brick road with us to the Golden Age of Gaia. Because in less than 24 hours, we hold a love fest for Gaia and a day of proclaiming that equality, unity and peace have arrived on Planet Earth – Nova Earth Day.


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