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Archangel Gabriel: The Quality Of Love Known As Liberty


Via Marlene Swetlishoff On 12-11-15

Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as liberty.

Liberty is one of the greatest blessings that humanity can have in this world. Liberty is the freedom from all the illusions and glamour that beset the Earth.

Liberty is acting in such a way as to take control of one’s life to realize one’s fundamental purposes.

Liberty entails that one be self-determined and able to control their destiny in humanitarian interest. It means one is capable of self-direction and taking moral action and responsibility for what one does.

One understands the concept that their life is what they make it and that they are free to live and act rightly. All their actions are tempered with self-restraint because they know that their personal liberty must also give the same right of liberty to others.

The liberated individual is one who develops, determines and changes their own desires and interests autonomously from within in personal self-realization. They know that every soul has the right to determine their own path and their own unique destiny.

They realize that the Creator is the ultimate authority of their life and do not allow others to control them. They are at liberty to experience their life in any way that they choose, allowing others the same respect. They courageously reclaim their remembrance of divinity and experience the tranquil enjoyment of their liberty and equality with all others.

When one experiences liberty within, they know that they are the authority of their own life and that they have the right to create their life experiences according to their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs. In turn, the universe will provide them with the experiences they have claimed.

They choose to experience the truth of their being as Spirit manifesting through the physical body and utilize this power to create a life of joy, harmony and fulfillment. They have the liberty to consciously engage the powers of desire and will to bring about their desired outcomes. They see that they are a being that is infinitely worthy and beautiful and that the light of the divine shines within their physical vehicle.

They know they are meant to live large, gifting the world with their magnificent presence and loving nature. They have the ability to connect to their internal power, wholeness, and liberty. They maintain a balance within themselves and choose to live consciously, knowing their own values and beliefs in life. They are creating a divine life that pleases them and that reflects who they are on an inner soul level.

They choose to let go of activities and commitments that drain them more than they fulfill them. They clear their calendar and their closets. They throw or give away everything that doesn’t reflect who they are. This prepares them to be open and ready when new opportunities in love of life are presented to them.

They feel a stronger sense of their purpose and destiny and want to bring that truth into the world through their new beginning. As they free themselves from the forces that have been draining them of their power, they learn to do what is right for them. They are empowered to live their life in a way that is far greater than they ever imagined it could be. They have set themselves on the path of spiritual truth, love and happiness.

They take responsibility and become active participants in manifesting balance and harmony in their own physical lives and achieve spiritual liberation. They understand that by changing their state of consciousness through self discipline, it has an uplifting effect on the universal consciousness. They gain the liberty to see the whole picture of their life and their world.

As they open themselves to the guidance of the divine within them, they begin to master the art of spiritual liberty through their alignment with the pure energy of the Creator’s love. The spiritual gifts that they have to offer the world are utilized and their creativity begins to flow outwards with great abundance. They see that everything that happens around them is a reflection of their own state of consciousness and is a gift that shows them the lessons they have come to Earth to learn.

They practice the cultivation of their garden of life in each moment with conscious attention. The qualities of gratitude, grace, purity and divine love begin to blossom in their daily lives and manifest in their experiences. Through the mastering of matter by their divine spirit, the emergence of their human authority is liberated. When they align all aspects of consciousness with the vibration and frequency of self-love, they open up their capacity to attract their results effortlessly.

In a spiritual sense, their liberty is the divine that lives and moves within them. Liberty is the living influence that humankind possesses which molds and shapes their world through the power of their choices and the freedom they have to speak and act within certain limits.

Liberty is a natural process that unfolds through each individual. It provides the reward of graceful inner peace and lasting harmony. By opening oneself to liberty and consciously participating in what it wants to awaken and resolve within them, one can move through their own spiritual journey with ease and comfort.

As each individual consciously awakens, they can gracefully participate in the liberation process and create lasting results in both essence and form. When one liberates self, they achieve abiding inner peace and they access the power of creation which expands into their full potential. They are awake and present in each moment and consciously evolving. They are exploring their life and its wondrous opportunities to the fullest.

The spirit within each individual can free itself from the human limitations imposed upon it. The spirit of each individual develops and refines its physical vehicle to its maximum potential. This liberates the human spirit allowing it full expression in a manner of one’s own choosing and reaches ever higher levels of spiritual freedom.

May you experience liberty as life’s goodness in the realisation of all your potential.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

© 2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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