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Archangel Michael On The State Of The “Recalcitrants” (Team Dark)


In the following passage from a personal reading I had with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on Nov. 11, 2015, AAM comments on the state of the cabal, or recalcitrants, at the moment. Posted prior to the Paris Massacre. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Michael 23Steve: What’s happening with the Cabal, and them being brought under, I hate to say control, but peacefulness.

Archangel Michael: There is a peacefulness about it.

Understand, when we talk about such issues of control, we are not talking about (and this may be difficult for many to understand) we are not talking about our assuming control of certain groups or this or that individual.

And we will separate out here those who have been put in containment most certainly are under the purview of our control.  But let us talk about the general populace.

And we won’t just use this phrase, “the Cabal”, “the Illuminati,” etc. Let us use the phrase of those who do not wish to share the love or the highest good of the collective and do not wish to really participate in the unfoldment of the Mother’s dream and plan.

Trust us. You have talked of challenges and we understand the many challenges you have faced and you are warriors of love of the  first degree). But the challenge that we face is not asserting our control over this group of what we would call extreme recalcitrants, extreme-resistance beings or groups.

It is getting them to a point where they, in the first step, are willing to relinquish their false attachment and belief in control, [their belief] that their rampant, egregious desire and practice to control others. They fear to such a significant degree that they are not in control, that they are not love, that they have gone to the other end of the spectrum.

So our challenge is to get them to relinquish control, relinquish greed, relinquish hatred (that is a triad). And our progress – if I might say so on behalf of all of us, the Company of Heaven – has been stellar, in your definition and in ours.

Now, are you seeing it, because that is always the question? There is a nursery school inside of each human being who wants to say, “Show me.”

How you can judge, discern, in the positive way, that this progress is being made is the distaste, the disenchantment, the disdain, the sense of pushing back that the human collective is expressing for those who are trying to exert that level of control.

So, at the same time, your evidence as it were, is not so much the softening (and it is softening) of those you have called the Cabal. It is also collective’s response to that level of behaviour and action.

So there are two things, well, there are many things but there are these two things that are happening simultaneous.

Now, one of the reasons, and if we go far enough back, that this group of beings have developed this attachment, false attachment but nevertheless attachment, to wanting control, expressing hatred, living in hatred, living in greed is because it was allowed – tacitly, actively, permissively.

It was part of what you can think of as the downfall of the human race, the construction of false grids, false belief systems. But one of the keys to that was in the illusion. The majority of humanity actually came to believe that it was natural order –  we will not say divine order, but natural order – that some would be in control in this way.

Of course that is not only egregious but erroneous.

So, as the collective is saying, “No, I don’t believe you have control over me. I do not accept your control. I will not participate in your greed. I will not participate in your hatred.”

What is happening to those who have been living in that illusion and falsehood are saying, “That means I am moving further away from my desire to be acknowledged, to be in power. And it is certainly moving me away from my deepest desire, which is to be loved.”

So it is having this back-and-forth bouncing effect and it is affecting not only those who have been in control and who have practised and literally lived in hatred of themselves and others, regardless of what they say; it is also affecting the collective.

So great advances from your perspective and from ours are being made.

Think of it, going back to our conversation about disclosure. The human populace does not believe what you can think of as authority voices saying, “These aliens are coming to harm and control you.”
They are saying, “No, we know we are not alone in the universe and I want to meet them and I think they might have some presents for us! I am curious! I am excited! I might be a little nervous, but it’s okay.”

Now that is a tangible expression that what you have termed “the Cabal” is losing their control and power because they are not being heeded and the collective is not going along with what they are saying from their supposed position of authority.

S: Okay. Are the recalcitrants going to be allowed to shoot down an airliner and set Russians against Americans?

AAM: No.

S: Does publicizing a matter like that [the airliner] on the blog make a difference [to whether it happens or not]?

AAM: Yes, because what it does, is it is a level of exposure. And the last thing anybody wants, who is playing these games and strategies, is exposure.

S: Because there is such a small crew on the Golden Age of Gaia at this moment, I’m having to choose very carefully what things I research and what I don’t. I have limited time. So it’s important for me to know what is doing good and what is not doing good.

AAM: Yes, we are not suggesting to you to publish things that focus on war, mayhem and fear mongering. But to say, “There is a game afoot and this is what it looks like and is this not absurd because we are on to it?” is very helpful.

This channeled material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love, 2015, Inc. and is used with permission.

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