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The Unified Field Of Divine Love

The Big Ascension Picture gets sharper and clearer with each passing Moment of NOW. This long message is of Truth and will reward the mindful reader with many gems to ponder.   
DT the ET

Channelled Via Anrita Melchizedek On 12-16-14

A Channeling by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek
It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as we tell you more about this Unified Field of Divine Love, also called the Crystalline Grid of One Unity Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness Grid. This Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love surrounds you and all Life through the geometric, holographic, sonic and fractal matrix of Light flowing through and within this multiverse and connects within you as these “Flames of Divine Love”.

We call you these “Flames of Divine Love” for this is indeed what you truly are, as God’s ambassadors and caretakers to Mother Earth and all her Life.This Unity Grid of Light, this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness was synthetically recreated approximately thirteen thousand years ago by the Ascended Masters and Christed ET’s assisting in that timeline in the ascension of Mother Earth following the destruction of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane.

In order to align the One Unity Consciousness throughout and within your Earth plane, these Beings of Light went to the original One Unity Consciousness Portal in the Land of Khem, later to be called Egypt, and through this original vortex in the Giza Plateau, they reconstructed the One Unity Consciousness portal working with the sacred geometry of ten Golden Mean spirals which emerged from this vortex.

This synthetic Crystalline Matrix of Light served to connect all Life into the realms of Illumined Truth and beyond the many portals of darkness. This served as a Beacon of Light, a Cosmic Map into the higher dimensions, until such a time as the Light on this earth plane could be amplified to a level where the Unified Grid of Divine Love could be sustained through the Patterns of Perfection and Divine Light of Mother/Father God.

Progress was slow and, unfortunately at that time, cosmic evil was able to further amplify its frequencies of darkness through the magnetic grid around the Earth plane, and all Light amplifications from the Spiritual Hierarchy were distorted through this negative frequency, causing further lower frequencies of distorted patterns to emerge in order to be transmuted.

As a result, the Spiritual Hierarchy, in their compassion, decided to more slowly activate this synthetic Christ Consciousness grid. In addition, many portals of Light around the Earth plane had to be closed at this time. However, there were still a certain number of Ascended Masters left on this Earth plane, who were given the task of assisting in the Light anchorings through the recreation of energy portals and sacred sites, and particularly through the initial creation of an energy portal in Egypt, which would activate all other Light Portals around the Earth plane, and be appropriate to the consciousness of Humanity at any given “Now” moment in time.

By the Grace of God, through the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, this Unified Field of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love was activated to a level where all Life could experience their Highest Potential as these Master Beings of Light and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love as the level of Light on this earth plane expanded exponentially to match many of the harmonic frequencies from On High. Furthermore, through these many unprecedented activities of Light, you started to reflect the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the Christ Consciousness grid within your own energy bodies.

Additionally, through this sacred geometry, you hold within your subconscious the thought forms and patterns of every atom and molecule on this Earth plane, animate or inanimate. In other words, you hold the collective unconscious of the entire Planet! Furthermore, your DNA is related to the platonic solids, specifically the dual relationship between the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and hence, you are able to etherically integrate your original Divine DNA encodings.

This relationship between the icosahedron and the dodecahedron was the basis of the Christ Consciousness grid around your Earth plane. A new sacred geometric shape was activated from 1992, that which we call the *double penta-dodecahedron*, reflecting the 144 facets of Christ Consciousness and the 144 000 components of One Unity Consciousness for this multi-universe.

In 104 000 B.C., through the collective signature of One Unity Consciousness from the Cosmic Heart and Divine Flame of Eternal Light of Mother/Father God, a call was put out across all dimensions and Galaxies requesting 144 000 Light Beings to physically embody onto Earth, and to anchor these frequencies of the Law of One through the three-fold flame and heart center of every atom and molecule on this Earth plane, within the Cosmic Law of Free Will.

These 144 000 Beings of Light stepped down their vibration to take on earthly form and many of you were part of this core group, or the second or third wave of this core group, who chose to be of service to Mother Earth and all her Life. The importance of this in this Now is that you are again at the point of ascending collectively and taking on this mantle of leadership as these Flames of Divine Love amplified and experienced through the keycodes of Light and sacred geometries within the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love holding these vibrations of Christ Consciousness. Furthermore,  at zero point, Jesus the Christ was birthed, and embodied the 144 000 within One.

This amazing Divine event which was Overlighted by the entire Company of Heaven, allowed the rebirth of the Christed Consciousness of Humanity to be experienced at a Higher Light level.Through this Divine Dispensation, it has been decreed that when 144 000 Master Beings of Love and Light ascend to their Highest Potential simultaneously, each atom and molecule on this Earth plane will ascend to their next level of enlightenment and this entire Earth plane and your Solar System will again be embraced into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God for all eternity.

