Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Team: Message #85 - Call it Forward

Channelled By Peggy Black On 11-25-15

Each new day is truly a gift that so often is put aside as you pick up the remains of yesterday. Remember that when old programs and doubts pop up you are offered the opportunity to transform that piece of emotional/mental dysfunctional energy.

You are transformers, pure and simple. You have the tools and the master keys of energetic alchemy. Every human is equipped with the awesome power to transform their reality. The shift and the transmutation of energy from patterns of dysfunction to patterns of empowerment and grace are an hourly, daily, and lifetime process.

There are those who embrace this shift and welcome it with open arms and there are those who resist every step of the evolutional path. They are engaged in the process of the struggle and it is the challenge of the struggle that makes them feel powerful and in control.

This is a false illusion. The power is in the trust and in the awareness of each moment, and in being in a gentle, alert, conscious state of mind. It is much like riding the wave, catching the wind in your sail, running the rapids.

If you could observe your cheering section of non-physical energy as you go about your interactions each day, you would be awesomely inspired.

Each human is the cutting edge of aware consciousness in physical form. The powers that each human has at their mental and emotional fingertips are truly incredible. You are the weavers, the creators, and the manifestors.

You are the extension of divine source in human form. Your life is the reflection of your skills and abilities.

The idea that you have a physical body and maintain that body is the first and most important aspect of manifesting.

Each human comes equipped with incredible capabilities. However, they use only a few of their awesome abilities. Each human has programs that veil and disguise their multidimensional talents. It is time to remove the veil and the dysfunctional disguises.

The concerns and worries hanging out in the edges of your consciousness are the remnants of the old patterns of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness. When they surface you have the opportunity to shift this dysfunctional pattern and choose another behavior, emotion, or thought to replace it.

This is a game, a hologame. Play it with joy and abandon. Play it with wonder and skill. Envision the most delicious possibilities reflected in your life. Imagine the very best result and call it forward. Your joy, gratitude and appreciation are the magnets which pull it to you.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.         

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