Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Resurrection Phase Part One

By Sandra Walter On 11-10-15 


This is a difficult topic to address in writing; perhaps you can feel into the light codes presented here.

The phase of resurrecting the True Self is affecting thousands in the Light Tribe at this moment, and we now understand why it is generally not discussed with the collective. Since we are taking the mystery out of the Mastery school, we attempt to describe the indescribable in linear terms.

The Resurrection Phase


The Resurrection phase presents in a natural, organic way during the Ascension process. As with every step, it is a choice triggered by the expansion of consciousness and lightbody. After a good deal of foundational work, the lower Self is open to receive the Higher levels of Self – in form.

This is largely supported by the energies in this area of space we are traversing. When we align with the vibrational quality of pure photonic light – the great implementer of order and harmony – we become capable of fully merging the higher consciousness with the lower consciousness.

In ancient days, this used to be attained with extensive preparation, which led to our current Ascension/Mastery steps. In the old light paradigm, the final steps involved lengthy fasts, sound frequencies, natural harmonics, planetary alignments, heightened electro-magnetic currents (utilizing sacred sites and ley lines), sensory deprivation, or a variety of natural plant and mineral substances.

For those who prioritized spiritual exploration over everything else, it could lead to the ultimate goal of Ascension: Divine Self-Realization. The experience could also tear apart the psyche, so it was considered a dangerous practice by many. The results were deeply personal; not to be shared with the outside world. Not because it was elitist; because it was a sacred practice to be honored rather than sensationalized or abused by lesser agendas.

In our modern process, we are guided to prepare and purify the lower levels of ego, mind, emotions, body and lifestream (and avoid substances so the body and consciousness may transform properly). We study, learn, level up, activate, and study some more. We align and activate the torus fields, Ascension column, and keep expanding, raising our light quotient, becoming more conscious.

Our higher skills emerge, we lose our fears and our journey clarifies. We follow the steps of Mastery and step into service. Love, Compassion and Peace become our new norm. Then the challenge of embodiment presents; unifying our lower Self with the Higher Self, the multidimensional Source-Self, in a permanent bond of unwavering Solar Cosmic Christ, or Christed beingness.

During the dimensional Shift we have a much higher vibration emanating from Gaia, unique light frequencies pouring in, and memories of the Resurrection process stepping forth to support this phase. With a little work, we create our own sacred spaces upon a planet turning into one big global sacred site.

We create ceremonies and protocols unique to our expression and goals. As a collective, there is an entire group experiencing this phase (in a somewhat dramatic way), in order to transmute the old methods and set an easier path in place. Of course no one can ascend for you, but we do create experiences and methods for this higher unified plane we are quickly moving into.

Our Year of Mastery

In 2015, our year of Mastery, Resurrection has become the predominant activity in the conscious Ascension process. It is a strange, slow-motion reconstruction, and is very purposeful.

It creates a grounded In-Carnate version of the Christed template as opposed to prophecy or theory. It becomes the living aspect of the Christ unified in a HUman heart grid which will be capable of holding a vastly higher light. (More on that topic soon). People as SUN Gods; Solar generators of Crystalline Light.

It is brilliant in its design, because it is unique to each individual fractal of Source (Source does not replicate two exact copies of anything). Modern Ascension breaks apart the dogma about what the Christ looks like, feels like, or what we do with our lifestream. It is a beautiful state of empowerment which is free from the veils of the old reality.

It can be challenging when we are still cohabitating with denser, disharmonious levels of consciousness. A whole section of the population is stepping up to that challenge of bringing Heaven to Earth, in form as well as intention.

That level of Self-realization is the operating system for a new level of consciousness, a new reality. And it will be easier for all who walk behind us, Beloveds.

Kindwhile it is the most difficult phase of the process, and we are in it until it is complete. Asking when will it be over is to not comprehend its importance to your journey or the collective Shift.

Embodiment is a powerful step, and it isn’t a Jedi mind trick: Hearing other people tell you what is happening is not the same as experiencing embodiment of the Christ. The higher levels of Divine Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Light, HUmility and Reunification with the Multidimensional Self are extraordinary. They are not without their destructive counterparts as the old consciousness liquifies in the brilliance of this New Light.

We witness our own evolution. How glorious to observe oneself in transformation, and know it has been completed at once. It reinforces the Divine intent of the Galactic Gatekeeper’s mission: No one shall be born into disempowerment, limitation or enslavement upon this planet ever again.

Have a brilliant 11.11 Gateway, Beloveds. Do the good work. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.
In Love, Light and Service,

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