Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Arcturians: Message #83 - Change And Reality

Channelled By Peggy Black On 11-19-15

Your scientists realize that the world that you know and the world that surrounds you are always in constant flux. There are multi-realities, multi-choices available every moment. Quantum Physics offers insights into these multidimensional realities. Quantum Physics shows that energy can be a particle or a wave.

Energy is imprinted by your conscious or unconscious thoughts. Each moment is new and fresh. It is awaiting your command. Humans are especially rigid with how they view their life, who they think they are, and how they should or shouldn't act or be.

Most humans are unaware that they imprint their reality each moment and they are locked into a mindset of beliefs that reality is always a certain way. Then it is so. They continue to create the same, again and again and again. It is an illusion that things stay the same. Your reality is always in flux.

This imprinting of the energy field is done on an individual, collective basis. There are beliefs and certain types of rigid mindsets that exist in the collective consciousness of humanity. These beliefs and ways of being imprint the hologame, the matrix, the energy field, each moment. Therefore, the reality in which you play stays much the same.

There is comfort in the sameness. There is comfort in the belief of sameness. There is comfort in group beliefs, collective beliefs. It is a part of this planet's dysfunction.

Change is resisted because change is scary. Humans will hold on to a situation that is unhealthy and even painful because they are afraid of change. The collective consciousness acts much the same as the individuals.

Society sees and feels the dysfunctions. Society is challenged to make the conscious changes, especially when they are saturated with reasons to fear these changes. Each individual contributes their own personal fears, and insecurities to the whole. These collective fears, insecurities, and beliefs continue to keep the reality of dysfunction locked into each new now.

There is a gathering of those who are aware of the gift of imprinting each NOW with new realities. They are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave.

These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to mold and sculpt their energy in a new way and therefore imprinting their reality with more loving consciousness.

©2006 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.

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