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Building The New While The Old Falls

Posted By Steve Beckow On 11-8-15

I regard it as my best way to contribute to the world to continue ethnographically describing the higher-level spaces I go through, rather than tracking and commenting on the tragic refugee situation in Europe, the bombing of the Doctors without Borders hospital, or similar heart-rending events.

Others are following current events but fewer of us are diarizing our Ascension journey.

The sooner we all tap into the vibrations that are increasingly being made available to us, the quicker the situation for refugees, the poor, and the disenfranchised will be solved.  We cannot even see the solutions viewed from the Fourth-Dimensional level most of us are seeing from.

Again, the sooner the Reval gets here, the quicker their situation will also be seen to. We’ll then have the funds to drive important interventions and processes to move us toward world peace and plenty.

Our commitments and commentaries are not like playing music while Rome burns. They’re building the new city, that was in the catacombs until now. It’ll replace the imperial drama we called the Third Dimension. We’re designing and building the new. Yes, some areas of the old are burning. They were meant to fall. And, no, they won’t take us with them.

Let me make a hard share. It comes as a result of reflecting on Ben Fulford’s news that Doctors without Borders may have been taken over in Afghanistan and a few other places by the cabal and is being used for heroin distribution.

I want to pick up from where I left off. I said then:

“The best thing we can do for Doctors without Borders, if Ben’s reports are true, is to send them our loving thoughts and picture them as cleansed of the Illuminati.  We tend to be black or white, either/or with things. News of the kind that Ben passes along, if it’s true, can send us from support to opposition.

“Again if what Ben says is true, rather than condemning them, let’s hold the space for Doctors without Borders returning to their previous commitments. Presuming the allegations are accurate, and they may not be, I’m sure no doctor in the organization would have wanted this outcome to happen. Nor would they be happy if we abandoned them, blaming the victim.” (1)

One of the advantages of passing through a higher-dimensional portal and then returning to everyday consciousness (whatever “everyday consciousness” is, as the energies continue to rise) is that I see matters from both angles. I have the unique advantage of being able to understand what happens at the Fourth-Dimensional level and how matters are seen from at least the vestibule of the Fifth.

There’s a fundamental difference. I’m very reluctant to describe it because I fear I’ll be accused of being arrogant or something. But I regard it as helpful and important to illustrate the difference in feeling and approach. So I accept the risk.

Viewed from the Fourth-Dimensional perspective, the news that Doctors without Borders may have been invaded by the cabal and bent to use in their heroin-distribution chain causes a recoil in me. My face scrunches up in disapproval. I activate all previous records, files, scripts, vasanas and issues under the file marked “Opposition.” And I block any good feelings I once had for Doctors without Borders.

I put doctors who work for the organization into the box marked “handle with care.” I write Doctors without Borders off my charity list.

How nonsensical this reaction is when viewed from a Fifth-Dimensional perspective!

From a higher vantage point, I feel compassion for the doctors within the organization who almost certainly have been mistreated or killed so that the cabal could take the outfit  over. I feel their pain. I imagine them crying out to the public to dig deeply into this one and uncover the truth, for their sakes and for that of their future patients, now deprived of their services.

I feel no recoil. I don’t feel disapproval of anything. No negative emotion arises within me; only love and bliss. None of this news changes my original feelings of loving support towards Doctors without Borders.

So there’s a fundamentally-different experience between the Third/Fourth and Fifth Dimensions over a matter like the purported discovery of the fall of a light organization to the dark.

May I now leave the ethnography behind and broaden the discussion for a moment?

I said some time ago that entertainment figures who’d been forced into submission by the Illuminati need to be forgiven and welcomed back into the tribe. Some of them were drugged, raped, tortured, and subjected to other mind-control practices at an early age to force them into submission.

That statement applies to many more than just entertainment figures. Boy prostitutes used in the Washington pedophile rings, female sex slaves around the world, addicts of all kinds, even child soldiers – the list is long of people we’ll need to welcome back into the fold – and rehabilitate.

Why need to? Because we want as many people on the planet to experience the grace and liberty of Ascension. We came as starseed and celestial lightworkers exactly for that purpose: to help as many as possible to ascend. Who said it would always be pleasant or easy?

Why would we want to blame the victims of Illuminati evil? Yes, rehabilitating them may take work and it can often be unrewarding work. People who’ve been severely abused may be unable to have trouble-free relationships. They may turn the rescuer into the perpetrator faster than an eye blink. They can hurt people, especially the ones they love.

But that again is the job. Only the hardy need apply.

From the Fifth Dimension, forgiveness is easy, natural, obvious.  There’s no need for Ho’oponopono. Forgiveness and the request for forgiveness are immediately followed by love; no words, no prompts or props are needed.

Getting, shoving, pushing or enticing people into the Fifth Dimension will produce the climate of opinion and values in which obvious solutions to problems will appear that cannot be seen from the vantage point of the Fourth, as Einstein reminded us.

Try to imagine the Fifth if you’re “not there” yet. Try experiencing deep love, ecstatic bliss, gratitude, forgiveness, peace. Just try. In a flash, you may connect with the bliss and then the space opens up.
Ask for celestial assistance. The angels and archangels are the dispensers of enlightenment – and Ascension. (2) Spiritual currency is what Archangel Michael calls transformative and universal love. Ask for our spiritual inheritance, held for us until this day.

(1) “Ben Fulford’s Allegations on the Downed Russian Airliner and Doctors without Borders” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/03/ben-fulfords-allegations-on-the-downed-russian-airliner-and-doctors-without-borders/.
(2) See “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans,” at http://goldengaiadb.com/A#Angels_-_Angels_enlighten.2C_or_participate_in_the_enlightenment_of.2C_humans. See also preceding and following sections.

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