Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jesus: The Task You So Willingly Chose to Take on Was a Mighty One

As Channelled by John Smallman – February 15, 2013
Listen to John’s reading of this post: 

As the divine energies enveloping the Earth and all her inhabitants continue to intensify it is essential that you, the Light-bearers and wayshowers, spend time — as much as you can spare, or as your intuition tells you is appropriate in your circumstances — in prayer, meditation, contemplation, or relaxed mindful awareness.

Doing this – which is one of the main reasons for which you incarnated at this point in Gaia’s planetary and humanity’s spiritual evolution – helps to further the integration and alignment of your own individual energies with the divine ones. Having them merge and integrate is one of the most important aspects of the awakening process that all are undergoing.

Life is energy, and as your energy fields align and integrate with the divine one, life becomes more stable, more reliable, and illness and aging cease to be a problem for humanity: people will have the choice to live very long, healthy, and fulfilling lives, only laying down their bodies when they decide to move out of physicality and back into their normal state of pure energy.

Energy is eternal; it cannot be destroyed, although its form can and does change. When your energy fields are in alignment with the divine energy field you have the freedom to “move” anywhere instantly, free from mechanical transportation devices. And, of course, your bodies are in a sense mechanical. But with your energies in alignment with the divine field they will be able to flow as energy does, or move mechanically depending on your situation and your intent.

Your sciences are only just scratching the surface of what is energetically possible, and with the New Age now firmly and irrevocably established, great progress is starting to be made as intuitive concepts and ideas begin “dropping” into the minds of those best able to develop them. You have no idea what will shortly become not only possible, but normal!

God created you from Love, as Love, which is the purest and most versatile form of energy, and as you sank deeper and deeper into your illusory environment, you lost your knowledge of energy and your ability to use it, except in the simplest of its forms. You are, in truth pure, perfect energy, as is all sentient life, but you are presently unable to access that state.

The unloving behaviors and attitudes that you have developed over the eons — while at first only causing very slight imbalances with the field of divine Love — strengthened as the eons passed, and became increasingly misaligned not only with your Father’s field of pure Love, but also with one another’s. To return to your natural state of perfect alignment with His, those misalignments have to be totally eradicated, and it is through prayer, meditation, contemplation, and relaxed mindful awareness that you bring yourselves back into that state of alignment.

And when you use those peaceful states with loving intent, you not only correct your own imbalances, but you also assist humanity as a whole to move back into alignment. You entered physicality to do this, and you are exceptionally well suited for the task that you have undertaken because you never completely lost your sense, your awareness of your true divine nature. Yes, your growing years did impose blocks or screens on your awareness as you learnt to fit into the cultural environment into which you incarnated, but always you retained a sense, an intuitive understanding of your divine essence which is absolutely indispensable if you are to carry out your holy task. It was also necessary to undergo as fully as possible the enculturation through which all humans pass as they grow and develop, so that you could fully understand what they had to overcome or shed in order to awaken.

Truly, the task you so willingly chose to take on was a mighty one, and you are succeeding mightily. Although not yet fully visible, what you are achieving by the deployment of your spiritual energies is quite marvelous, and indications of what you are achieving are, at last, breaking through into the mainstream media. You are, although you are only slightly aware of it, most highly honored as you work unceasingly to bring humanity Home. The celebrations when you arrive will be breathtaking.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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