Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Arcturians: Flashpoint To Lightbody

Transcript Of The Arcturians 

On An Hour With An Angel Show, 12-7-15

Channel for the Arcturians: Dr. Suzanne Lie 
Host, InLight Radio: Steve Beckow 

Steve: We said toward the end of the last program that we wanted to continue the discussion perhaps getting into this elusive concept of timelines. I don’t know that anybody can explain to me very simply about timelines. So I’d be looking to the Arcturians to perhaps explain that to us.

Arcturians: Earthlings, we are the Arcturians and we are happy to speak with you again, Steve.

SB: Thank you for coming. I was hoping that you could make this whole topic of timelines very simple and clear, because, people are writing in and asking me “What timeline am I going on?” and, “What about my children, are they coming on my timeline?”  I don’t understand timelines at all. So, could you help us please?

ARC: Yes. Let us begin by the fact that the main timeline is, of course, a third-dimensional concept. Because as you move into the fifth dimension, there is no time, there is only now. It’s a third, fourth dimensional concept. It is activated now, because when you flow into the fifth dimension, it would be much like diving into an ocean. And, once you dive into this ocean, all of your lives are continually bound to each other via the waters through which they are flowing. Now, of course, the thing is, when you are above the ocean, all lives are tied to each other via the air that they are breathing.

However, in your third, fourth dimensional perceptions, you cannot perceive the frequency of the air molecules that are binding you into oneness. Whereas, when you are under the water, which has more density than the air or the sky, then you can see that there is an element that is connecting every living being in the oneness of the element of water.

Now the element of sky is connecting everyone outside of the water, but people cannot perceive that concept as easily as they can when it is water.

SB: Hah! Well, what is the impact of timeliness on all of us who are ascending? How it will show up in our lives that we’ll see it?

ARC: Well, this is, of course, a very vast question. So, we will categorize it for the sake of the third dimensional, fourth dimensional thinking. There are timelines on the third dimension, which are different from the timelines on the fourth dimension, which are different from the timelines – which would never be called a timeline – on the fifth dimension. Do you understand what we are saying?

SB: Yes, so far.

ARC: So, we will start with the third dimension. And, on the third dimension, as you know, every reality is a living reality by the interconnection of the members of that reality. So within Earth, there are many different realities. There is the reality of the people who are awakened, and know that the world is multi dimensional and know that there is a huge shift that is occurring; all the way down that information scale to the people that are only knowing, “If I could just get enough dinner my family won’t starve.”

So, out of those are different versions of reality, different frequencies of reality. So, when you think of it in a third dimensional manner, these frequencies are still realities, that appear to be separate, because third dimensional perception separates things.

ARC: Now, let’s talk in terms of timeline on the third dimension, from the beginning of Earth to when she has completed her journey through the third, fourth dimensions and so on. There are many timelines. There is ancient Greece. There is ancient Egypt. There is modern United States. All of these “timelines” are usually – we say usually – not always identifiable by whatever civilization is peak within that “now.”

SB: Okay.

ARC: Or it could be is in deep fog, such as the timeline of the Black Plague. That timeline, if in the physical world, is held together by a common experience that made people all stay within the same “time.” So therefore, it is called a timeline. And, it’s called a timeline because something like Egypt was, what you might say, a long timeline. Whereas, if you were to look at the United States official timeline, it’s still a very baby reality.

So, the reason why it’s called a timeline is that it has a beginning point and an ending point, which makes it very third dimensional. Because it is in the third dimension, in the reality in which people think in terms of beginnings and endings. They have to have a separation. If it began, it would be like a birth. And so, whatever made it begin is not part of that timeline, so to speak. And then it ended. And what happened afterwards is not considered.

But, if you go into the fourth dimension, all that led up to it and then all that ended after it, would be a component of that timeline, because the fourth dimension is more ‘all encompassing.’ It is a higher brain wave. It is a higher frequency of reality. And it is a reality in which most people visit via their dreams and meditations when they are in a higher state of consciousness.

So, the perception of the timeline is really the result of the state of consciousness of the one who is perceiving it.

SB: Okay. Many people, when they think about timelines, think, “I am about to go off down this road and my spouse is about to go down that road, called timeline.  Mine is timeline A, his is timeline B. Is he going to disappear? Because he’s on a different timeline, will I stop seeing him in my reality?” Can you discuss that perception or thought, please?

ARC: Well, again, it is about your state of consciousness. If your state of consciousness is third dimensional, and a couple decides to go their different ways, then they can perceive that as a separation. But, if you think of it as multi dimensional: many of the beings on our starships, fifth dimension and beyond that are not living under these constraints of time, they might go on separate missions, where one would go take a body on the Earth and the other would stay on the starship.