This time is Now, sweet Ambassadors. As you entered through the 11:11:11 Portal of Light, you were able to truly become these Flames of Divine Love and actualize the Patterns of Perfection for all Life on this earth plane through the new DNA encodings of Light activated at this time. For the year of 2011 was that of Divine Love, of the Divine Feminine archetype, insomuch as 2012 is about One Unity Consciousness and empowerment through the Divine Masculine archetype.Sacred geometry is the language of light and fabric of creation that amplifies the energy of this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness and as such, this Unity Grid of Light contains within it the sacred geometric patterns of all creation.

And indeed, this Crystalline Matrix is further being activated at a cellular level within your bodies as you take on these crystalline frequencies and the cellular components within your bodies change from carbon based into silicon based vibrating portals and stargates of Divine Love. You are a nodal point within this vibrating, invisible latticework of Divine Love and it is simple to attune yourselves to these frequencies.

While you may have a knowing of the essence of yourselves as these sacred Master Beings, living this requires a level of cosmic consciousness awareness and the ability through vibrational attunement to experience Divine Love. It is a sense of feeling this within yourselves through this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love that is within you and around you. You become these Flames of Divine Love through your loving thoughts and actions, and the experience of mindfulness in such as way that it takes you out of your old patterning and conditioning.

One of the ways to do this is to let go of your perceived disappointments of how you would have liked things to have been, into appreciation of what you have and the joy that comes from being in this Now moment; of letting go of the victim and persecutor consciousness, of letting go of those old false beliefs and judgments that create an oscillation of the emotional and mental bodies into this polarity of the earth plane.

For indeed this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love lifts you into the higher dimensional frequencies where you are connected to the Legions upon Legions of Light, to your multidimensional Selves, to all these Beings of Light from On High assisting in the ascension of this earth, as well as to Nature Intelligence and all Life.

Mother Earth, through this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love is already ascending into the New Earth matrix, and you are ascending as well.  There is indeed still a pull through the polarities of this earth plane, these human mis-creations that have been played out for eons upon eons and have created these old memories at a cellular level within the body, genetically inherited, carried through from past lives and parallel realities and also perpetuated and played out in this lifetime from a karmic perspective. Now it requires a level of commitment, of discipline, of will and empowerment, to experience a deeper level of the essence of the Divine Love that you are as these Flames of Divine Love, so you may truly experience the preciousness and magnificence of your Selves.

It requires a commitment to experiencing yourselves as Divine Love; it requires you to experience the magic in your lives without disillusionment, without negativity, without despair, without anger and blame and shame. You can lift yourselves into the glorious magnificence and preciousness of yourselves as these Flames of Divine Love simply through connecting into this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love.

As the 12:12:12 portal is experienced, you have the opportunity to take on these transfiguring keycodes of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousnesss and of activating the now dormant DNA codes within the body to a level that would truly allow you to experience Self Mastery. With this comes a greater understanding of yourselves as wayshowers and leaders and teachers in this new Golden Age; in this transforming New Earth, lifting all Life in vibrational harmonic frequency into this essence of Divine Love.

The keycodes within the Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love are both personal and planetary in nature. How you can personally work with this Crystalline Grid of Divine Love is by sending Love and healing to others as well as healing yourselves. You can access these keycodes of Divine Love in such a way to experience personal and planetary transformation. You can lift the world into Unity Consciousness by affecting and creating change in your reality, and further develop your own gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.

Additionally, you can communicate more easily with the Beings of Light from On High through these stargates and portals of light that exist within and around the Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love through linking into these sacred sites, vortices and Crystalline Cities of Light, and linking into the hearts and minds of all Life in One Unity Consciousness through the collective consciousness of all Life. All the lessons that you experience in this Now can be based on Love.

It is no longer necessary to perpetuate these karmic patterns and old soul contracts in which you chose to experience your lessons in shame, in pain, in betrayal, in anger and guilt and loss, although this is indeed how you have learned best for eons of time. However, these old karmic contracts are coming to an end unless you still consider this is how you learn best.

The new soul contracts are based on this essence of Divine Love, of connecting through your hearts as these Flames of Divine Love, being able to magnetize and bring into your reality those of an equal or greater level of Divine Love that you can experience these lessons with, in compassion, in Love. You can truly work with these issues from a place that is sacred and safe and know that all these pathways that exist before you are based on Love. Nothing bad is going to happen to you and the majority of those on this earth plane are going to ascend too with this New Earth.

