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Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity

 Channelled By Sandra Walter On 12-19-14

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Sandra Walter Ascension GuideI continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly. My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work (and the litany of tech glitches as the magnetics of old realities shift to accommodate Zero Point reality. Really keeps us in the moment, does it not?) I AM sure many Wayshowers are performing the balancing act, and getting accustomed to the New Light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences, both physical and non-physical, compliments the approaching wave of New Light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. First, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. After, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the Divine Team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences.

The Brilliance of 2014

We had many interesting events unfold in 2014, which support this Now moment and the possibilities therein.

The Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways March – April 2014: 

The first Gateway brought in the most powerful Return of the Christ energetics and activations the planet had seen to date. It also brought certain timelines, events, and galactic history to a close. Completion. You may remember the article on the dissolvement of the Maya structures; the framework for the illusion imposed from the Pleiades, designed to resolve millions of years of Galactic karma. As the Maya (named after Maia, a star in the Pleiades) ran its course, it closed the book on many an akashic tale. This left us open to engage with higher Christed timelines of Ascension.

May 2014: Many Wayshowers received a deep recalibration to prepare for the accelerated Ascension timelines. While it may have felt very physical, the aim was expansion of consciousness. You may have felt all of the old timelines, galactic karma, connections to star family lineage, or any of the stories of the past disappear from your personal emotional, mental, and egoic structures. This recalibration prepared us for a series of personal revelation gateways.

June through September 2014: A series of powerful personal revelation gateways unfolded as Gaia and HUmans merged into a higher reality. HUmans who had been working on the merge of Higher and Lower Self suddenly began to experience the unity of their Divine aspects, and a more acute perception of that union. We experienced a seamless merge of dimensions – the beginning of our true mulitdimensional perception in the body (as opposed to astral tripping). This allowed for a realignment with the True Self, and getting to know the true Higher Self. We also began to get familiar with the disorientation of having anything to set our compass on.

Because we moved into an accelerated future path, the past was rewritten behind us with a clarity and ease (and downright forgetfulness) of what had occurred. The memory of it may still be recalled, but you will notice that the emotional attachment is gone. This is a side-effect of not only being in the now, and allowing the personal akasha to catch up to the truth, but it also opens us up to a much grander future possibility.

September through October 2014: The second of the Equinox through Blood Moon Gateways brought an intensifying of the return of the Christ energies which are aimed specifically at expansion, expansion, expansion. Expansion of the consciousness has a direct effect on the body vehicle as it attempts to keep up with the demands of a higher vibration. This is the balancing act of the Shift itself; the body continually adjusting to the demands of the subconscious, the conscious, and the energies flowing into and out of Gaia.

October 2014: The entire collective shifts to an accelerated Ascension timeline during a weekend of powerful flare activation from the SUN. Our solar light is directly connected to our experience of time. Working in conjunction with Gatekeepers and benevolent Galactic forces, we were able to answer the requests of the high-vibe collective and shift into an accelerated Ascension experience. A faster process, in the highest interests of all concerned.

November 2014: The  Higher vibration sends the ascending collective into meridian readjustments, nervous system recalibrations, and heart center expansion in order to keep up with the accelerated timeline. It is ironic how awakening requires so much sleep.

December 2014: The merge of grounded Earth grid systems, crystalline grid and 5D/6D grid systems of New Earth begins. This sets the stage for DNA drops, a stronger multidimensional experience, pineal activation, and an expansion of simultaneous dimensions. It accelerates the activation of a greater brain capacity.

Flying into the Now

Our next to Gateway, December 25 – 29, brings a more intense experience of Divine Love and a Golden Race DNA drop, which continues through 2015.  This delivers the codes which were anchored into the Crystalline grid on the 12-12-12.  This is why we had a merging of the grid systems, to make those Golden Race codes available to all of HUmanity.  If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious, balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the planet. Balance, peace, integrity, harmony. Gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with New Light.

These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high quality DNA within them, and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. (See my video from 2013 on Source DNA.) DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth dimensional level. Ninth dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or Collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a Divine HUman in-carnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12 strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a dimensional level. At that point, it is not your DNA and My DNA, it is our Unified DNA. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now in the multitude of Ascension side-effects.

2015: Transformation of the Wayshowers

We have two powerful transformation gateways occurring in the last two Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways of 2015; the first in March, the second in September. These gateways get shorter, smaller, more focused. They act like a sieve for energies and target those who will be embodying higher dimensional consciousness, the Higher Self, the Christed Self right in front of the collective.

If it is your desire to make this embodiment physical, to be a true Wayshower and demonstrate the New ahead of the crowd, then your focus will grow more precise in 2015. You may already feel it.
The Councils which I AM involved with, which include Masters, Brotherhoods of Light and Galactics (they tend to swap out positions at the holographic table), understand that not all body vehicles will be able to endure this process.

Feel this message beloveds:

Stay focused on the Ascension as you move through these intense photonic waves of light. Know that your participation will become more acute as you move through these energies. It may become difficult to do anything else, and we honor your dedication. 

Understand that the little things which distract or prevent you from engaging in linear activities are merely adjustments to the Now possibilities. They may test your resolve as they manifest your highest pre-designed possibilities in the Now. Events, glitches and distractions are forcing you into conscious participation in the moment with the New Light, the True Self in the new moment.

