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What’s the Future of the Mainstream Mass Media? – Parts 1 & 2

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 By Steve Beckow On 11-2-15

Part One
MSMRecently, in a personal reading I had with him through Linda Dillon, Archangel Michael trenchantly said that what we think of “as traditional news agencies are like dinosaurs.”  (1)

What will replace them, he predicted, comes from “one of the benefits of star technology, what you think of as the Internet, that has been created to create a sense of global community rather than national or even more restrictive community.”  (2)

Let’s take a look at the situation of the mainstream media (MSM), what the Company of Heaven advises us to do about their influence, and what the coming changes to news reporting will look like.

The MSM is under Illuminati control but Matthew Ward reveals that the Rothschild branch of the Illuminati is losing its grip on European media while the Rockefeller branch still commands American newspapers and television.

“You may think it ironic that the clamor for violence reduction and the rights of women and gay couples is highly publicized in the United States, yet that country’s mainstream media omit what is reported in other ‘free’ countries.

“For instance, there has been nothing about the arrests of many bankers and other influential individuals in Europe and there’s never been a peep about the obvious presence of spacecraft.
“The Rothschild faction of the Illuminati, which governed its empire from London and the Vatican, lost its media foothold along with its other powers in that part of the world.

“A section of the Illuminati’s Rockefeller faction, headquartered in Washington, DC, and New York City, still has influence on major media in the US as well as on Wall Street and their lingering foothold in Congress is evident in the intransigence that has stagnated progress.” (3)

Jesus tells us that “the mainstream news media continues to report – apparently with great satisfaction – on wars, conflicts, economic fears, corruption and dishonesty in high places, and myriad other unhappy events and occurrences.” (4)

Matthew explains that the personnel of the MSM are reporting in this way because most reporters and owners still possess a Third-Dimensional mindset.

“For the most part, the reporters and the few individuals who own all major media outlets still are captive of third-density mentality with its predominant fear factor and proclivity for sensationalism

“Thus they dependably present an alarming slant on selective world affairs and laboriously report tragic or shocking events; rarely are positive happenings considered newsworthy.” (5)

SaLuSa said in late 2014 that “love is now the predominant energy being experienced and felt all across the entire planet. Despite the mainstream media reports of escalating conflict in many parts of the world – political, military, religious, and financial – this is not the real situation at all.” (6)

The Illuminati, he points out, dictate that messages of alarm be distributed through the controlled media.

“There is a desperate effort being made by those who have been in control of the world’s resources – the political powers (not the elected representatives, who are nearly all in the service of the insanely wealthy), industrial powers, military powers, and controllers of Earth’s energy resources – to convince you that nothing has changed by using the mainstream media, which they own, to distribute their messages of alarm, threatening impending doom unless you support them.” (7)

Most of us already know that the cabal manufactures problems for which they offer pre-fabricated solutions, usually with the intention of restricting our civil rights and firming up their grip on the economic and political levers of power, as the master Hilarion tells us here.

“It takes but a few moments to see that what is being touted on the entertainment news channels is nothing new or different. It is simply another version of the formula of create a problem, create the reaction and then provide the solution that they wanted to implement in the first place. When people understand what is at play, they simply move on and do not give their energy and attention to it and this is what is happening now.” (8)

On another occasion he accuses the owners of the MSM of deliberately lying to manipulate events.

“For many years you have been deliberately misled, and often fed absolute lies to enable the dark Ones to manipulate events that have affected your future. These situations will eventually cease to cause you problems and then you will enjoy a new found freedom.” (9)

Jesus chastises “those who would control and enslave you” as having been “extremely reluctant to admit either that humanity at large has any intelligence that needs to be honoured, or any rights that should be recognized. That reluctance is no longer viable or practicable.” (10)

He tells us that “you have made the collective decision to end them, and the process of terminating them is continuing to move ahead unstoppably.” (11)

Jesus suggested that reading or viewing the MSM is like volunteering for brainwashing.

“It seems that the vast majority of humanity lives in fear and is totally but mindlessly engaged with the illusion and is thus supporting and maintaining it.

