Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Team: You Are Pure Consciousness

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 11-13-15

Peggy BlackWe are here in celebration for what has been anchored in your reality. You have been an active, awake participant as chalice and portal in welcoming the pattern and shift of consciousness in the collective. This energy is now being integrated within the matrix of this dimension. Now is the time to begin to live the new patterns and begin to experience shifting dimensions.

We understand that the web of 3D has been strong in keeping consciousness tethered to this limited reality. However, let us assure you that a dimensional portal has been made available to all. Many are now aware that with little effort they are experiencing moments in which they are sensing or feeling a new expanded reality.

It is occurring in baby steps for most, the feeling of not being present in your 3D reality, feeling instead that you have expanded into the 5th dimension. This experience will be unique to each. Yet we can assure you it is happening to those who have a sense that there is more to be revealed.

To those who have longed to connect to the higher realms of love, light and truth, and who have known there is a better way, a life sustaining way, to experience self in all the wondrous and magnificent multidimensional levels, this is now more available than ever before.

During the auspicious times of the eclipses and the supermoons there was an influx of divine light in which a celestial or cosmic portal was opened and anchored by dedicated individuals like yourself. This cosmic portal, this celestial chalice is now available to all. This divine conscious light is literally bathing your entire Earth in waves and frequencies of love and divine expansion.

Be mindful that you are observing this phenomenal situation from your limited third dimensional mind set. So the key here for you to begin to utilize this available dimensional portal is your imagination.

We invite you to engage your imagination as often as possible with the intention of actually learning how to navigate the other available realities, the other dimensions. You have often heard the expression “think outside the box.” What you need to realize and comprehend is that there is no box. The assumed box is a part of the limited programs and patterns that humanity has embraced.

There have been many examples in your history, your religious stories of individuals experiencing paranormal events, events and encounters that could not be explained. These events and encounters did not fit the box. These were experiences in which the individual slipped into another frequency or dimension. It was a rare event something extremely special that only a few unique individuals could ever experience.

We want you to understand that this limited belief has shifted. One does not need to be a saint, a mystic or holy person in order to connect in partnership with the divine beings. This portal is available to everyone who resonates with the frequency. This doorway to the other realms or dimensions is open.

Now it is up to you to begin to play with the possibility that you can and do move into the 5th dimension or even other dimensions of geometric shapes, color or pure sound. Your experience will be unique to you. However, we are inviting you to use your imagination to connection with this open portal of possibilities.

Remember and realize that your thoughts create. Your imagination is powerful.

We suggest that you observe your worry thoughts, your limited thoughts, because they are like weights that hold you in the imagined 3 D box. When you worry about some future event, you are using your imagination to create the very thing you do not want. Remember energy follows thought.

Imagine for a moment that the dimensions are like nesting dolls, all connected and available, yet each separate in your perception. The other dimensions are operating at a different and higher frequency or vibration. When you are locked into the patterns of your physical reality, it seems impossible to be anywhere else. It feels so real.

That is why we are inviting you to use your imagination. This offers you a freedom to play with the possibilities of connecting with beautiful non-physical beings of love and light. When you practice raising your vibrations and holding a consistent feeling of joy, gratitude and appreciation, you are allowing the possibly of connecting and moving into other realities.

Realize that your doubts or fears will shift you back rather quickly to your 3 D limitation. We offer some suggestions: trust in your ability, state clear intentions and allow your imagination to set the space. Remember, your intention will be the framework of this unfolding. Here is a simple example: I am grateful that I resonate and connect to the higher realms with ease and grace. Pretend if necessary, because when you pretend you drop your limited beliefs and installed programs.

You can place your awareness in your heart or focus on the area of your Third Eye or on your pineal gland in the center of your head. These are your personal portals or doorways to the other realms or dimensions. It is a matter of practice like all things. So begin, little by little, to shift your personal frequency.

Do things that bring you joy, set aside a time to sit quietly and allow it to unfold, be in nature, use sound to alter you consciousness, just allow your imagination to flow freely from a mental space of feeling safe and happy and on an adventure.

You might begin to keep a written journal or record of these adventures. Begin to note the out of the ordinary or paranormal moments you experience during your day. This creates a stronger connection and invites your acceptance of these new possibilities.

Discard preconceived ideas of how things will manifest or unfold. Remember you are stepping into the realms of energy, resonance and frequency. It might not look like anything you have ever experienced, so just allow the wonder and magic to occur. Be the witness.

Once you begin to avail yourself of this active and open portal you will more easily connect to your own multidimensional or higher self. There will begin to be an interaction, your multidimensional or higher self will flow unconditional energy of love, light and awareness.

Remember that you are an anchor or channel for this divine connection to be made available to all. You are a bridge of consciousness between the physical and the non-physical realms of love, light and truth. You are pure consciousness that bridges all dimensions to all timeframes and experiences.

We are honored to acknowledge you in your personal growth and expansion. We are always available, as are all non-physical beings of divine consciousness, awaiting your invitation and request. We honor you as the divine multidimensional being that you are.

The ‘team’

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