Sunday, November 8, 2015

Merlin Talks About Avalon

Channeled by Bob Fickes On 11-1-15 Welcome my beautiful friends! Blessings to you! I am the Merlin!

Some of you have been wondering about the ancient Isle of Avalon. Avalon was a special place only for women. It was a magical place where the women could venture into other dimensions and have fun learning about their spiritual powers particularly healing with the forces of Nature and the powers of the goddess.

Now this same Avalon energy is re-emerging all over the planet. Many of the women who were once priestesses of Avalon are waking up to their ancient power and beginning to tune in to the High Feminine. Sometimes you will feel strange as if you are from someplace else and have memories that you cannot understand.

Imagine that you were once not in a normal physical body but had a body composed of so much light that you could pass between the worlds without effort. Your body was like a dream and could transform into a bird or an animal or even into the form of a goddess or angel. This is what you once were! Your mind has adjusted to material reality for a long time and when these memories first come to the surface, you will feel strange. It’s all ok. You are just returning to your ancient skill as the consciousness of the Earth is rising to a more elevated frequency.

When you feel out of place go to Nature, sit on the ground or on the rocks, place your hands on Mother Earth and ground your energy with hers. Look up to the sky and receive the Light. As the Light comes into your body feel the Love pulsating through every cell. Your current body needs to be adjusted before you can harness your ancient gifts. Being connected to Mother Earth and tuning into Universal Love is the key. As you feel this Love, your body will adjust and your memories will remind you of powers that you have long forgotten
If you need my help, I am always nearby. Just call on the Merlin and I will come to visit you. The dream is real. The awakening of your power is being stimulated by the higher frequencies of Love and Light. Now is the time you have waited for. You are ancient souls who possess many gifts for the coming Age of Love that we are now entering. Relax and enjoy. You are not going crazy! You are just remembering a reality beyond anything found on this Earth for a very long time.

Many Blessings to all of you! I Am the Merlin at your service!

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