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Channelled By Kathleen Long On 12-27-14

Can you speak of ‘Disclosure’ as it has been defined as an Alien Landing or presentation of Alien beings into the consciousness?

The name of this ‘incident/happening/event’ (Disclosure) comes from the meaning that will cover the times ahead as so many stories that have been heralded as truth will be known as pure fiction; stories that have been woven as the very fabric of society will be disproven and will bring about a sense of surrealness to the very history of the world as it has been portrayed, leaving the masses to wonder if ANYTHING is real thus granting one more moment of a shift in reality. Stories that have been handed down, some true fabrications will be denied and undoubtedly shake the foundation of a reality leaving people to feel as they have been lied to and betrayed to their senses; to their sense of security.

Disclosure is a word that will pick up momentum as it will begin to surface as a feeling of deceit within the government, sacred institutions as well and importantly within the account of history that was thought to be universal or standard in belief. So much information will surface that cannot be denied that people will become overwhelmed. Some will tune in to their own anger within this deceit; others will withdraw from the world not physically or even mentally, but rather emotionally in terms of turning towards themselves for answers that they see as NOT coming from outside. Disclosure will come to families and groups and as if a sweeping uncovering, the energies of the earth will not allow untruths to remain.

This is a process whereby earthly identifications and identities will not be allowed to remain within the area of deceit. Lies will begin to be recognized, untruths will be seen right through and the manner of doing business will be charged and changed to redefine a society. This is called disclosure for many reasons for it is the prelude to the very real attempts that have sustained to hold from humanity the truth of their origins and the origins of other beings who are of God’s creation and beauty that do not nor have not dwelt in human form upon the earth.

Why would it even be within the mind of man and upon the earth featured in film, books, tv and other media forms, the idea that there are other life forms throughout the universe and beyond if there were not specks and sparkets of truth to the stories of visitors. For ever so long this truth was obscured in fear. Invasions and bondage have been the usual course of events in depicting this very shattering manner in which mankind becomes introduced to alien beings.

If deceit and lies were not ‘allowed’ in politics, business, religion, the work place and other authoritarian institutions the world would be a very different place. If deceit and lies were not allowed in families the entire institution of family and marriage would be as it is depicted in Disney movies, where parents love and respect one another and children are honored for their very existence. All of life would be utopian as it should be.

This word ‘Disclosure’ has been viewed as the entrance into the fabric of earth’s reality the ships and beings that have surrounded and assisted the earth for EVER’, but really ‘Disclosure’ as in the revealing of our Space Brothers will be the finale of a time on earth that has entered the ENERGY of disclosure. As this energy grows the consciousness is elevating towards the truth of many many things and history will be uncovered and things hidden intentionally will be discovered.

When a group of humans know something, it has entered their consciousness and once something is within the consciousness of even one person it avails itself to the greater/mass consciousness. This knowing of space beings has been held secretly within the consciousness of those who have interacted with them and those who knew of their existence but were sworn to secrecy. As the energy of disclosure is pressing down upon the earth, as it is gaining in momentum in every area of living, the truth must come about.

When one feels or knows the truth but are not ready to acknowledge it, they suppress it for many reasons from lack of desire to confront, to keeping the status quo, to maintaining peace and survival and any number of personal reactions but within this energy that you may call disclosure it becomes more and more difficult to veil the truth of anything. As one is attempting to pull the covers up and around them, this energy is pulling those covers off leaving the truth exposed for the knowledge or consequences to be met.

This energy called disclosure is squarely upon the earth at this time. Those who have much to lose by its presence and results are quite aware and quite frantic. Those days when it was easy to penetrate and mold the minds of man are no more. If you could see the awakenings that are taking place daily you would be amazed and with each soul whose declaration is to live life outside of fear, those elements of fear and bondage will be disclosed to them as on a grander scale those lies that have been perpetrated onto the masses will and are being disclosed.

Individual awakenings involve the discovery of the self which means the uncovering of the self. One cannot truly wake to the beauty of who they are as they hold their own secrets in judgments and fear. Acknowledging darkly held secrets, releasing into love and forgiveness those secrets and dealing in self love with all consequences and understandings is done within this energy called disclosure. It is through the disclosing of fallacy that the illusion can be met, in other words the truth of each soul on earth is that they are perfection within the eyes of god.

All illusion they have cast upon themselves, judged of themselves must be disclosed/discovered/revealed for one’s true identity to be recognized. As this disclosure energy permeates individuals it brings about much change and shattering of self images that held one from many truths of their own existence. As this same energy permeates the establishments of earth that maintain these secrets their covers are being lifted and the truth is being known.

Case in point the Vatican. Within that area lives more secrets and lies than one can imagine, ironically under the guise of promoting a loving God. Once the reveal has begun there will be no stopping it and anger will replace reverence for what man has created. It will begin a notion in memory that no man, no one be they of wealth or reverence or power in position or any other man made label is greater in the eyes of god than any other. This truth has been buried within the judgments of all religions and when religion is restored to a place of love and camaraderie of the same purpose it will be of the value of bringing together peoples as was its intent.

So as Disclosure is already here, it will reach a point whereby the readiness of the Grand Disclosure has been met. The introduction of a loving family of beings who have been amongst mankind for the entirety of their living on earth will take place. Within all disclosure of earthly stories, the vibration is rising and acting as an invitation to these beautiful beings of light. Earth’s vibration MUST meet a certain criteria or level for this to take place.

It is happening daily this vibrational shifting for as each soul raises their own vibration it is added to the consciousness and expands. This expansion of consciousness is unprecedented, meaning it is happening quicker than even expected. One can surely promote and even be a part of this Grand Disclosure as they are intent in raising their own vibration. Some feel that this disclosure of beings other than human will assist in this grand shift in Consciousness when in truth they are the one’s bringing it about by raising their own consciousness.

Can a date and time be given when “Disclosure” will take place? No, because that will depend on each one’s individual shift or rise in frequency and that is something that is done on a personal level. For each soul who expands their awareness, who succumbs to love, who raises their consciousness they hold within them a number of other humans that they have agreed to ‘signal’ if you will, their position thus opening a pathway for their shift to take place. Some as yourself who have been a volunteer to lead the way have a ‘downline’ who benefits as planned.

So as one wonders and dreams even desires for this disclosure to happen, there is indeed something you can do to promote it, call it. You can define your own life as in the process of disclosure and as you reach that place of disclosing all illusions and fallacies that have defined you as other than perfection, you become a beacon onto the heavens inviting your brethren to come nearer.

This disclosure will change the reality of earth and in that vien it will explode fear like not before therefore it has been decreed that there will ENOUGH bodies standing upon the planet holding within them the most powerful emotion of peace that is the foundation of love that will assist those of great fear to either leave the planet or dissipate the fear and bring forth the opportunity to live upon a planet that can be defined as paradise.

“Disclosure” is happening NOW. The results or expansion of this disclosure will be the reunion of our space brothers who will in turn assist within the greatest expansion of consciousness and love the planet has ever experienced and expressed.

Channeled by Kathleen Long

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