Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Solstice Opening - Portal Re-Entrance

Channeled by Chloe Hudson On 12-21-14

Dearest our beautiful brethren of light,
You have by now moved through the Winter Solstice Portal Re-opening. We have come through this source today to offer an anchoring vibration. the portal has no doubt left many of you in an extremely powerful yet vulnerable state. 

As your vibration has activated to receive the Christed download and amplification this week, your energetic heart chambers have stretched beyond the usual opening capacity. As we require this opening to be energetically received, we can offer you a tool to filter these vibrations so your person does not experience all frequencies of the illusion on such an extreme and raw level. 

So, if you would please take a moment, close your eyes and repeat after us. Thank you. 

“I, (state your full name) am a divine being and counterpart of the benevolent All That Is. I channel Source Creator from the heavenly realms and allow these frequencies to pour into my vessel and flow through into the body and heart collective matrix of Chi’taia/Gaia/Earth Mother. 

As a benevolent child of love I receive Chi’taia/Gaia’s heart pulse carrier wave. I fill my being up with this love light and offer these frequencies up to the Divine Heavenly Realms via my full uploaded oversoul chakra system. 

I am safe and cared for within my human flesh vessel and I trust that the benevolent beings of guidance and wisdom matrices balance and filter my energetics to all appropriate levels in order to allow a comfortable reality happenstance within and without the humanity consciousness matrix.

While my truth permeates the perceived limitations of my human existence my DNA safely navigates the balance of all energies that flow within and around me for optimal illusion enhancement and the breaking down of untruths as a means to the New World. My person is in Divine Frequency Alignment. 

I surrender to the wave of Christed Vortices Activation pouring into Chi’taia/Gaia’s body now. I give full and unwavering permissions to my Divine Oversouls and all benevolent and Source Creator-aligned Galactics to amplify my frequency carrier waves in accordance with my new soul truths. 

All ascended masters, Angelic brotherhood and Universal Divinations have frequency-merge capabilities to enhance my human vessel and mass consciousness link-up as Source Prime Creator sees/deems fit. This process moves in Divine Frequency Alignment and sacredly strict protection via the sacred heavenly rays of truth and All That Is. I Am That I Am. Blessed Be and So It Is! ”

We wish you and indeed grant you a supremely Christed Mass wave of ever flowing love. Rise up our Galactic Protectors. Receive our blessings and know that the Universe and Kingdoms of Heaven bow to our human brethren through pure honor and gratitude exaltation. Your bliss is our divine mission. Amen. Ishta Ishta. Susti Tanto. Anta Anta. Ashta Phe. (eeshtaw eeshtaw. Soostee Tawntoe. Awntaw awntaw. Awshtaw Fay.)

In love and light, Your Family of Love


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