Thursday, June 4, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-4-20

 It Takes A Gemini To

Restore A Republic

Stephanie leads us off with the Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Eco Astrology Report:

Patriots are dismantling the [DS] insurgency army, one subgroup at a time; Git Sum:

The 'America' referred to in this article is the [DS] rogue intel community we're now Exorcising: 

The back-burner Corona Baloney bulletins for today; let's start with Jon Rappopor's riot Rap:

Yes, the thinly disguised Death Cult is surfacing everywhere; eyes open & git yer Armor of God ON:

Git yer Lenny Bruce inspired foul-mouthed righteous rant on the Ongoing Follies; best heard Stoned:

Lastly, a PSA from SISTAR SANDRA without delay; you can't tell the players w/out a Program: 

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