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Gregg Braden - The Role Our Heart Plays

Gregg Braden Explains Emotion And The Law Of Attraction

Steve Beckow - Geoff West of Cosmic Vision News recently quoted Gregg Braden on his February 1, 2013 broadcast. Wanting to fully understand this information, I transcribed what Gregg had to say.

Following that I’d like to compare what he said with the notions of others. The correlation between emotion and the Law of Attraction scientifically explains the enormous role our heart plays.

       Gregg says:

“The question comes up often as to whether or not we can actually measure human emotion?

“What scientists are now documenting is the effect of emotions on the heart field.

“The human heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body. This is important because we have always been taught that the brain is where the action is.

“The brain has an electrical field and a magnetic field but it is relatively weak compared to the heart.

“The heart is about a hundred times stronger electrically and up to five thousand times stronger, five thousand times stronger magnetically than the brain.
“The reason this is important is because the physical world as we know it, is made of those two fields of energy, electrical and magnetic fields of energy, electro-magnetic fields.

“Our own physics books now tell us, if we can change either the magnetic field of an atom or the electrical field of the atom by doing that we change, we literally change that atom.

“We change the stuff that our bodies in this world are made of and it appears now that the human heart is designed to do both, to change both the electrical field and the magnetic field of our bodies and our world and they do so in response to the emotions that we create between our heart and our brain.

“I have had many questions from people asking me how these discoveries relate to what is now known as Law of Attraction.

“At a very high level, in broad brush strokes, they may give us insight into the relationships but when we get deep deep deep into the findings as well as the ancient teachings what we find is this:

“It is less of about Attraction and more about a Mirroring.

“Here is what I mean by that:

“The world around us, our own scientists are telling us, there is a field of energy around us that underlies all physical reality. It is known now by names that range from simply, the field; Lynn McTaggart wrote a beautiful book entitled, The Field about this quantum essence. Some people call it Nature’s Mind, some scientists call it the Mind of God, some call it the Matrix, some call it the Divine Matrix.

“In 1944, the father of quantum theory, Max Planck, identified this field and he called it the matrix, that’s where this term came from.

 “What we are now beginning to understand, when we create feelings of what we choose to experience in our lives, everything from conscious choices of the perfect relationship or abundance in our lives or the healing in our bodies or the healing in the bodies of our loved one, that those feelings are creating the patterns of magnetic and electrical fields in our hearts that are literally rearranging the stuff of this quantum soup, this quantum essence allowing the pattern of what we have claimed in our hearts to become manifest in the world around us. 

“So it is less about us attracting from a scientific perspective and more about consciously creating the template within us knowing that the stuff of the universe will congeal around that template in the world around us, to simply mirror reflect what we have claimed.

“In other words, a very simple way of looking at this and we have all heard this before, is that we must become in our lives the very things that we choose to experience in our world. Now science is giving us a very good reason to understand why this is.” (1)

Gary R. Renard, author of The Disappearance of the Universe, illustrates while watching television one day, he realized the program he was watching was “pushing his buttons”, mirroring what he was feeling inside.

“Two of my biggest sources of information were the nightly network news and the Internet, and nothing pushed my buttons more than the information I received through these ‘conveniences’. …
“I cringed as I watched the program. Who was making all of this real? Who was the dreamer of the dream and who was reacting to it? Who forgot that there’s not really anybody out there? It was me; there was no one else around. Wasn’t I condemning this other man for what were actually my own secret sins that existed in a different form but which I didn’t want to look at? Didn’t I occasionally make people wrong who didn’t agree with me? Didn’t I sometimes feel angry?

“The dream was not being dreamed by the people in my mirror. Within my conflicts there were not really any opponents. . . The truth did not vacillate, and no exceptions or compromises were possible if the truth were to remain itself.” …

“I joined with the Holy Spirit, and from that time forward I would never really look at anything on television or the Internet in quite the same way.” (2)

By being consciously mindful of our thoughts and our heartfelt feelings, we see those same thoughts and feelings create patterns of magnetic and electrical fields that literally rearrange our quantum essence, allowing the pattern to manifest in our world.

Our powerful hearts, created by God, designed to work with our thoughts and emotions, our electrical and magnetic fields, help shape our reality, our world.

Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961, Swiss psychiatrist, stated it this way:

“Your vision will become clear
only when you look into your heart. . .
Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakens.” (3)

As we breathe in the infinite love of the universe, running it through the heart, we consciously breathe out that infinite love, expanding our world, our universe.

Breathe in, breathe out, expand.


(1) Greg Braden: Emotion and the Law of Attraction, Oct 22, 2012 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af65NqqFENk
(2) Gary R. Renard, Disappearance of the Universe. Carlsbad, California: Hay House, Inc., 2004, 333-4
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