Monday, December 1, 2014

Archangel Michael: When Troubles Arise

Channeled by Daniel Scranton On 11-28-14

“When trouble arises, it does so in order to get your attention. By receiving your attention, it serves its purpose. The trouble itself, whatever form it may take, is not your enemy. It is not to be snuffed out as soon as humanly possible.

You also do not need to give it your undivided attention. You do not need to become obsessed when something unwanted rears its ugly head in your lives. By allowing it to exist and giving it the appropriate amount of attention, you satisfy the need that it was always intended to provide. And then, once the attention is given, you can get on with your lives.

Once you have satisfied the purpose of the creation of the trouble, it no longer needs to exist in your experience. When you recognize that the trouble has served its purpose, you relax and you release your resistance to it. But when you see it as something that has some sort of control over you, and when you see it as a force, that is when your opposition to it serves to create more of it.

The best thing you could ever do when trouble arises in your lives is to respect it, to know that it is there to serve you, and to know that you placed it there to give you something that you needed. By letting go of the need to destroy the troublesome circumstance, you make room for something else, something that is wanted, something that you might call a solution. But we call it the next wondrous creation that is also appearing to serve you.

We are Michael. We are infinite. We are Love.”

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