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The Truth About Global Warming: A Planned Return To Eden – Parts 1&2

If you think that this article describes a future that is "too good to be true" then your mind is slumming in the dregs of the Old Third, Busted-Ass Paradigm and some mental hygiene is in order...
DT the ET

The Illuminati are pushing the themes of global warming, adverse climate change, the rising of the world’s oceans, extinction of species, and flooding of landmass.

These themes have very little truth to them.

Behind them is the Illuminati’s quest for world domination. The upcoming climate-change conference to be held in Paris, a city which is now in lockdown in preparation for that conference, is designed to start events which the cabal will assume control of and use to cement their grip on the world.

I’d like to set the record straight on climate change.

My sources are the channeled messages of terrestrials like Matthew Ward (St. Matthew), galactics like SaLuSa of Sirius, and archangels like Archangel Uriel. Believe them or not as you wish. I certainly do.

Matthew Ward called arguments about global warming “pointless.”  He states the plan.

“Let us mention another area where ongoing arguments are pointless. ‘Global warming’ due to humankind’s willful neglect, ignorance and denial absolutely is real, to be sure, but the melting of polar ice, record-breaking temperature extremes and other weather anomalies are Earth’s steps toward returning to a moderate climate globally, the way it was when the entire planet was ‘the garden of Eden.’” (1)

That includes the melting of the polar icecaps, which others have said the galactics are watching and managing.

“You who are familiar with these messages know that Earth’s restoration to her original Eden self includes the polar and tropical temperature extremes giving way to what ultimately will be a moderate climate worldwide.” (2)

“We devoutly wish,” Matthew said as far back as 2005, “that fear about global warming and its projected effects would subside.” (3)

In his latest discussion in October of 2015. he reassured us:

“Harsh effects of climate change will ease as Earth gets closer to attaining her once-moderate climate worldwide; if necessary, residents of sea-level island areas will be relocated in plenty of time to avert danger. …

“Bees will return and eventually wildlife will rebound to sustainable numbers except for the few species in arctic climates that will not adapt to those areas’ rising temperatures.”  (4 )

“Sadly, some marine populations and animal species living in frigid temperatures will not survive, but most can adapt far more readily to rising ocean and land temperatures than they can live in polluted waters or in sonar testing areas or in cages, much less evade slaughter for pelts or tusks, ‘scientific experiments,’ or delicacies such as caviar and fins.” (5)

The various weather effects that are happening now are not the result of weather warfare, he says, but of Gaia’s need to cleanse herself.

“Unusual storms, record-breaking high and low temperatures, flooding, drought, wildfires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are cleansing Earth’s interior, surface and atmosphere, and they are leading to a moderate climate globally.” (6)

As to the global warming issue, Matthew discussed it in 2010 before the Illuminati initiated its current round of hijacking the climate agenda.  At that time, it was predominantly being used for the economic benefit of the elite.

“This controversial issue not only is an integral part of the stalled economic situation; it is a prime example of how duality still is affecting your world – the self-serving interests vs. the interests of the masses and of Earth herself.”   (7)

He chastised scientists for looking for natural causes when manmade pollution played such a prominent role.

“Scientists who claim that climate change is a natural cyclical happening and not of humankind’s making are ignoring the fact that never before has the planet been plagued with the manmade toxic pollution that exists today.” (8)

In the past, Matthew tells us, Gaia has had to rid herself of the negativity we’ve caused but no scientists know about or believe these facts.

“Indeed major climate changes have occurred before, when Earth had to rid herself of the negativity created by her human residents’ behaviors, but none of your scientists on either side of the global warming fence knows about that cause and effect. The ones who are expressing alarm about melting glaciers and record-breaking temperatures are doing so from genuine concern for future generations, whereas those who pooh-pooh the need to curtail polluting are willingly abetting the self-serving ones who profit handsomely from the many processes that cause pollutants.” (9)

There are many environmental dangers that will be addressed after the Disclosure of the presence of our galactic family. None of them are taken into consideration by our scientists, who see only global warming, Matthew explains.

“When you add to those sources the deliberate rain of toxins via chemtrails, the toxic waste in landfills, and unsafely stored radioactive materials, it is overwhelmingly clear that nothing in your world has escaped humankind’s negligence, at the very least, and criminal contamination at worst.

