Monday, December 15, 2014

‘The Council' - Celebrate Yourselves


 Channeled Through Ron Head On 12-13-14

We return today to one of our favorite topics, energy. We hope to give you a slightly different view of what is happening during this vital time.

For some of you this will ring truer than true. May the good Dr. Seuss pardon us. For others it will still remain, for the time being, as something of a desirable possibility. And of course, there are those still who are in denial or are completely unaware as yet of the subject at all.

We are aware that some of you are able to see the energies that we speak of.

Others of you have become very able to feel physically the waves of this as it pours into your bodies and environment. And there are myriad permutations of these abilities. Some are also sensitive to the changes that they observe in their bodies and their surroundings. Some others are once again feeling themselves on some undefined precipice. Something big is happening, but you don’t know what it is.

You have, in the recent past, experienced other such moments, each one energetic in nature, each one easily able to go unobserved by those around you. Yet, to you, as you look back over these last years, each marking stepping stones of change and growth. You will think that you cannot ‘put your finger on it’, as you say. But you know that somehow you are not at all the person you were just short years ago.

Each of these markers has been of increasing intensity and effect. And if you had experienced the last one at the first, you would have had trouble assimilating it into your lives, even if you were at all able to do that. This has all been planned out very well. And you know by now that we will tell you that you were a part of the planning committee.

Now, at the end of this year, you are fast approaching another of those markers. You have noted another unique alignment in your heavens and are calling it a portal, a doorway. Understand that what you observe on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. We say this over and over. Your heavens reflect you as much as you reflect them. All is inseparable. All is one.

What is happening is that you have all, recognized or not, reached a milestone in your evolution of consciousness, this one more intense than those before, just as they were. And now, the effects of your changes are becoming less and less deniable. Certainly they will become obvious to you even if not to all.

There are many groups coming together for meditations at this time, and that is a good thing, of course.

We would like to move into a slightly more light-hearted energy now and, as we have done before, offer you an enjoyable image to hold as you think about what you are doing.

You have what you call thrill rides. On some of those rides your carriage gets pulled for a short distance as it reaches the summit, in preparation for the plunge that brings your stomachs up into your throats. There is that slow click, click, click and you know what is coming. The slightest of pauses… and then…

Well, get ready because that is where you are now, even though you may only see it in hindsight.
This has been, from your perspective, a long, slow process. We offer our deepest and most sincere congratulations on your perseverance and dedication. Celebrate yourselves.
Good day.

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