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Morning Messages #80 & 81 - On Rituals


Channelled By Peggy Black On 11-12-15

Message 80 - Ritual


We offer you the expanded perception of the sacred art of ritual. Rituals open and close an activity--simple.

Rituals can be as basic as a spoken word of acknowledgment of what is taking place, or as elaborate as you can imagine. Each person will find the most comfortable place to bring more ritual into their life, their day and their actions. Rituals and intentions invite a very conscious vibration into your awareness and how you interface with all aspects of reality.

A simple ritual before a meal prepares the mind/body to accept the foods offered. A closing prayer of gratitude, a simple bowed head, completes the act of eating. A ritual created as you shower or bathe has great power to cleanse the energy field as well as the body.

Rituals can be used to create a framework to hold an activity, an event or gathering. There are rituals for release and rituals for bringing forth. Begin to be aware of the rituals you already have in your life. Some you might call habits. Look and see how you can shift and elevate these habits to become spiritual acts.

You can elevate, offer as a higher vibration the simple tasks you perform each day. There are rituals that you can create that honor the stages of each day.

A morning ritual can be as simple as a spoken prayer or you may decide to expand your ritual to include several acts that will consciously enhance this stage of your day. Perhaps you light a candle, say your prayer and bring your awareness fully into your physical form, filling yourself with the energy, the sounds and the gift the morning offers. This is a time for gratitudes, a time for intention, a time to connect.

Then at your noontime... be aware that you have entered another stage of the day... leave behind what is complete from the morning and step into this different rhythm and energy.

Again before your nights sleep, have a ritual to honor the day lived, acknowledging self, releasing all that needs to be released. This is a time of forgiveness and of gratitude.

With conscious awareness and dedicated practice these daily rituals will soon be smoothly woven into your day, adding new dimensions to your life.

Message 81- Ritual Part II


Rituals assist in the full spiritual presence coming forth. There are rituals that you can perform honoring each season of the year. Then the seasonal energy construct you have called forth will flavor the days that follow.

Your body/mind/emotions and spirit will remember the significance of the season, the qualities, and the attributes of this time of the year and will flow more in harmony with it. There are rituals in which you can be aware of the lunar cycles and its movement with your body. You will be able to observe the rhythms, the pull and the pulse.

There are rituals for the stages in your life, as you move through the ages and the seasons of your timeline. By honoring these passages with rituals you are able to step cleanly from one stage into the next.

Creating a ritual that honors the stage you are leaving, completed bringing the lessons and gifts and releasing what is finished. By your conscious actions in this ritual you will embody each stage in your life more fully.

There are rituals that you can perform honoring each season of the year. Then the seasonal energy construct you have called forth will flavor the days that follow.

Through rituals, you see your every action as holy, each and every action become sacred. From the preparation of food to the daily task of cleaning, you bring your full spiritual presence to each activity.

By the act of creating rituals you stay more conscious, more present, and more alive with all that you do, with every action that you take.

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