“This actuality also is unknown to your scientists, and to most of the rest of the populace too; but even if every person on the planet did know what is transpiring, it would not negate the collective responsibility to stop desecrating Earth and repair the extensive damage that has been done to her.” (10)

Moreover, when Disclosure occurs, which is represented as being not far into the future, environmental damage will be rectified, Matthew says:

“Other civilizations are eager to assist in this gargantuan task, but it is your planet home and you must take the lead.” (11)

“Added to your own technologies that are emerging from Illuminati suppression, your family will introduce advanced technologies that can remedy environmental damage so quickly that you will be astounded.” (12)

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(Continued from Part 1.)

Nova Earth 29816SaLuSa from Sirius asks us to look back on the last fifty years (minus the weather warfare) if we want to see how the climate has changed.

“If ever you needed proof of the weather changes that are taking place, you only have to look back at the difference now to what it was just some 50 years ago.” (11)

“The changes are dramatic and do not appear to follow any particular pattern and at times seem chaotic. Yet the changes are not random happenings, but leading to a more acceptable pattern and one that ensures that the extremes you usually experience no longer occur.” (2)

He tells us that the galactics are monitoring weather conditions on Earth and plan on restoring Earth to pristine conditions once they are allowed to land:

“We shall continue with our monitoring of Earth’s activities, including those of Mother Earth who is also involved in the changes that are occurring. The upheavals are necessary to allow the greater changes that will result in a new Earth, cleansed of all the residues of centuries of neglect and the poisoning of the land and seas.

“It may look to be an almost impossible task, but with our advanced knowledge and unlimited resources it will not take very long to achieve. We are in fact already prepared to go ahead with Mother Earth and restore her to the pristine condition she was many Ages ago.

“These tasks could not be handled by you with the limited knowledge you have, but we will be on hand to assist you once the cleansing can commence.” (3)

He reminds us that we are the guardians of the Earth.

“You are the Guardians of the Earth and it is now time that you accepted your responsibility. You have to help restore Mother Earth, and it is your recompense for all she has done for you. As you might say, you are all in it together and it is true that what you do to one, you do to all. The more you establish a loving relationship with Mother Earth, the more it will help lessen the need for dramatic changes.” (4)

SaLuSa elaborates on the Earth changes will either be occurring now or soon. Those who leave are those who wish to be released:

“Naturally physical changes will occur on Earth and we are aware of what will take place, and are allowed to direct them in ways that will minimize their effects.” (5)

“You are learning from a number of sources that you are about to enter a period of extensive changes, and it is already beginning to happen. If you currently live where major changes are due to occur be assured that provisions are being made to ensure your safety.

“There will of course be some loss of life but for the souls involved it will be a desired release from their present experiences. Remember that nothing happens by chance, and all major events in particular are planned with attention to the life plans of the souls involved.” (6)

Matthew tells us that people affected by rising sea levels will be moved elsewhere.

“Some low-lying coastal areas and islands will be affected, as I mentioned before along with stating that residents will have time to move to higher areas and be compensated for relocation.” (7)

Archangel Uriel laid out the blueprint for Earth after the climates have been restored worldwide to temperateness. Please note that a uniformly temperate climate is what prevails on the Astral Planes, what we call the Fourth Dimension. (8)

“Temperate climates that enfold and embrace not only humanity but each of you personally, as well as every flower, every blade of grass, every pebble, every grain in sand, all of it is held in the balance and that is the balance not only of the elements, of earth and air and fire and water.

“It is the balance of what those elements as they came together – atomic, sub-atomic, fibers, 
molecules -what they were intended to be. They were intended to be the expression of love.” (9)

So just as we’ll soon be stewards of the Mother’s wealth, we’re also the guardians of Mother Earth. We made the mess. Let’s clean this place up. Backed by galactic resources, we’ll do it quickly.

But much wider than that, all the climate changes happening now are intentional. The Plan is to return the Earth to its pristine condition and to create a globally-temperate climate.

There’s no need for conferences in Paris. There’s no need for the United Nations to do something or not do something. These are not the arenas in which the major actions are taking place, whether or not the elite thinks they are.

Our galactic family has the matter of the planet’s future well mapped out. Our future is with them and not with the cabal.

Meanwhile, there is no adverse climatic change happening. Only a planet returning to Eden.

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