Even if the body vehicle cannot withstand the New Light, know that if you have performed your service with a pure open heart, and transmuted all constructs of fear, that your service is honored in your mission is complete. Some of you will choose to return further into the Shift with a more resilient crystalline form. For those who do not resonate with becoming part of a Golden Race upon Gaia, your journeys here will be complete. 

Many of you will be merging with the consciousness of other races, higher-dimensional beings, and higher levels of your True Self, in brief passages of telepathic communion during this phase. It may feel extremely peaceful, because it holds the pure energy of your True Self to communicate in this way and learn in this way. The more comfortable you can be with merging consciousness in order to exchange information and pure light consciousness, the faster you will transcend the old dynamics of separation.

Recent Experiences

Awareness of many dimensions in the Now moment.

As our brain capacity increases and this beautiful golden-crystalline-diamond DNA comes online, we are capable of experiencing many dimensions simultaneously. If you practice this, you will notice your ability to hold simultaneous multidimensional awareness grows longer and clearer. The more DNA strands you have flickering on and the more your pineal activates, the more access you have to the simultaneous experience of Zero Point or Unity consciousness. It also causes an increase in light flashes and bright pinpoints of light in your energy fields as the piezoelectric activity of the pineal increases, and portions of the brain reactivate.

New races. I have noted interaction with many different races; races I do not recognize at first. My colleagues have introduced me to beings I used to know, asking me, Do you recognize who this is? Gosh I stare wide-eyed at many higher-dimensional beings lately. Apologies, beloveds! While it is difficult to be the one awakening from this long amnesia, I do feel a great amount of support and patience on the other side of the veil. I love you, I bless you, I thank you.

Ocean Lightship Visits.
I experienced the lightships under the Ocean last week. I found myself walking along a corridor next to the exterior, and I nearly broke focus when I realized I was breathing water, underwater. Since my experiences are quite lucid, I paused just before my grounded body panicked and calmly took a few deep inhales of clear, water-like substance. The walls of the ship were a transparent crystalline-light material, which had a luminescent glow. This was in the Pacific Ocean; we were working with the Pacific rim plates.

As many of you have heard, the Pacific rim plate system has been a concern for some time. Understanding that Gaia will expand to accommodate the new energy, you can see why so many of us are working on stabilizing magnetics to make this as easy of a transition as possible. That does not mean that we are preventing earthquakes or plate shifts, because those are a very natural side-effect of the collapse of the magnetosphere. They open up caverns where water may flow downward, preventing too much land mass loss from rising sea levels. Expansion occurs during every Shift/Jump time, and our dimensional shift provides additional factors to consider.

Regardless of the work designated to these underwater ships, the experience of peace, focus, and unity of service made me feel absolutely at home.

The Christmas Gateway
During our beloved Christmas gateway December 25 -29, we will receive a significant and sizeable wave of Light. Merry Christmas Presence! You may feel it approaching. (My parents and I were visiting via facetime this week, and they witnessed me pre-cog a Solar Flare, just moments before it unleashed. How beautiful to share that experience with them!)

We have shifted to a new area of space, again, which includes the entire Galaxy as a unit. Our alignment with this higher Ascension timeline brings forth higher possibilities. Our mastery challenge includes precise choices, moment to moment. Embodying the crystalline consciousness is an intense process. It is not something which happens all at once, nor will it unfold for everyone holding form at this time. Gosh I wish it did, because it is such a powerful experience – perhaps the most powerful you can have in a body. This year taught me patience at a Master level, and compassion at a Source level. It is what it is, all is well.

As we go through the sieve of Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways next year, our untouchable aspects present. Untouchable at the level of your consciousness, not your body vehicle. While it would be nice to experience all of this grand expansion in an isolated environment (like the old Mystery schools), it is not the point. 2015 brings forth palpable, recognizable transformation of the grounded Self. Utilize cave-time when you need it; usually a day or an hour are just enough to rejuvenate and stabilize the body vehicle as your consciousness expands your energy fields.

Reach out to support and receive support from the HUman heart grid. The sensation of isolation is physical, connect through the heart to feel true unity consciousness.

DNA preparation
For many of you, your choice to engage in the Ascension process included a great deal of cleansing and clearing metals, toxins, parasites, karma, negative thoughts, subconscious emotion, ego, mental and emotional constructs so that the cells would be ready for these intense energies. The cleansing and clearing of the cells – a structure which is supposed to last for hundreds of years – becomes vital to supporting DNA activation.

Out of the trillions of cells in your body, not every cell will have to be clear and ready to take on new strands of DNA. This is a good thing as our current environment does not support a 100% clear cellular structure. When the new strands are taken in, or the dormant Golden Race DNA within your cells activate, they will replicate into neighboring cells as the energies increase and the collective consciousness expands upon this planet. 50% preparation, 50% Divine timing.

Pace yourself and know it is not a competition. There is no judgment upon whether you can handle it or whether it destroys the body vehicle. I know all of this may sound technical, and that is part of my role, however the point is participation. The point was to transcend density by experiencing Divine Love in all of its many expressions. Approach all of this activity with a pure heart and the pure intention to serve pure Source Light Intelligence and the objectives of your True Presence.

A Blessing of Grace
Let us all send the highest quality light waves of harmony, peace, balance, Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Ascension through every particle of this planet, the kingdoms, the elementals and Beloved HUmanity during this beautiful passage. Blessings upon all of us in service to the Ascension of consciousness!

In Love, Light and Service,

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