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‘The Collective’ - A Message To Lightworkers

Via Caroline Oceana Ryan On 12-19-14

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective.

Greetings! We are glad to have the chance to speak with you again today, for much is happening, and much is unfolding, not only in the outer world, but in your own individual lives, at a new and unprecedented rate of change and evolvement.

You will increasingly see in your world now, new accusations and increasing proof of criminal activities on the part of many.

Some have been part of your governing systems, others your educational, medical, religious or other social systems.

Some have purported to be leaders of what has been termed the New Age movement, and have been found out as frauds, false channels/prophets, and teachers of darkness, not of the Light.

As these new revelations emerge—and there will be many more than those you have seen, and many you are not yet aware of, still coming to light—be aware that it is not a sign of “all we have known” dissolving, but only that which is false dissolving.

That which is truth, that which is real and honest and deserving of your trust and investment of your belief, time, money and efforts, will not be dissolving.

It will be transforming, but that is another matter entirely.  

You are seeing now the groundwork being laid for the forms of governance and even the forms of self-identity for your human race, to be built upon a foundation of clarity, honesty, belief in Oneness, and a realization of your place in the galaxy, as an intergalactic citizenry.

Yes, there are many saying this, as we have said it, and many more shall say it. You have perhaps for some years now been reading the “news” of impending intergalactic participation for the human race. You may be feeling impatient for those changes that herald the new beginning you have dreamt of.

Understand that you need not wait for anything. You may join fifth-dimensional living at any time.

Your Earth is there, and you are also increasingly there, moving in layers and increments, though you may not recognize it yet.

Your consciousness is raising, shifting and re-forming itself daily (and nightly) through a series of shifts, lessons and a sort of energetic language-learning that your entire bodily system, as well as your mental, emotional and etheric bodies, are all undergoing.

There is no wrong turn now, no way that you will not ascend. Nor need you worry about issues such as “implants” and evil archons that you may believe are dogging your efforts and slowing humankind’s progression.

That is impossible.

This path was established eons ago, and foretold by astrological experts and soothsayers even in ancient times. Nothing can turn you away from this path, and you need no special or financially expensive “cure” to follow it.

It does require your daily meditation time, in which you ask your guides and etheric mentors for their guidance, wisdom and aid in the daily chores and challenges you face, as well as in the Ascension challenges.

And yet, do you notice a shift in your quality of living as of late?

Do you feel the shift in the air, toward a more positive tone, a sense that a great thing is about to be accomplished, which will radically shift all life on the planet toward a greater level of peace and prosperity than it has ever known?

Understand that if you are experiencing this, that it is not your imagination. If you are not yet feeling this lift in energies and awareness, fear not. You soon shall, and with it the accompanying sense that life need not be a struggle, that the past need not cling to you, draining you of your ability to enjoy the present. That whatever physical, emotional, social or financial worries you now bear up under, they will be dissolving in ways you cannot now imagine.

And so we beg you, as you begin to wind down this amazing year of 2014, and look forward to an even greater year of unprecedented change and shift toward the Light, that you pause and reflect and thank the Universe, thank your guides, angels and Divine Self, for all they have done.

Thank your human consciousness for reaching every day steadily toward the Light that is guiding you Home.

See and feel that you are Ascending, great masters, and that nothing can take this from you.

Namaste! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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