Monday, December 15, 2014

The Year 2014 - A Time Of Transcendence

December 2014

The Power of the Mindful Breath

We welcome you, our dear friends. What a beautiful time of completion this month of December 2014 carries within its energy field. Throughout the course of this year, we have repeatedly spoken about the significance this period of time has for incarnating souls on Earth. We would like to address this point again in even greater depth, so you will see clearly what forces are unfolding in your world.

Your universe with all of its varying dimensions of life is experiencing a major restructuring at a basic elemental level. This is the best way we can describe this phenomenon. A vibratory wave of great power and intensity is moving through your universe. In simplest terms, all life, no matter what the dimensional level, is folding back upon itself with tremendous power and force in a process of divine recapitulation.

How does this action affect human beings living on your planet at the present time? Picture in your mind’s eye a giant wave that as it gathers momentum scrapes up from the bottom all the debris that has settled over time, which it then casts on the beach to be seen in the light of day. This example depicts what is happening throughout the many dimensions of life in the universe you inhabit.

On Earth, the debris typifies the many levels of human behavior that have been in existence down through the ages. The good and the bad are suddenly visible for recognition and scrutiny. Incarnating souls are looking at all elements of the human condition that have manifested over eons of time. To be at the center of this process requires great strength and fortitude. It is not easy to be an observer when all aspects of the human condition are brought into clear view.

The seeds of love and nurturance in all walks of life are being seen within a framework, which also includes hate and destruction. What we are saying here is not directed at any one particular country or people. The forces of light and darkness are manifesting throughout the planet with varying degrees of intensity depending upon the given energy field in focus. The extremes of human behavior, both positive and negative, are surfacing for all to see. 

In some areas of your planet conflict and strife abound, while at the same time acts of love and peace can be found as a counterbalance in even the darkest of situations. What always can be recognized is the degree of intensity that is unfolding everywhere. It is the rare person who is unaware of the powerful forces that are buffeting humans living on Earth. These forces are exposing the debris that has been part of the human condition for eons on your planet.

In our messages to you, we have used the term unfolding for some time. This word aptly describes the spiritual process that is underway. A spiritual wave of vibratory energy is folding back on itself with the expressed purpose of cleansing and clearing away an extensive period of evolutionary growth on Earth so that a new phase of spiritual development can occur.

Is this wave folding back on itself manifesting in any recognizable way in your life? Have you found that challenging issues you thought addressed and finalized suddenly surfacing unexpectedly? Have you been able to handle them in a more effective way? Have you been able to look at the tumult in the world and know at the deepest level of your being that the only solution is through the path of peace and love?

Down through the years of our transmissions to you, we have spoken continually about the need to develop spiritual practices, which will sustain and strengthen you as you navigate the turbulent waters of the current times. Of the four practices of meditation, prayer, contemplation and attunement, we would like to speak further about meditation. Many of you have expressed the difficulty of establishing a regular ongoing practice of meditation.

This difficulty is particularly strong in the western world, because of its emphasis on outwardly directed action and intellectual left brain functioning. We would like to offer a more expanded view of meditation than we have previously spoken of. You are ready to move into a deeper understanding of what true meditation is. The single most important element of meditation is the breath. The breath carries the spiritual life force of the Creator. Every breath that is mindfully attuned to spirit absorbs the power of the divine.

Using the breath as a spiritual practice is a profound act of meditation. If you can believe that all life is imbued with the spiritual essence of the Creator, you will know that each breath is an act of deepest meditation and attunement. So we ask that you set aside a given period each day and breathe mindfully. By making this commitment, you will find yourself expanding spiritually in ways you cannot even currently envision.

Mindful breathing will begin to move you into expanded realms of consciousness. Your powers of inner knowing will widen and deepen, as you consciously become more imbued with spirit. You will develop a detachment while simultaneously being able to involve yourself in a way that truly brings love and light to your fellow human beings. Now is the time to begin.


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