“Well, that is partly a reasonable concern when you focus on the depressing string of news stories that the mainstream media reports, apparently supporting the all-encompassing and endemic sense of fear that worse things will follow on from today’s news: ‘Watch again tomorrow and see what frightful new event has occurred!’

“The media fear hype is continuous, and your attending to it is like volunteering for brainwashing!” (12)

Goldenlight’s sources “urge you once again, especially if you are new to this material that we present, [to] turn off your mainstream media news channels as they are controlled by the old powers that are slowly losing their control and grasp on your society.”  (13)

On another occasion, her sources said:

“We wish to really stress to everyone and anyone to PLEASE turn off your televisions. Shut off the mainstream media. This is a stream of the negative duality consciousness from the old 3rd dimensional paradigm which is fighting its last stand. It’s like Custer’s Last Stand. They are not giving up, they are holding on for dear life.  They know their days are numbered.

“But the best thing that every single individual in the world can do right now is to turn off the television. Do NOT read or watch the mainstream news.” (14)

St. Germain through Goldenlight asks us to turn instead to nourishing literature.

“Instead of tuning into the news or reading the newspaper, turn to spiritually-inspiring and uplifting books, movies, or information found on spiritually-uplifting sites run by Lightworkers on the internet. …

“Watching or listening to the mass media news not only keeps you hooked into the old paradigm, it lowers your vibration, cuts you off from your higher self and inner voice, and keeps you in a fear-based, negative, violence-is-ok mentality. (15)

As more and more of us “awaken to the divinity within,” her sources tell us, “you are choosing to ‘unplug’ from the mainstream media outlets and choosing to reconnect with nature, your true interests, and many ways of finding peace within.” (16)

Tomorrow we’ll look at the changes that we can expect to see as alternative news channels replace today’s mainstream media.

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  Part Deux

Wes Annac’s sources predict a tsunami of truth will suddenly come from the MSM.

“However difficult it might be to envision right now, there will be a time when your mainstream media seems to suddenly start reporting the truth about waves and waves of important subjects that humanity has been lied to about for centuries.

“When this time does come, it’ll seem to come in the form of a complete changeover on the part of your mainstream media and many of your governments, and suddenly, truths and revelations will start spilling out at a faster pace than most of humanity will be able to handle.” (1)

Already the press is being prepared for that time, his sources say.

“This fantastic series of events has been referred to as ‘disclosure’, and already, your mainstream media is being prepared for such a time with small bits of real, positive/progressive news stories about various subjects ranging from the existence of your star family and the advanced craft they’ve flown on your planet for centuries, to the existence of the inner earth and various other truths that’ll undo the centuries of lies and deceit that have held your society back.” (2)

These disclosures will be followed by the release of long-awaited technologies and the arrival of accountability.

“We can foresee the release of an immense amount of advanced technologies that have been hidden from humanity, and full-on justice and accountability on the part of the souls who’ve suppressed these things and continuously lied to humanity will be brought about in a higher way; in a way that honors the divine qualities.” (3)

Souls of dark proclivity who refuse to bend will be escorted from their posts or rehabilitated, say Wes’s sources.

“You will find in the time ahead that free press is an absolute and just as will be so with your governments, souls in your mainstream media who display malevolent or service-to-self-based agendas will be kindly taken away from their positions and, depending on what their higher selves and their guides wish for them personally, will perhaps be rehabilitated of the negativity that would drive a malevolent perspective.” (4)

Gradually our viewing tastes are changing, Taryn Crimi’s sources tell us.

“There has been a widespread belief that you must remain ‘up-to-date’ and watch the gruesome acts portrayed on your television screens regardless of how unpleasant they may be. We are witnessing a shift amongst many of you.

“As each of you becomes more selective in what you allow your minds to focus upon, you are finding much of the fear, hate and anger displayed on your televisions to be out-of-alignment.” (5)

The production of entertainment will alter to match our changing tastes, Taryn’s sources predict.
“You will surely see the forms of entertainment change drastically in the coming years. You will no longer be ‘glued’ to watching shows filled with drama, fear and segregation.

