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A Spiritual Perspective on the Paris Massacre – Part 4/4

Another well researched overview from Brother Beckow on Team Dark's demise...you can find the first three parts @goldenageofgaia.com...DT


By Steve Beckow On 11-24-15

Many will wonder what impact the Paris Massacre may have on the Reval. The Ascended Masters say it will have little or none, but the operation remains huge in scope.

“Currently, what was delayed by the dark is quickly moving forward. Telecommunications and various courier groups are busy making sure that the funds are delivered and are, in fact quite secure. We are also making sure that a whole host of new technologies are ready when the new governance occurs. …

“At present, there are a number of activities being completed. You are very close to a start of funds going out to you. Maintain your focus! All of us are extremely dedicated to seeing these first stages completed.

“Our liaison and diplomatic corps can attest to the large amount of progress that has been made in the last few months. We know that this operation is huge in scope and that it is a most complex proposition. Yet, we are indeed going to achieve a full success in all areas. The scheduling of all of this remains secret.

“Despite this, we can readily say that this progress has moved beyond anything seen before. Its success is imminent. A truly wonderful day for all participants is about to occur! Take these funds and use them to forge a new and much kinder reality!” (1)

The “dark oligarchs” will ultimately fail, the GF says.

“The Light in its numerous parts holds the upper hand and these brave ones are succeeding in readying the means to spread prosperity, reveal a new monetary and financial system as well as create new governance for all.” (2)

Matthew tells us that the Illuminati remain defiant although they see their time has come. They’re carrying out “actions of quiet desperation” around the globe, including terrorist attacks and telecommunications tie-ups. (3)

He reveals that “some of Earth’s Golden Age planners met with some of your wisest individuals to determine the best ways to hold the Illuminati accountable for their crimes against humanity, recover their vast fortunes that were illegally and immorally amassed, fairly distribute those monies as well as release technologies they have long suppressed.” (4)

Not surprisingly then, he sees the Illuminati as well on their way to being permanently disabled.

“Along with intensifying light on the planet, the expanding strength of parties collaborating to uproot all of the Illuminati’s malicious tentacles assures that their worldwide network is on its way to permanent dismantlement.” (5)

Cosmic Awareness warns that the Paris Massacre  “will bring forth more events, more false flags, with a heightened response of the military and the police. But again this may only be a deception to draw more and more into the fear that is being created in the world at this time.” (6)

The Illuminati do not know that they are dead, CA observes.

“The nefarious ones do not understand that they are dead. Their power base has been shattered. They are the corpse that is still twitching. Do not mistake the twitching of the corpse to be that of an animated being or body.

“They do not even realize themselves how far things have progressed and are still acting in old ways, habitual ways, ways that have in the past been successful for them, but these ways are no longer as effective, even if the claims are made on the televisions and the radios and in the press of those in this world who think that that is reality. It is not reality any longer. Reality is shifting and it begins with each and every individual as they begin to see through the veil of deception and sense the brightness that lies beyond.” (7)

Sheldan Nidle’s sources tell us that the Light forces are also “preparing the steps required to bring disclosure to a decades old official cover-up.”

“This time is one in which the Light forces have returned in strength and in guile. The strategy employed by the Light’s proponents has brought the dark oligarchs to their knees. Their imminent defeat and the agreements that go along with it has caused them to strike out and hope for the deep emotions that can somehow turn their plight around.

“As the horror of their acts fade so does the chance that their dark and dastardly deeds can ever succeed. Instead, the world is realizing why these dark deeds and Internet manipulations took place and is seeking quick remedies for the dark’s actions. Those who support the Light are now proposing how to quicken their demise.”

The GF explain that “monies are in place and special military and police units are ready to strike a swift and final blow. Thus, the dark’s panic is quite real.”  He tells us that many of the illuminati are under house arrest.

“It is vital that both the transfers of power and mass arrests happen in an easy manner. At present, many of the upper levels of the oligarchs find themselves under house arrest. Certain precautions have been taken to ensure that this operation remains on schedule. We have used some of our personnel to further secure this situation. (SN)

Thus any fears that the Illuminati will succeed are apparently groundless. The Reval goes ahead and will redistribute money globally, either directly or through our gifting. The pincer is closing in on the Illuminati, many of whom are under house arrest.  Their malicious network is on the way to being permanently dismantled.

In summary, then, the Illuminati caused the Paris Massacre, as they’ve done many others. They attributed it to ISIS because they want ISIS to be seen as a worldwide threat, a problem for which the Illuminati’s militaries are the answer. They are pursuing psychological warfare by using ISIS to frighten whole populations.

Their instruments in the massacre were the CIA and Mossad, assisted by French security. The international drug trade, which the CIA largely manage, paid for it.

The Illuminati did it to bring in the New World Order, under their control and enforced by their armies.

They also did it to accustom people to having their borders closed and seeing armed soldiers on city streets.

Our sources request us to remain focused on freedom and peace and to send the world light and love.  The new energies that came in with Wave X of the Tsunami of Love are having their effect, rousing people and awakening them.

Any fears that we’ll be subjugated by the Illuminati are unwarranted. The impact of the Reval will be the death knell of the Illuminati. The pincer is closing in on them and braking up their malevolent network.

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