Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Return Of The Dream-Time Frequencies

Channelled By Ute Posegga-Rudel On 12-5-14

BELOVED FRIENDS! If you are worrying about seeming declining times, do not! It is about the last climax of the battle that has already been won by the Conscious Light and by our own Divine Nature!

The powerful times of Dreaming have returned to this world. They surround us as thick and warm frequencies, soft, deep and with the quality of infinity and peace and we need to recognize them in the hidden space of the Heart. What we find outside is a reflection of what is inside of us.

These frequencies are but mirrors from within humanity’s true Heart of being-ness, silence and endless expansion of Consciousness. They remove the veil of separateness and confinement. They reveal our true Divine Nature, in which all things arise.

Within It there are the wondrous sounds and movements of Nature, arising in the Stillness of Eternity.
Gaia is the answer, guide and realm to Know, as She is Us as Earth Humans. Seek Her sacred Nature, beloved friends, dropping all concerns, dropping the thinking mind and what it perceives and tends to suffer.  FEEL – free of emotions.

Allow your roots in Her ground and to expand your aura horizontally and vertically. Listen with your unseen ears and look with your unseen eyes. Turn on your inner senses that are not bound and programmed by the illusionary limitations of the 3dimensional matrix, and are always infinitely free to explore and know the Unknown. The Unknown reveals Itself to the observer who does not judge, but perceives in innocence what is constantly arising.

Are birds chirping? Is the wind blowing, are the trees Standing in and as the silent Presence of All, showing you the Deep of Reality? In it – even otherwise unpleasant noise – is just a sign of the Living One, expressing Itself.

Now is the time to collectively rediscover the Mystery of the One Life, Lived by the Great Living One. The old fragmented world does not exist but in the memory of the repeating mind. Now we can bypass it for good when we open up to what has arrived to here, the frequencies of Dreaming which is the primordial domain of creation.

We are free, and always have been, but forgot, to dive deep into True Reality of Existence and recognize our Divine Roots that are our heritage. Now it is being returned to us. Happiness!

We all are now being given  the Divine Substance to begin a new world, to withdraw our attention from the old world in any minute we can afford.

We are to grow this Divine Substance stronger within our Feeling Awareness in which our new creations can start to manifest.

We do this with Joy and Gratitude and Great Certainty! We have but to remember these true human qualities – and trust in ourselves.

If you cannot feel it yet, be assured that it is here, to all our Delight, waiting to be rediscovered by you as you exercise Faith and transcend the old world and your mindset that has been programmed to nurture its illusions.

Perhaps your mind is still (or again) being captured in the artificial framing of the matrix. But trust yourself with patience and with self-love, and with forgiveness of self and others, that you can release what is not You.

We are all able to re-assume our own Native Divine State, step by step. With Love, all doors suddenly open; and we are purified and relieved of the artificial self that is not Us.

In that moment we can feel and see what has always been here and is being returned to our collective awareness beyond time and space.

Our reawakening as Dreamers is time- and space-less. It happens in the Zero-Point-Field, in the Sacred Space of Dreaming that is the Cradle and Birthplace of Truth. And all things occur in It as non-different from Us. Because We Are It All.

In lak’ech,
With Love,

Ute Posegga-Rudel, © 2014. All rights reserved.
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