Monday, November 16, 2015

Hilarion: November 15-22, 2015

Channelled By Marlene Swetlishoff On 11-14-15

Beloved Ones,
This is a time of prayer without ceasing. Each person on Earth needs to align to Source and know who they are – a child of the Divine. They need to take a stand in their minds and hearts for that which is good and right, to follow the golden rule. Each time those who do not follow these basic precepts of universal law create havoc and mayhem for its own sake, it is incumbent upon each individual to show the highest qualities they are capable of upholding. 

Each of you whose hearts are filled with love do more to sustain and maintain the balance on this planet than you can ever know. Do not become discouraged, for you have the strength within you to be as strong as the times you are in call for and it is important that you exercise this attribute by maintaining your equilibrium.
It is important to stay daily connected and aligned to the new energies, and reinforce these energies in your own being. This does more than you can imagine to assist humanity and the Earth go through the eye of the needle. The crossroads we have spoken of before are clearly before you, each person must make their choice, to move forward or stay behind in the old paradigm that is now kicking and screaming to retain its control. 

You know the answer to this one already and there can be only one choice and that choice is love. Be the love that burns within your heart and keep on keeping on. Do whatever you can to give assistance, send your Light and love out to those areas of the planet that are in need of it and ensure that you are in control of you and not reacting to the chaos in a way that compromises who you are within you.
Maintain your balance and keep the door to the light and to the promising future open. Use your discernment at all times. Remember, if it does not feel right or good, then it is in all likelihood not good, so do not believe everything you hear and give your power away. You control each situation you encounter by what you empower. 

You are your own savior, no one else can do the inner work but you. It is the time for you to use your light to transform yourself. There is much depth within you that now seeks to express outwardly. The energies are shifting and new levels of being are now being established. You have not lost any ground for all is in a state of flux. Follow your inner guidance and direction with faith and steely determination.
You are entering a new phase of soul development and it is important to be true to yourselves, to know yourselves. The changes that have been wrought on the etheric realms are now coming into expression on the physical plane. It is a new beginning on a new level of spiritual expression and as with everything new, it requires a period of adjustment to become acclimated at the new level. 

As you go within, you will receive guidance and support from the higher realms. The answers lie within you and not ‘out there’ so it requires that you be still and listen. This is where you have access to greater resources and understanding.
As the changes within take place a new framework and direction will come to cognizance. The evolution of the self has brought forth a new aspect that brings new beginnings and an exciting new awareness of the possibilities that lie before you. You will find new purpose and renewed commitment to the path of spiritual evolution that you are on. 

You have all that you need to make steady progress towards the further expansion of your soul growth and understanding of the higher perspectives take root within. Know that you are loved and supported by your family of light in every moment.
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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