Saturday, December 27, 2014

Preparation For The Christ/Kryst DNA Encodement Drop ~ Gateway December 25 -29


Channelled By Sandra Walter

3 Hour Double Rainbow in Mount Shasta on Christmas
Gateways are OPEN and Active!

I AM shown a trigger point tomorrow, December 27, for this Gateway. We had a double rainbow in Mount Shasta on Christmas, which lasted for over three hours! Double Rainbows showed up all over the World on Christmas, and I always hold them as a reflection of our Divine work. This Christmas gateway is especially powerful as the Wayshowers prepare to embody purer, higher levels of the Christ/Kryst throughout 2015.

Goodness, it feels immense to me, right NOW. Every day, each moment feels like the first and the last moment of my journeys here. I AM sure some of you will resonate with that complete-transformation-Now sensation. Sensations of the-moment-of, where it used to feel like the-moment-before.

From the last article:
Our Gateway of December 25 – 29, brings a more intense experience of Divine Love and a Golden Race DNA *drop* from the merging with the Crystalline Grid of new Earth. These drops continue through 2015. This delivers the codes which were anchored into the Crystalline grid on the 12-12-12. This is why we had a merging of the grid systems, to make those Golden Race codes available to all of HUmanity. If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious, balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the planet. Balance, peace, integrity, harmony. Gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with New Light.
These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high quality DNA within them, and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. (See my video from 2013 on Source DNA.) DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth dimensional level. Ninth dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or Collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a Divine HUman in-carnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12 strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a Divine aspect within a dimensional level. At that point, it is not *your DNA* and *My DNA*, it is *our Unified DNA*. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now, in the multitude of Ascension side-effects.

Full article HERE

Happy Holidays, Beloved Light Tribe! It is an honor to walk this path with you.

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