Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Foundations


Channelled By Anarchistbanjo On 12-26-14

Visualize a gigantic ying/yang wheel and see it beginning to turn. Symbolically this is what has happened these few days since the solstice. This giant yin/yang wheel is Gaia herself and she has finally united her own male/female aspects in love and joy. This is a process that is just in the early stages of movement, but the first thing she has done is thrown off all energies that are not in male/female balance. Now these balanced energies begin to spin and to create and to move us from where we now find ourselves to our true places within the universe. Those of us that are linked to Gaia will take this journey with her.

The energies of this solstice have not been like the energies of any previous solstice. Prior to this spiritual light came into this world from the galactic center during the solstice and this spiritual light was not balanced male/female but almost pure male energy that was to merge with the almost pure female energy of Gaia and all living things. This time the mixed male/female energy comes from the heart of Gaia herself as it bursts forth from her very core and embraces all living things. This is a very different energy following a very different pathway.

The astral fiercely resists change, but once something new snaps into place that new creation, that new energy pathway is just as fiercely protected. When you think back over the past six months or so and remember being pulled first one way and then the other way realize that one set of energy pathways was snapping apart for good and another set of energy pathways was snapping together permanently.We are now to see the results of this final snapping together.We are now to experience the great awakening!

The old ways were firmly embedded within the astral planes and within our very bodies. We have been releasing these threads, these cords one by one over a long period of time. And now, at this solstice this new giant yin/yang wheel has broken free of the last restraints and through the momentum of its turning will gradually pull everything else free along with it over this coming year.

Each great cycle begins at the lowest of the earth energies and this giant yin/yang symbol represents the lowest “vital life force energy” or male/female sexual energy and for the first time this energy is in perfect balance. It is Gaia that supports this balance and keeps it now, not individuals.Individuals have helped anchor this balanced energy, but now Gaia herself takes up the cause and adds her own immense love and joy to this creation of a new and joyous world.

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