Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Arcturians: Time And Simplicity

Channeled by Meredith Murphy On 12-16-14

Hello beautiful beings of light.
We greet you in love. Today is an opportunity for you to live as you desire. It’s an invitation. Each moment is an invitation to be free and fulfilled.

Each moment is actually a gift you give to yourself by the choice of your presence here and the calling forth of the energy that is source which is expressing as you and you are here in this world in an abundant place in which to explore your existence. What a beautiful thing. In this immense abundance and this expansive diversity one of the principles that assists you in realizing all that you came here to experience and enjoy is the principle of simplicity.

We want to talk today a little bit about time and a little bit about simplicity and how they work together and how you might utilize the principles of each to ac

hieve a greater realization of your being.

Time does not unfold for the reasons people think or the reasons people may think. Time unfolds for you to specifically and fully relate to yourself.

You experience the unfolding of time so that you might know You more deeply, more fully and by know you we mean the fullness of all you are and we also mean the oneness that is everything. So time unfolds providing you glimpses of the truth of your being in an expanded way allowing you to know this through discreet, refracted experiences of source energy elaborated. This all takes place so you can more fully feel and know and understand and comprehend and enjoy who You really are. Each and every nuance and the uniqueness of each moment gives you a chance to know life and thus You more fully.

Time unfolds so there can be a depth of knowing and in this depth of knowing more love and appreciation can be experienced and generated. As you allow each moment to be known you have the opportunity to experience the perfect and totally unique presence given to you, created by you. In this experience you can discover absolute qualities of experience.

It is in exploring the very specific, relative moments in your embodied earthly life that you touch and discover and feel also the absolute qualities and this is the point of living in the present.

This is the point of relating to time clearly and one of the most liberating experiences of relating to the present moment is with an awareness that the discreet, very specific, precise unique moment presenting is a doorway to absolute freedom.

You find yourself by being present to the complete, specific moment. You find yourself free of all the things that seemed to bother you before or concern you. Instead you are filled with joy because there is so much beauty in life. No matter what your station or where you are focused there is a multidimensional energy presenting to you in each moment. 

The frequency created by your focus allows you to know that moment partially or fully and all degrees of variation in between. On earth the great gift is the immense diversity and thus the incredible opportunities for joyful self-awareness. Getting to know the divine more fully, getting to know you more fully is why you’re here.

Each moment, each insight of recognition of this Oneness in a more expanded way is exhilarating and joyful. This is why creativity is also exhilarating and joyful. This is why sharing is exhilarating and joyful. This is why helping one another is exhilarating and joyful. This is why eating is exhilarating and joyful. This is why everything can be exhilarating and joyful. Tuning yourself for and to joy will help you find your way always. Always.

In these very specific and discreet moments of time you sometimes feel challenged or discouraged. In the challenge or discouragement it is good to encourage yourself. It is good to remind yourself of the absolute, the eternal nature of your being. To orient to that until it pulls you back into balance.

In this awareness you can also remember that you are a blended being having this human experience, having a relative AND an absolute experience. That is the full realization of the awakened New Human.

Dear friends you are creating a mix of these conscious perspectives that is increasingly clear and accurate and balanced.

It is also expanding and concentrating and radiating. What this feels like when you get into that sweet and perfect alignment is brilliant clarity, absolute joy and knowing.

You all have had this alignment; you’ve had moments like this so you know what it’s like. You’re perfectly capable of it and you’re coming into it more and more.

The higher self of you; your aspects expressing in higher frequencies, are informing your life here and you are informing that expression. It’s all happening. It’s all happening. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen. There is flow occurring and instantaneous informing. This is always a positive thing as it provides opportunities for expansion and experiencing more wholeness.

The realization of this experience of wholeness arises more fully as alignment is more full. You learn how to find your alignment by caring about how you feel. That path alone, even if you never woke up, would be a wonderful one. It would and does bring you great joy and it would even allow you to emanate immense light if you simply cared about how you feel.

Caring about how you feel and therefore creating alignment allows you to be with others in a way that is compassionate not critical, grateful not judgmental. In this fulfilled state of being you are encouraging and open, delighted, welcoming and kind. And you’re present in all of these very beautiful ways naturally. Not because you think it’s better, not because you strive to be that way and not because you think it’s right. You present and feel these ways because you see clearly and you are also energetically fulfilled.

Therefore when you find yourself condemning things, anything, or objecting, arguing, criticizing, complaining, these are indicators that you’re off the mark. That you’ve lost your alignment somewhat or even quite a lot. These are indicators of losing the perspective that come with alignment.

It is good when the thoughts or feelings like this arise to just let them be. Don’t take action or speak about them, just let the “dust settle.” In doing this you will gradually re-pattern your response to life so you’re more able to have a softer reaction and eventually a diffused reaction and therefore you will be more able to sustain your experience of wholeness and the awareness of the fullness of you more often.

Listening to your heart is another thing that helps you come into more wholeness. It’s easy to let yourself listen to your heart if you create space to know yourself. Knowing yourself requires listening and listening requires silence.

Hearing your own heart’s desires and living authentically is the way to express yourself fully here.

By being here as you and doing what you want and feeling inspired towards you bring forth more light. To know your soul’s desires requires reflection and contemplation and most of all – creating an openness to your life such that the pace doesn’t drive you to become outwardly focused.

When you are more busy and your life is more full than feels good to you – and for each of you this pacing and fullness will feel different and it will be different at different times – but when you are more busy than feels good to you then you lose touch with the inner current of you and you lose this balance of being a blended being.

Life is much simpler than human beings have tended to make it. As you know it is just about happiness and well-being, awareness and awakening, love and sharing, connecting and creating.
Living simpler is part of creating and realizing this expression of the New Human. It gives you opportunities to be more free and fluid when there is more space in your life. It allows you to have a spaciousness in the material things around you and in your life structure that fosters deep listening to your heart. Simplicity is very helpful.

Each and every moment dear friends is complete. It is rich and it is so able to satisfy you and deeply fulfill you. Each and every moment contains everything you could ever need or ever want. Consider this for a moment!

This is the presence of the absolute, eternal Godhead that is you with you always. The connection to that is always there. It is the flow of your life. It is the reason you are animated here having an experience of being alive. The absolute provides total fulfillment and this is available in every moment. The degree to which you can harvest this has to do with the degree to which you are present. Simplifying your life allows you to reap the benefit from time unfolding more fully.

We invite you today to consider simplicity and this insight about time which you may already have but we are drawing focus to today, as a way of considering a graceful, easy way to feel better and open up to more wholeness.

Let yourself begin this pathway of living as the New Human with a consideration of simplicity in your life.

Allow yourself to feel and know your Godhead by clearing the way of complications and ideas that demonstrate or speak of ways that require effort, elaborate rituals or routines, dropping any ideas that you are somehow not worthy and instead encourage yourself.

Encourage yourself. Practice. Speak warmly with love to yourself. Create space in your life so that you can harvest the immense opportunity of this moment.

We are the Arcturians.

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