Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saul: As You Come into Alignment Your Energy Fields Undergo a Dramatic Shift

As Channeled by John Smallman On February 17, 2013


Listen to John read this latest message from Saul here:

These are exciting times for humanity as the intensifying energies of the New Age swirl around you, sweeping you up into an increasing awareness of your spiritual heritage: your oneness with one another and with God.

Focus on the sensations that they inspire — an awakening realization that Love is the answer to every question, to every problem, to every conflict, to every confusion, to every fear . . . because there is only Love. That realization, stirring within the hearts of even the most staunch believers in the reality of the illusion, is leading you irrevocably homewards.

Love . . . Love . . . Love is where you need to focus your attention, because It is the divine energy field in which all of creation is conceived. It is abundant, kind, generous, inclusive, utterly accepting; and It contains all sensations – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and an infinite selection beyond those – which provide the constant experience of beauty and inspiration, gift-wrapped in Love, that your Father has created for your infinite fulfillment.

You can see from the reports on the mainstream media that there is still much behavior and activity across the world that can at best and most compassionately be described as unloving. However, the vast majority of humanity is finding it increasingly unacceptable as the embers of the original flame of Love within them stir and nudge them towards the awareness that will lead them to awaken. You are on course and on schedule for your grand awakening as you release anything within you that is not in alignment with God’s infinite Love for you.

Many of you are now finding that sensations of irritation, anger, even extreme rage, are among the unattractive moods and feelings that are rising up into your awareness to discombobulate and unsettle you. Do not engage with them; they will pass, although it can be helpful to scream, bang on drums, or hammer on unyielding surfaces to help with releasing the forceful and seemingly uncontrollable energies that have been set in motion.

Do not project them onto others, even though something another has done may seem to have been the trigger that roused your ire and consequently makes it seem justifiable. These feelings are invariably ones that you have suppressed, buried, or denied, either because they seemed unacceptable or because it would have been too dangerous for you to express them at the moment they originated.

This is what psychology refers to as the shadow side. Every human has a shadow side, and it has to be fully integrated if you are to release the feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that have accumulated over your many life-times. In the illusion there are countless opportunities to cause enormous harm to another or others – pain, intense suffering, death.

What you have done in these circumstances is illusory, but because it appears so real it brings with it intense feelings of shame, guilt, and anger – anger with yourselves, which you seek intently and constantly to justifiably project onto others. Frequently, opportunities occur that apparently justify your rage, as you observe the unacceptable and gross misbehavior of others. When this happens remind yourselves that all are one!

Feelings of anger, guilt, and shame have to be acknowledge and accepted as your own. Initially, that can seem not only impossible but quite wrong: without doubt others are to blame for the anguish you have experienced! But as you allow these intense feelings space in your awareness so that you can observe them, you will realize with amazing clarity that this area of heartache is crying out to be comforted and loved by you – it is often referred to as your inner child.

Instead of moving into those feelings of wretchedness and attacking whoever is conveniently to hand, compassionately offer yourself the comfort and solace for the suffering you have undergone which was unavailable or denied to you at the moment of your pain. As you begin to comprehend what has brought you to this state, you will perceive with the eyes of an adult, and realize that those who impose pain and suffering are, themselves, in great pain . . . and you will find compassion for them.

When that happens, an opportunity opens up within you to forgive: first yourselves, for any unacceptable things you may have said or done; and then others who have hurt you, your loved ones, or humanity at large. The dawning of this realization is a moment of tremendous healing for you, and as you are healed, your ability to express compassion and love expands enormously.

This healing allows you to open your hearts ever more fully in love, as your understanding of the insanity of what has come to be regarded by so many as normal behavior enables you to offer others only love and compassion — whatever the situation. This is you coming more fully into alignment with the energies of the divine field of Love enveloping you.

And as you come into alignment your own energy fields undergo a dramatic shift: compassion and love flow through you and from you without effort, assisting all who come into contact with you to bring their energy fields increasingly into alignment with the divine one. And it is precisely this that you are on Earth to do.

When you feel overwhelmed by the suffering you observe throughout the world, remind yourselves immediately that Love is the solution, that It is flowing vigorously and compassionately throughout the whole observable universe, healing and comforting all who open to It. Doing this reopens your hearts — which you were allowing to close in response to your sense of overwhelm — as God’s Love fills them once more.

Remind yourselves that you are never alone and can never be alone because you are all essential and inseparable parts of God’s creation, united with Him in every moment of your eternal existence. And rejoice!

With so very much love, Saul.

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