“Rather, you will only wish to focus your attention on the experiences, events and happenings that make you feel at peace, in joy or in love. Your media will come to reflect this in time.” (6)

Our continuing evolution will call forth a deeper and higher form of information-gathering.

“As mankind evolves there will come a higher type of information gathering by those who will not work in the old tradition, but will instead work on the deeper levels of understanding and love.” (7)

The Internet is now providing the mechanism by which the people are taking back their freedom of expression and desire for the truth.  “Due to the freedom of expression and the flow of information through the World Wide Web,” Jesus through John Smallman says, “these efforts [to mislead us] are failing dismally. The mainstream media will not for much longer be playing the tunes that the dark ones order them to play.” (8)

“You can see the signs of this as the mainstream media quietly and discreetly publishes brief stories offering further evidence of corruption and deceit in high places, while your alternate news channels give you far more detail as they are not able to be suppressed by the wealthy owners of the corporate news organizations.” (9)

Saul through John Smallman suggested that the alternative media were making the MSM irrelevant.

“Enormous changes are occurring with increasing rapidity all across the world, and the mainstream media is unable to ignore them any longer. Yes, they still pick and choose, very carefully, which issues to address, but even that self-imposed censorship is being bypassed quite regularly, and with so many alternate news sources now available the mainstream networks are basically becoming increasingly irrelevant.” (10)

Archangel Michael told me that he wanted to see the Golden Age of Gaia expand. “We are talking about substantially increased readership. We want the world to hear you,” he said.   (11)

 I presume it’ll be the same for the other lightworker and alternative-news outlets on the Internet.

SaLuSa warns us against false information the dark are propagating on the web.

“The media is still very much controlled, but your Internet has become such a vast size it is a mine of information and you can learn so much from it. The dark Ones are of course aware of it and place false information upon it, but you should be able to identify those sites that are of this type. You already have many named sources and sites that you know you can trust, and that are well known.

“The dark Ones will attempt to confuse you with false information, but with care you will be able to identify them. In fact there is an overwhelming amount of information available, and you can note those that are of the Light.” (12)

Archangel Michael revealed that the galactics were using their advanced technology to override and alter the information contained in hate films about extraterrestrials.

“Every film – and the more ridiculous the more the infusion – at this point on the planet is being infused with an over-ride, alternate program by your star brothers and sisters. And this has been true for about a year. Yes, it is part of the assistance that they are giving for the Ascension process.” (13)

We lightworkers on the Internet can be the source of fearful reports of predicted global cataclysms, Matthew Ward says.

“The Internet is a valuable source of enlightening, accurate information. But it also offers negatively-tilted information such as predictions of catastrophic geophysical events or dire outcomes to current situations. Usually those prognoses are based on your recorded history, a history that has no bearing on Earth’s Ascension or your own and, like some mainstream media reporting, the Internet also has articles that contain false information or are distorted by the omission of vital details.” (14)

He attributes much of this to our ignorance of what our galactic brethren are doing.

“Somewhat in defense of the individuals who post, publish or air those kinds of information, they don’t know that the crews surrounding your planet are using their ships’ technology to reduce the toxicity of radioactive elements and other pollutants and to prevent the functioning of nuclear warheads.

“Those individuals have no idea whatsoever that as vibrations on the planet keep increasing, violence and all other harmful activities will correspondingly decrease, and the same betterment is true of all relationships. In short, they don’t know that all situations they are presenting as worrisome or in crisis stage will, in time, have outcomes that your world will welcome.” (15)

Thus the mainstream media have become like dinosaurs because of Illuminati control and Third-Dimensional mindsets.  They continue to issue fear-based stories of conflicts and conflagrations. They manufacture problems and offer solutions which further restrict our civil rights and freedoms. We’re advised to stop reading and viewing mainstream media.

Soon a flood of revelations will begin to issue from the MSM.  These disclosures will be accompanied by the release of long-sequestered technologies and the removal of recalcitrant MSM reporters and owners.

The Internet will soon take away from the MSM the lead in reporting news accurately and in tune with the consciousness shift taking place on the planet. Lightworkers and alternative-news organizations will expand while the mainstream media will diminish in influence.

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