Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Saul: The Light Of Heavenly Dawn Is Brightening The Sky

Channeled by John Smallman On 12-7-14

SaulMe: Good evening dear Saul. Thanks for your last message. I have just finished reading Elie Wiesel’s book “And the Sea is Never Full,” the second of his autobiographical ones, it has left me feeling rather drained and tired. Can you give me a hug, a loving energy replacement boost so that we can commune? That is if you are presently free to commune. Thank you.

Saul: Good evening John, of course we can commune. I’m always available, in fact all of us in the spiritual realms, the non-human realms are ALWAYS available to answer your calls, the calls of any human who chooses to address us, any time and in any language. We are here for you all, always, just call.

Me: Dear Saul, Thank You. You and Jesus keep telling me this, and still I doubt, and I keep needing reconfirmation. So again, Thank You.

Saul: John you are most welcome. Relax a moment then we can start.

Humanity is getting the message: Whatever the question Love is the only answer.

Many are gathering together all over the world to put this message into action on an enormous scale by intending to be loving in every moment. And that intent has become extremely powerful and will continue to grow because it is the collective will of humanity. Nothing can resist it, because once Love is recognized, as It has been, Its loving embrace is utterly irresistible.

Of course the mainstream news channels are not reporting on it because for them news is that which is disastrous or catastrophic, and they prefer to gloat over the scandalous revelations about public figures than to report the news that would inspire and uplift you. 

Instead they choose anything that they think will strengthen your beliefs that the world is a very dangerous place in which government controlled military and security forces of all kinds must be maintained and expanded for your safety, even though history has proved time and time again that military solutions always lead to further suffering and never to the solutions that humanity seeks. So, finally, humanity is turning to the only solution, the One that has always been available, and that is cause for rejoicing.

Jesus taught Love by demonstrating It constantly. Others have done so since then, and finally It is catching on! That is cause for celebration, so celebrate instead of buying into the doom and gloom that those who have controlled humanity for so long wish you to focus your full attention on in order that that you remain in fear, thus allowing them to continue their stranglehold on power and influence. Humanity has seen through the scam that politicians would have you believe is the truth: “You need us to to work for you by providing a government that truly looks out for you and protects your best interests.” The end of their enormously egoic and grandiose parade is approaching rapidly despite their best efforts to prevent it.

They have always been out of touch with the people – those who elected them and who have supported them, or on whom thy have forcibly imposed themselves – because their interests and agendas have always lain elsewhere, namely in their unending quest for personal, unfettered, and lifelong power. That truth, which they have alwaysdenied, can no longer be adequately disguised. Their reputations lie around them in ruins, and yet they continue to proclaim their probity.

Continue to hold your Light on high, it is extremely effective, as the human collective continues to expand its dance with Love. Love is a dance because It is the energy of creation, constantly in motion to the harmonious “Music of the Spheres.” Some of you already hear that music in your meditations or as composers, more are hearing it every day and being greatly uplifted and inspired by these heavenly sounds. So sing along and further intensify this heavenly energy as you make yourselves consciously aware of it.

Heaven is your eternal Home, and within It music and dance help to characterize Its divine wonders in myriad displays of fantastic virtuosity. On Earth, within the illusion, music comforts and inspires you, lifts you up when you feel down, and enables you to experience an emotional state that helps you release the stresses and strains of daily life. In Heaven it is . . . well, heavenly, joyful beyond the bounds of anything you have ever heard, it brings you to rapturous ecstasy as you take your part in expressing it for the delight of all. The joys of Heaven are awaiting your inevitable awakening with enthusiastic anticipation as that moment draws ever closer.

The Light of heavenly dawn is brightening the sky which for so long has been dark and sombre, clouded and overcast under the deep gloom of humanity’s intense suffering. The illusion is an environment of separation, of abandonment, of terror, that you built unthinkingly and hence unwisely, to provide a place in which to play games that have been driving you insane. Now you have chosen to arise from that state of insanity, to awaken from the nightmare whose terrors lately seem to have intensified for many. That intensity is caused by their moving fiercely into your awareness giving you no option but to acknowledge them.

Acknowledgement of them is all that is necessary, then let them pass. To engage with them is a distraction which delays your awakening unnecessarily, it is to submerge yourselves once more into the depths of the illusion which your loving intentions are dissolving. It is like a conflict of interests, but such conflicts need not occur, and will not occur if you will just open your hearts to the field of divine Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of It.

You will accept It because It is the Reality that dissolves all that is not in alignment with It, and, of course, there is nothing that is not in alignment with It, because Reality is All that exists. You can choose to remain attached to the nightmare indefinitely, but not eternally because it is temporary, it is decaying, and it will be dissolved. Yes, it is familiar, painfully familiar, but it offers you nothing of value, so let it go and awaken into the joy that God has prepared for your eternal happiness.

To delay the gratification that your return to Reality provides makes absolutely no sense whatever. So release your hold on the illusion, on the unloving nightmare that seems to have ensnared you in its myriad tentacles, and it will fall away as you rise up free and victorious.

With so very much love, Saul.


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