Now the one who took the body on the Earth is bound by time, except because they have such a high state of consciousness, they could be in continual communication with their mate on the starship.

And, so there isn’t a separation between that timeline of staying on the ship and that timeline of entering the body, because it moves out of time. As long as it stays in a world of time, it is timeline. But once you enter the multi dimensional world, timeline has a completely different meaning, because time is relative to your state of consciousness.

SB: I think the predominant concern is that “I will lose sight of my husband on a lower timeline, a third dimensional timeline.” Now, of course, I know that as a multi dimensional being, we don’t lose touch with our friends and family that are on a lower dimension. We don’t lose touch. But, nevertheless, people conceive of timeline as dividing, separating, and isolating them.

ARC: That is a very third dimensional way of looking at it. The same situation with a husband and wife that should split, if there is a multi dimensional, higher state of consciousness, they would still communicate because they are not just the bodies that they are using to visit that “timeline.” They are pure essence. They are consciousness. And their consciousness internally intermingles with the consciousness of their completion of self, of their complement, and of the beings with whom they hold love and admiration. Much as humans might think, “Wherever I am, I can still connect with God.” Because, God is above that third-dimensional “timeline.”

SB: I think that Salusa said, many years ago, there would be a time of separation, and others more recently have said, “yes, we’re in it, or it’s coming soon.” We are going to separate out at some point, are we not? The Cabal will, or the recalcitrants – however you want to conceive of them – will either die off or be taken to another more amenable setting. So there is actually a time of separation. Can you discuss that?

ARC: The time of separation is that those that move into a state of what is called “ascension” leave time.

SB: Leave time. Okay.

ARC: And move into the frequency of the now, of the One.

SB: Okay, so really you’re saying the separation will come with ascension.

ARC: The separation is from the ones who are on the Earth who still maintain a lower state of consciousness. They will experience a separation. But the ones that ascend will still be able to access that “frequency of reality” if they choose to do so. That ability will not be lost.

SB: Right. Speaking of it as a definite time of separation, as Salusa was doing…is that something that adheres to ascension or is there going to be a time before ascension when people will leave the planet? Will there be a formal time of separation?

ARC: Now, again we understand that it is very difficult to think in terms in such a multi dimensional fashion. So, really we will say what we have said before as a third dimensional way of explaining this. Those who ascend will not have to leave anything. They are expanding their essence. They will be able to be fully aware within their fifth dimensional self. And, if they choose to also assist beings on the third dimension, they will do so.

In fact, there are many beings on the planet right now that are in that state…that are fully connected to their higher dimensional self and are only wearing a body for the sake of assisting the planet, or assisting people, or whatever it is that they are assisting.

Now, the reality is that everyone that has a body is amongst that group. But most of the people have forgotten. And so, therefore, their consciousness is stuck in that lower third dimensional frequency and so is their thinking. So, they can only think in terms of something ends, dies, and something new is born. Because, they are not able to experience that birth and death are third dimensional concepts, which are bound by time. The time that you are born and the time that you die…within the One there isn’t birth and death.

Within the One, there is. There is existence, there is life, there is love. And, that reality is now blending into, dipping into that third dimension. And so, instead of there being a harsh cut-off date that, okay, that ended and that began. Third dimensional people will likely perceive it in that fashion. But to them, it will likely be an ending, or hmm, well, whatever they create.

But, we perceive it more as a bleeding-into. So, if you can see the harsh boundaries that are, say, around the physical planet, and then you perceive the fifth dimensional unconditional love, violet fire, divinity, connection with all that is, as it slowly drifts down into and begins to bleed into the third dimensional reality; and as it bleeds into that third dimensional reality, those that wish to enter this new possible reality will surrender into the higher frequency feeling and begin this process of transmutation into their light body so that they are then able to move within that oneness.

Now, eventually there will be a time where there is a high enough frequency of Earth that the beings of darkness will no longer be able to adhere their frequency to that planet and they will instantly be pulled into the lower astral plane. And, there they will continue their darkness, putting out darkness, until they learn that energy out is energy back. It is about a graduation, in a manner, learning that Gaia is a planet of cause and effect.

To graduate from the third dimensional component of Gaia, one must learn that energy out is energy back. And those that still put out darkness, they will have to go to a frequency where they get that darkness back right away until they learn differently. And it’s not about a punishment; it’s about a pass/fail.

And, then, there are those that will not be able to make that great a consciousness shift. And, many of them will be relocated to another third-dimensional planet so that they can continue with that experience. So it’s a process of transmuting.

SB: Now, that is what I would point to as being a time of separation. Right? What you just described.

ARC: You could use that third-dimensional term.  But it isn’t a “time,” because each person will experience it within their own state of consciousness. It will not be a collective time.