However, it is a time for those of you holding the keycodes (starcodes) to what we call the “I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light” (which connects through the energy of your I Am Presence as you build the Adam Kadmon Body of Light, your perfected etheric Blueprint of Divine Love and vibrating Body of Light) to be able to assist others as you stand more steadfast in the Light. You are able to geographically affect and create change within your reality and your environment and how incredible is that!.

If you remember that your reality is simply a reflection of where you are and what you are working with, you are able to shift this, simply through shifting your frequency into this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love. You are then able to use the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the energetic frequencies of Light spiraling forth onto this planet to connect to others energetically, to assist in the healing of others in this planet, to assist in the unification of all Life through embracing all Life, and letting go of the sense of perceived separation of “them and us”. All Life is Divinely equal and it is simply the levels of cosmic consciousness awareness that differs from individual to individual

While this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love holds these keycodes of potentiality for all Life, it is to experience this within your everyday life that will make and create the changes that you desire. This is being streamlined through the energetic vibrations held within the collective Christ Consciousness and amplified at this time to bring a greater level of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness onto this Earthplane. Further to this, you are also experiencing the spiraling vortices of the super-electron, activating the dormant DNA as you become both the receiver and transmitter of Divine Light.

Additionally, through the Spiritual Microtron (which is able to split the sub-atomic particles in the body into smaller sub-atomic particles and spin these sub-atomic particles within the body beyond the speed of common light) you are taking on your invisible garments of Light, cloaked in the radiance, illumination and Divine Love of Mother/Father God. Furthermore, as you move beyond 2012 you are experiencing more the Photonic Rays of Light, spinning the electron-positron pairs within the body in increased frequencies of light and clearing many of these karmic patterns and shadows.

So, you are experiencing this incredible Cosmic roller coaster ride;  Earth changes are upon you, as tectonic plates shift, as the earth’s axis shifts incrementally, as you further experience the Solar Flares affecting the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth and your own electromagnetic fields and lifting you into Solar Christ Consciousness.

Through the convergence of all these celestial activities of Light, electromagnetic and magnetic shifts, in this Now moment  you are working not only with holding yourself steadfast in the greatest frequency of Light that you have ever experienced in physical form in this lifetime as these Flames of Divine Love, but your are further working with all those shadow aspects of yourselves and the increased shadows of all humanity that are coming up to be cleared and healed, integrated, transmuted and loved unconditionally so you may truly experience yourselves within this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.

Take a moment now to visualize yourselves in this Matrix of Divine Love through the Unity Grid of Light. See that you are connected now to your soul and star families of the Light,  you are connected to the Light Workers, wayshowers and starseeded ones holding this focus through this Holographic Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love for all Life on this earth plane.

As you initially merge now with your I AM Presence, the Highest Light of Who You Are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, take on these keycodes of light of your Highest Potential as this Flame of Divine Love as you further activate the I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light. Take on your personal keycodes now that will take you into a deeper level of service and joy and Love.

As you are connected to these Legions upon Legions of Light, you take on the Planetary keycodes of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness through this Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness. These keycodes being activated now will allow all Life to experience One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love within the Cosmic Law of Free Will. Within this crystalline energetic matrix of One Unity Consciousness, you send your Divine Love as you surround this earth plane and all her Life in this Golden Flame of Divine Love.

This is now amplified through a magnificent Diamond Flame of Light brought through from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. And now just direct this beautiful Golden Flame of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness and Diamond Flame of Light to the particular places on this earth plane that you consider need this most at this time.

Now extend this Golden Flame and Diamond Flame of Divine Love deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth as you connect into these crystal frequencies, as you activate the crystalline frequencies within the cellular structures of your own bodies. As the dormant DNA is activated, it brings through these multidimensional realities in these streams of consciousness of your Highest Potential as these sacred Master Beings, as these Flames of Divine Love.

Keep alive this connection to the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, feel her support and Love and feel the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love within and around you, as you now repeat to yourself: “I am a Flame of Divine Love in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. I am a custodian and gatekeeper assisting and affecting change on this earth plane. The reality reflected to me is that of Divine Love, as I open my heart to receiving all that I am as this precious Master Being of Love and Light”

Wonderful. Again surround yourself in this beautiful Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness, and now this Diamond Flame of Light as you experience the Cosmic embrace of Mother/Father God, amplified through the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.

This grid of Divine Love allows you to experience the knowing of All That You Are as these sacred Master Beings and Flames of Divine Love. Know this to be your reality, know this to be your truth and know the importance of your individual puzzle piece as part of this collective harmonic and Cosmic Convergence of Unity Consciousness. For as you experience 2012 and beyond, truly you will experience this New Earth in all her magnificence through Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness. The Cosmic Gateways of Light into the higher dimensions are opening for you as these transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, co-creating Heaven on Earth.

We thank you for your service to Mother Earth and all her Life, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.

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