Friday, November 6, 2015

Your Body Is A Universe

Channeled By Tiara Kumara On 10/30/15

Excerpt from Morphogenesis

Our coherence with nature and the natural world is one of the most important connections that we, as humans, have. Nature serves as a botanical bridge, offering many clues to our truer reality.

Likewise, earth’s connection to the sun and to our solar system is one of the most important connections our planet has. Our sun’s connection to the galaxy is one of the most important connections our solar system has. Our galaxy’s connection to the universe, and beyond, is one of the most important connections our galaxy has. Our universe’s connection to the mysteries beyond is one of the most important connections our universe has.

Without this multi-level, coherent interconnectivity, nothing would exist. Yet, each entity is also a single organism. This also applies to our own bodies, likened to cells in the body of the cosmos. We inhabit a living universe, reflected by the most fundamental characteristics of our body’s biology. As is the smallest, so is the greatest.

Our scientists have confirmed that a single cell is a complete system, as is the brain and the entire body. Every single system is driven by feedback loops and homeostasis. It continually self-organizes. We are presiding over an entire ecology, and like planetary ecology, our body responds to all that nourishes it to maintain balance and harmony.

All of the energies and forces that are present in the universe are present in our very own bodies. Within us, lives the omnipotent source of all manifest existence. We are naturally coded with the essential blueprint of eternal perfection.

By going inward and deeply communing with our bodies, we can know the universe more intimately. In fact, the more that we explore and experience our own body universe, the more that we can understand the unified field around us as it unfolds in the form of reflections.

Awakening the Physiological AUM

Your body is an entire ecology that has the ability to bring about accelerated biological evolution. This is done through the increasing coherence that we have with our total self, with attuned loving thought given to that ‘totality’ of self. This is a main key to unlocking the power to self-actualize into anything you want to be.

Cells and DNA are like little consciousness antennas. They communicate through the frequencies that we give off, always responding to the creativity of our thoughts and feelings.

The trillions of cells in our body are constantly talking to each other as they carry out the countless functions that keep us alive. While these processes may seem out of our conscious control, numerous scientific studies have shown that nothing holds more power over the body than the mind.

Always remember, our consciousness does not reside inside the body. The body is held within the consciousness! We are multidimensional beings and the creators of our physical reality, including our very own bodies. Therefore, we have the ultimate governance over all of the activities that take place in our physical form.

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