SB: It’s interesting because we get these notions originally from the Company of Heaven. In this case, Salusa talked about the time of separation. It was he who talked about divine deadlines. And, then when we go to apply these notions, then we run into all these problems, about, “oh, that’s not a fifth dimensional concept.” It’s a bit frustrating for us to have a concept given to us and then when we try to understand it, the concept is gradually refined or taken away altogether.

ARC: Humanity likes to be able to look at a timeline and say, “If I can just hold in the next 25 years, then I can ascend.” And that gives them a state of security. And that’s good, because when they live in a state of security, that allows them to expand their consciousness.

And when they expand their consciousness, they begin to expand their perception, and they begin to perceive the world differently, interact with the world differently, recognize the higher energy fields that are around them, and begin the transmutation into their light body and into their ability to merge with a higher frequency. So, there isn’t a separation between time and no time, except for the people that are staunchly thinking in terms of time.

SB: Okay. I’d like to go over now into trying to increase our understanding of the gradual and sudden aspects of ascension. So, I’d like to ask you if what I’m about to say is accurate or not. You talked about the transmutation, ‘to begin the process of transmutation,’ and whenever we talk about process, that suggests a gradual unfoldment.

Is it correct to say that the sudden aspects of ascension are the various enlightenments that we go through, for instance, the seeing of the light and the energy reaches the fourth chakra, the experience of the completion of kundalini, and God realization and the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra, the permanent heart opening that comes when the kundalini reaches the spiritual heart. Is it correct to say that those are the sudden aspects of ascension and the process of transmutation is the gradual?

ARC:  Well not always gradual, some people do it instantly, all at once.

SB: Oh, okay. That’s interesting.

ARC: And, because you brought in the kundalini, that’s different. Because the kundalini is the force through which those who are bound by a third-dimensional construct can change their operating system into a multi dimensional, now fifth dimensional construct. So yes, we do agree with you.

SB: Can you expand on what you just said? Because I brought in the kundalini…could you say a bit more about that, please?

ARC: The kundalini is in a way you…in human terms, might be an escape hatch. It is that which allows you to complete the experience of being bound to a third- dimensional reality, to leave starship, third-dimensional earth. And, you do so by recalibrating your consciousness and your physical body to a frequency in which you transmute into light body. Now, it’s like all processes, as you go through each chakra, each area, there is, “yes, a new thing, and yes, a new thing. And yes, a new thing.” And, there…it’s a flashpoint.

Now …I am…okay, now I’m going to say that because I’ve been through that flashpoint a couple times. I’ve been to a flashpoint when I started to go into light body and I’ve stopped myself because I know I’m going to leave and I’m not ready to leave yet.

SB: So, you are saying you will leave when you enter your light body?

ARC: When I fully activate my light body, I will resonate to the third dimensional reality. I could still be here if I want to, because then I’d be a multi-dimensional. But only very psychic people would see me. Now, I’m not…I want to take the ‘me’ part out. ONE. This is not just me, this is everyone.

SB: Everyone.

ARC: Everyone. And everyone will see that process. It’s like every process you go through, like counting up the chakra, process, process, process. But at that moment of completion, Phew – then it’s completed!

SB: Now, that moment of completion is what I call  ‘Sahaja Samadi,’ it’s the permanent heart opening and the formal entry into ascension.

ARC: Yes. We would say it is the flashing into light body. Now there have been ascended masters who, like St. Germaine, Amora, many of them, were able to store their physical bodies where someone could take care of them. And they would flash into their light body and move into the higher frequencies.

Much like you would store a car when you go on a trip, and then you can come back, you open the garage and there’s your car. And, that is actually happening for many of the more awakened ones, where they are having these moments of intense illumination where the physical world seems to not even be around them. They are in very deep states of meditation.

And, then they can choose to come back into their physical body because they have not yet completed that which they chose to complete when they took the physical form; or because they return for Gaia.
Now, we wish you all to know that the galactics, the celestials, the higher dimensional beings are thinking in terms of planetary ascension. Personal ascension is, was the warm up. There were times where there were beings, individuals, had personal ascension. And, then they became Gods and they were worshipped. And, pretty much, a lot of what they said was greatly distorted.

SB: Right.

ARC: And, that did not work to ascend the planet because it created more separation. This person, you know, this group is separate from this group that honors this ascended being, and another group over there honors another ascended being. And then, the groups have wars with each other. No. So, the only way that we can free Gaia, because Gaia has completed her experience as a third-dimensional planet, is that the entire planet, entire planetary body, move forward into the higher frequency. And the lower frequencies will remain for those who, like the lower astral will not be associated with Gaia, and it will eventually disappear.

