Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spiritual Revolution Is Driven By Love

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness 11-6-15

Spirituality can be summed up by the understanding that beyond our surface perception exist infinite, blissful dimensions of consciousness to which we’ll return upon physical death, and most people not only use spirituality to try to reconnect with those realms while they’re still alive, but to make life fun and adventurous with assurance that consciousness continues after death.

No matter what we do on earth or how good or bad life is for us, we’ll eventually be away from all of it and back in a blissful place where we know we’re loved and accepted.

While we have a lot to do if we really want to change the world, spiritual evolution doesn’t require us to do anything at all.

It requires the simple recognition that our creator and higher consciousness are constantly with us, and we can call on them for strength and guidance when we struggle. It does require some commitment to the path we plan to walk, but the only real commitment lies in constantly surrendering the ego to that higher part of ourselves that can work through us with ease if we let it.

Some spiritual seekers think they have to follow a guru or adhere to some strict lifestyle to glimpse enlightenment, but enlightenment is the higher presence that already naturally exists beyond the constant thought stream that competes for our attention. We intuitively access the higher self’s wisdom when the mind and heart are open, and we can share this wisdom with others who are just starting to wake up and are in need of guidance or someone to lead them to their own innate awareness.

It’s not about being a guru, but about sharing what we learn with those who need it. We can become well-known for helping others by sharing our intuitive wisdom, but it’s less about fame and more about helping a world that’s ready to wake up and change its corrupt ways. The changes we need to make would be simple if everyone opened their minds and started living from the heart, and in it lives all of the wisdom and understanding we require.

Love links us with our higher consciousness because we embody this consciousness when we live in the heart. We’ll notice a difference in the way we carry ourselves and the way we interact with others when we let love drive all of our thoughts, and we’ll learn to respond to negative situations more compassionately instead of acting from anger, hatred, vengeance, etc.

We’ll also care more about helping others than tending to our own wants, but we’ll remember to serve ourselves in balanced ways because we’re just as much a part of the One as everyone else.
We’ll learn true selfless service, and we’ll realize that self-service actually fits with it. We serve everyone when we serve the One, including ourselves, and living from the heart encourages us to be there for ourselves and anyone who needs assistance.

While some people think revolutionaries should focus on cold-hearted destruction of everything that no longer works, I think we can approach revolution from the heart. We can approach it with a basic understanding of spirituality and the idea that we’re all one, and we can include those who want to be included without casting them away if they aren’t immediately devoted enough.

Effective revolution can be driven by love, and I’m starting to think that the best way to not only inspire revolution, but to live and spiritually evolve, is to do it from the heart.

Feel free to disagree, but love and passion seem to have inspired all of the revolutionaries throughout history who risked everything to be a part of something bigger and more important than themselves.

We marvel at their achievements without realizing we can do as much as them, if not more, and we only need to find our passion and approach it from the heart daily to move the world forward in a similar way. Love and a passion for a fair and just world drove their committed work, and for all we know, they could’ve been connected with their higher consciousness and it could’ve inspired them to share their wisdom with the world.

I think everyone should connect with their higher consciousness (or at least consciously realize that the connection has already been made and can never be broken), because it’ll help us approach our work and our spiritual evolution with enthusiasm and the willingness to step outside of our comfort zone. Everything changes when we let love and the intuition take the lead, and we no longer desire anything beyond a world where everyone is accepted and our rights are honored.

I’m confident that people will one day awaken to the presence of love within them and the importance of using it to encourage social change, and it’d be easier if those of us who are ‘aware’ could step up our game and set more of an example. We don’t have to be perfect to live from the heart and inspire others to live in a similar way, and life mistakes are as inevitable as the mistakes we make with our work, which in both cases allow us to grow and excel.

The revolution I want to be a part of is ignited by the heart and the understanding that we’re free spiritual beings who, for the most part, have yet to reclaim our inner/outer freedom and live the way we’ve always wanted. The drive for liberation can unite us all, but only if we can find love for each other despite the differences that, little do we know, can also unite us if we give each other a chance.

Let’s allow love, acceptance and the drive to change the world to guide us, and let’s make sure everyone feels included because everyone needs to contribute. The entire world will eventually be involved, but only if we invite everyone to take part in the fun of transforming the world.

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