Monday, November 16, 2015

Approaching The Paris Massacre Contextually

By Steve Beclkow On 11-15-15

I never know why I’m guided to watch certain videos. And I seldom question the inspiration these days.

The other day I was guided to watch a video on World War II, about the SS Werewolf guerrilla units. The Werewolves tried to keep the populace faithful to the Nazi cause in the last months of the war and into the era of peace. But the people were too tired of war to respond.

Typical of their operations was the murder of the new, collaborating mayor of Aachen, the first city brought under allied control.

I’d say I was being prepared for the horrifying news of events in France.

These are the last days of the Illuminati wars. The cabal’s henchmen are similar to the SS Werewolves.

Their thirst for extreme violence showed their absolute disdain for human life. In that they resemble the cold-bloodedness of the Werewolves. I was shocked to see the parallel.

Let’s think about the situation as far as we, who strongly suspect the falsity of what’s happening, can make it out. It looks like a black operation masquerading as ISIS, ISIS itself being a black operation, western-led and -financed. (1)

We’ve now heard that massive drills took place the day of the attacks. (2) Along with the passports discovered at the scene of the attacks, a ruse which harks back to 9/11, drills happening the day of terrorist attacks is also a common feature of false-flag operations. On 9/11 NORAD planes were diverted to Canada in a drill, preventing them from intercepting the airliners. The officer who ordered and oversaw it was subsequently promoted on 7/7.

We saw yesterday how a contributor to Wikipedia had a well-researched, well-written article up on that site within less than two hours after the massacre. His IP address traced to VirginMedia Consumer Broadband UK. (3)

In his expose, he referenced events that hadn’t happened yet.  That demonstrated that the perpetrators of the events had prepared a recitation of them for Internet users before the events had occurred. That opens the door to allegations of complicity and corruption within the French government.

How do we know how far up the ladder the corruption may go? Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is being investigated for cocaine dealing. The presence of President Hollande at a game being played a short distance from a bomb blast has all the odor of a set-up.

If top officials are corrupt, perhaps we should be asking ourselves: Who in the upper echelons of French government is not? We don’t know.

All this having been said, how do we approach this situation contextually?

I said earlier that war is a condition, not a context. (4) It doesn’t take in everything and, if one does not feed it by taking military actions, it can’t continue to exist.

Peace, however, is a context. It does include everything and needs no action from us to continue to exist.
The first thing we need to do is commit, personally and en masse, to a peaceful response to these provocations if we’re to respond to events contextually.

That doesn’t mean we can’t protest, but it does bind us to protest peacefully. I’ve proposed that French citizens who want to protest have on their signs one word: “Stop.” And perhaps a heart.
Let others in France and the world ask themselves: What is it people want to stop? The discussion that would follow would probably be an awakening for many.

The Illuminati, or “recalcitrants” as Archangel Michael prefers to call them, want us to be afraid. They want us to turn to them in the form of the authorities in charge of public order, for protection when we’re in fact asking for protection from the Illuminati themselves, who are behind the massacre.

Fearlessness and peacefulness are not contradictory. One element of martial-arts training reveals to the individual that fear is a chosen state. If we set our minds and hearts against fear, it has nothing to grab hold of.

If the matter at hand means enough to us – such as saving our child from danger – we can actually watch ourselves put fear aside. We can actually refuse to be afraid.

But very few people in the world actually look into the matter and see that they have that power.
Fear is a condition. Love is a context. A few years back, loving our enemies would have seemed very hard. But in these magnificent energies we bathe in in these days of the Tsunami of Love, it may still be hard but it isn’t unimaginable that we could love them.

To love our enemies is the primary challenge that faces us in these last days, not of World War II, but of the Illuminati’s reign of terror over this planet.  It’s really hard to imagine that we’ll be welcoming the Illuminati back into the fold eventually, those of them that choose to go on and can hold the energetic vibrations.

To approach these matters contextually, then, means not to go into fear and hatred, but into peace and love. The Illuminati will find that their bloodbath has failed to move the population to dread and fear. That in the end is what will defeat them.

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