Friday, December 12, 2014

Increasing Momentum...

By Sandra Walter On 12-11-14

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The grid merge is anchoring nicely ~ Magnetics are adjusting as expected.

You may feel like it is lift-off time, with sensations of rising like a big balloon (even more so than before).

Hydrate, rest, and center in the stillness; especially those with vagus-vertigo who feel spinny. It is a wavy energy as the magnetics and plates adjust and the 5D 'under-water sensation' is palpable.

We celebrate our 12-12-12 Anniversary; blessings upon those who captured codes and were forever changed on that prestigious day.

Do you see the effect of this sequence of events; the personal revelations of 2014; how the merging of grids calls forth the templates of the Golden Race DNA?

We are about to enter a vivid experience of our multi-dimensionality. Prepared hearts, minds, and vessels walk through these gateways ready to anchor the true Solar Cosmic Christ beingness.

As the Pleiadians shared with us, we are entering a new level of the great unknown. Your Divine teams – those beloved beings who surround you in visions or sit with you at the council tables each night – honor your courage and endurance.

I AM sure many of you witness the divine reflection at that level; the merge of the Masters in 2013, the Galactic Brotherhoods united, the Universal Archetypes revealed, the fractal reflections of our guidance realms in millions embodied upon this planet.

The limits of faith are tested in density. The old light beliefs serve for a flash – thousands of linear years – and are rewritten for new light dynamics. Now we are tested with the Divine merge of Creator-as-Self. Not in theory or dogma, rather in form and en- masse.

Much of the experience of true multi-dimensionality is beyond our comprehension. The glimpses and moments of revelation become more consistent, stronger, and more expansive. The Higher Self steps in, rewrites the old light of Self through DNA, and creates something brand-new.

Many of us see our Higher Selves changing, unifying with Divine aspects, taking on the new templates. Our reality reveals a slowed-down, stepped-down version of 5D, as we experience the merge which occurred this year.

Recognize the unknown, the brand-new experience, as it presents. As the guidance has revealed, the years of practice, adjustments, integration, were minor compared to the true experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ.

Source bless all who have prepared themselves and this planet for the Golden Race. We love you, we bless you, we thank you.

In Love, Light and Service,

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