Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Heavenletter #5133: The Time Is Now

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 12-14-14

Gloria WendroffGod said:
There are matters in life that require your waiting for them. You have to wait for Christmas. It is an appointed day. You have to wait for your anniversary. You have to wait for the stars to come out, you have to wait until the sun dawns. When you were a child, you had to wait to grow up. You have to wait for a train to leave, a boat to dock, a ship to come in, a flight to take off.

There are other occasions in life where you don’t wait. To say hello to a friend — don’t wait. Say hello right then. To make a friend, don’t wait. Don’t wait for a better time. When you have an opportunity to connect with someone, whatever the occasion, connect with the person. Some matters are not to be put off for a better time. There is no better time than now.

This is my message for you today: Do it now, not later. Make something happen. Find out.
If you want to say you’re sorry to someone, now is the time. If you want to make a sale, the time is now. If you want to connect hearts, now. Consider that you have an appointment. Be there. Don’t delay. When you delay, you have wasted a chance. Now is the time to plant corn. Now is the time to pick corn. Now is the time to cook corn.

As with a choir, there is a right time to come in and sing. The chorus comes in now. This is the time the chorus sweeps in. This is the cue, and here is the chorus.

So in life, you want to enter at the right time. No better time than the present.

There is a tendency for some of My children to put things off, not intending to delay but to do it at a better time. They may think there’s a better time, and they wait for it. I would like to emphasize that the time is now. At the moment you think of it, this is when to take care of something. You may want to make a meeting perfect or make an impression or make a request at the most auspicious time. You don’t know when is the most auspicious time. By then, the moment may have passed, and the opportunity for a whole new avenue of life has also passed. A bus doesn’t always wait for you.

In other words, I am saying not to look for an ultimate moment. Take the moment now. Everything doesn’t have to be in place as you like to think it has to be. The optimum opportunity is now. For now to take place, you have to open yourself to it. For example, if you worry about your offer of friendship being rejected, stop thinking that way right now. Put yourself in good stead now.

Whatever you want to convey, it is yourself. This is the beginning. You are the initiator. You are the beginning, and you can go first. No more waiting for perfection. Act now. Who knows what might have come from an opportunity missed? Try it and find out.

And if you are rejected, be rejected then. So what? Even if your goods, so to speak, aren’t a fit, what have you lost? A little ego? So what? Odds are you have plenty of ego to spare. Let go of ego, and you won’t feel rejected.

Shyness and caution aren’t adorable traits. Forthrightness is better! To introduce yourself to someone is not even bold. It’s friendly. I’m telling you to be friendly. You may think it’s bold. Be bold then. Take life by the hand. Act for yourself, why not?

When you take a first step, you uphold yourself. When you don’t take a first step, you are not upholding yourself. You are not betting on yourself. I suggest that you bet on yourself. You will discover more of yourself.

It is time now to dare to bet on yourself and offer yourself to the world. You are in good standing. No one else in the world has to offer what you have to offer. No more hiding under a toadstool. Come out into the fresh air now. Do this for Me.


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