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The Days Of Military Conquest Are Over

If the constant inundation of Fear-Porn from the Lame-Stream Media as got you down please read this synopsis from Brother Steve...DT the ET

Donald Cook
The U.S.S. Donald Cook
Ben Fulford recently revealed an incident which apparently happened in the Black Sea this past April. A Sukhoi SU-24 Russian fighter jet buzzed an American destroyer, the U.S.S. Donald Cook, twelve times simulating a missile attack against it.

The ship was unable to respond allegedly because the Russian plane carried an electronic warfare system that shut down all the destroyer’s electronic systems. (1)
I have no desire to make anyone uncomfortable, but I do want to speculate on military operations in the world today, using the example of the American military as a case in point.

Although I use the U.S. as an example, I’m sure the same could be said of other leading nations in the world: their military power has been and would be curtailed in the event they acted on the thought of military conquest. We simply don’t know about their situation and we do know about that of the U.S.
Military power has no more place on this globe. These are some instances and indications that demonstrate it.

The implication of Ben’s report is that the destroyer fleet and any other ships with hostile intent can be jammed so completely that they become no threat at all to the nation they intended to attack.
This is not the first time that message has been communicated.

Consider that the Russians are equipped with carrier-busting bombs that make the carrier fleet obsolete at little or not cost to the developers … compared to the cost of building a carrier task force, that is. (2) Given that these carrier killers have been given to Iran and China, I think the strategic advantage of the modern carrier fleet has been nullified.

Moreover, in February 2007, William Thomas reported that the Chinese caused critical systems aboard Dick Cheney’s plane, returning from Australia, to abort their flight and land in Singapore. There the Chinese military attache told Cheney exactly what had gone wrong. The Chinese showed that they can control American aircraft. (3)

They showed it again when they apparently took over a B52 secretly carrying nuclear bombs secretly to the Middle East to be used to jump-start World War III by bombing Iran. (4)

Around the same time, Thomas reported that the Chinese had placed “designed-to-fail” microchips in all American military motherboards. (5)

DUMBs 22
Workers at a deep underground military bunker excavation. The excavators used have never been released for civilian use.
The minute the systems are put on operational status, the microchips turn off. Think of a few million Trojan horses. Or perhaps Trojans to be exact.

So now add to the obsolete fleet every operational system everywhere – every weapon, every delivery system, every communications system, you name it.

Is there more? Need there be more?

I believe the top echelons of the U.S. Navy are white hats.

As evidence, consider the Navy’s takeover of Northern Command. (6) I suspect Northcom gave the civilian conspirators the military support needed for pulling off 9/11.

Northcom controls NORAD, whose officers sent their planes flying off over Canada on a “training” mission that tragic day of 9/11. That showed the officers to be either the most incompetent in the world or the most corrupt. (The head of NORAD was later promoted for his part in events.)

Take as well the secret space fleet, Solar Warden. (7) The secret what? America has been flying to Mars since the 1970s. NASA is just a distraction.

Solar Warden
TR3-B 27
Aurora TR3-B 27 of the secret space fleet,
 And Solar Warden compared to the galactic ships that hover above the Earth in peace, invisible to us, is equivalent to tin toys and party favors against the real thing, the galactics have told us. (8)

Nonetheless the control of Northern Command, and with it NORAD and Solar Warden, has transitioned to the Navy. (9)

There’s more.

Remember the destruction of the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) in 2011? (10) Those were the hideouts that the cabal intended to use to last out a nuclear winter, once they triggered World War III. Now they have to stay up here with the rest of us. I sincerely doubt they’d choose to do that.
And now the coup de grace. The galactics above this planet for the most peaceful of purposes will not allow a nuclear bomb to be exploded with hostile intent – on this planet or in space. (11) How could the message be brought home more clearly to those in the military who still think world dominance is possible?

Even an underground sea…? Yes.

These matters should reassure us that no military power has the ability today to mount a hostile mission of global consequence anywhere in the world.

Worries of a nuclear World War III are baseless. Despite the environment created by ubiquitous video games and endless war stories and crime dramas on TV, any attempt at creating extensive military conflict no longer has a chance of succeeding or of even getting started.

No possibility exists of martial law or corralling the population in FEMA camps either.

musko-underground 1I suggest that lightworkers who give prominence to disinformation proclaiming that we’re on the verge of a world war are fanning the flames of fear and simply giving comfort to the recalcitrants.

The highest brass, led by the Navy I think, have no desire to operate in a hostile manner. The days of the Masters of the Universe are gone. It just takes someone with a lot of stars on their shoulder to announce it.

Until they do, as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I’ll announce it.

The days of military conquest are over. The reign of peace on this planet has been inaugurated by a cast of thousands of white hats and Earth allies. They risked their lives to defeat a clique of military leaders who were determined to take over the world at any cost and were themselves defeated.

They sought to take it over by false-flag provocations, a propaganda war, weather warfare, manmade pandemics, financial warfare, rigged elections, and other well-planned programs designed to mislead the public and take away its ability to control its leaders.

The recalcitrants are now invited to lay down their arms, put aside their hostile intentions, and join us in the reconstruction of this planet, which has suffered more than all of us combined.

All of us need to put aside the desire for wealth and power and turn to the work together of seeing to the planet that has so patiently borne us. It could have thrown us off in some life-destroying cataclysm. It could have chosen to die as a sentient being and become a cold, lifeless orb like so many out there.

But instead it chose to ask for help, which it received, and patiently began to heal itself and let us know that the time had arrived to turn aside from the ways of hatred and war.

A New Age has dawned and the military has an honored place in it.

Let the military provide the brains and strength to help raise new structures on this planet – not a “new world order” but a new love-drenched society, with peace on Earth and goodwill towards all.

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For additional information on a range of disaster scenarios – that won’t eventuate – see “Ready-Reference Guide: There’s No Need to Fear,” at

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