SB: Okay. Now, I’m sorry, I’m going to be jumping around a bit.

ARC: That’s fine, jumping around is fine.

SB: Okay, I don’t want to miss expanding some things you said. You seem to imply that the activation of the kundalini and the course of the kundalini is just one way to ascend. Is that correct?

ARC: That isn’t exactly what we said. We said that is the escape hatch. When one is ready to ascend their bodies, they could just die, or they could transmute their bodies through allowing the kundalini to rise all the way up and transmute themselves into light bodies. Now, they could still be on the earth, because they’re multi-dimensional. Multi-dimensional means you don’t have to give up the lower frequencies.

But, people can only perceive that which is correlated to their state of consciousness. So, people that only have a third dimensional perception would not see that light body. Only people who are able to access their fifth dimensional consciousness and their fifth dimensional perception, would be able to perceive.

There are, in fact, quite a few light body, higher beings, walking on Earth right now. But, they are not usually perceived by others.

SB: Is that the case with a lot of the galactics who are in the body, that they are not perceived by others?

ARC: They…the small component of themselves that they put into the actual earth vessel is perceived as an earth vessel. But, their aura, that which is fourth, fifth, and sixth, and higher dimensions and beyond, is unperceivable to those that are not able to calibrate their own consciousness, because you can only perceive that which is of your state of consciousness. So therefore, once one’s consciousness has moved into multi dimensional consciousness, they can perceive.

Now, they often – our brave warriors who take earth vessels – do not activate those components of themselves, because they have come to Gaia to perform their contribution to planetary ascension. And during meditation and often in sleep, they will return. But, if there is too much returning, then their physical consciousness can get lowered because they get too homesick. Do you understand what we’re saying?

SB: Oh yes, I do. It seems to me, just calling on my own personal experience here, that the celestials are working with us light workers to give us a little taste, to give us a sense of what ascension will be like. But they mitigate, or truncate, or tone down the experience. Is that correct?

ARC: Well,  if one is in a higher state of consciousness, they can perceive the glory of as much of the frequency of the angel that they can perceive. If the person is completely shut down, they will not even see the angel. The angel could be tapping them on the shoulder, they would not know. And, then as they move up in frequency, they will feel the aura. That “Oh, wow, what is that…oh, what is that wonderful feeling.” But, they may not know that it’s an angel or that it’s a galactic.

SB: That’s not quite what I am referring to though. What I’m suggesting is at this point in time, our audience is mostly light workers and often, wayshowers. And, it seems to me that one of the ways the celestials are working with us is giving us some previews and trailers and heads-up experiences of what ascension will be like; and these experiences are truncated in some way.

For instance, I’ve had an experience of seventh dimensionality, quite some years ago now, but there was no bliss. On other occasions, the kundalini has completed itself, but there’s no God realization. So, it’s as if I am being given pieces or senses of it. I am assuming that that might be happening with other light workers as well. Could you talk about that a bit?

ARC: Yes, we call it putting the puzzle together…the puzzle pieces. And now, remember that whether one is aware that they are receiving that they chose to take a body to complete a certain service. And, they are dedicated to remaining within that body for as long as they can. Now, sometimes they get caught and somebody kills them. And, that has happened far, far too often. But, they don’t suffer; they just instantly take off and go home.

That, okay, now say exactly what you were asking about your question?

SB: Sure. It’s been a little confusing for me on occasion because I’ve had a textbook experience of the completion of the kundalini, but it did not bring God realization as it ordinarily would have.

ARC: We would call these previews and coming attractions.

SB: That is exactly what I was thinking.

ARC: So, like here, we see that you really need something, here take this.

SB: Laughter. Yeah,

ARC: Like going to the celestial gas station to fill up.

SB: In case anybody else is having these previews, in addition, I have been through a process in the last month or two…I can’t remember how long it’s been…moving from transformative love, to bliss, to ecstasy, and then even having a taste of something I call exaltation. Was that a kind of a preview of the whole ascension process?

ARC: Okay, there’s kind of two answers: For you, yes. Now the beautiful thing is, that Gaia is a very, very diverse planet. Very few planets are as diverse as Gaia. And so, the diversity of inhabitants matches the diversity of the planet. And so, therefore, there will be a great diversity of ascension as well.

Now, Groups of similar energy patterns will gather together more and more because unity consciousness is really important. And the most important thing is that as these groups of similar pathways, just for a word. Is pathway a word for you?

SB: Yes.

ARC: People of a similar pathway, from our perspective, you pretend you are looking down at the planet, and you are saying, “This serves as a pathway, that serves as a pathway, that serves as a pathway,” and they’re beginning to gather all around the earth. And then, as those groups become more and more deeply committed to a core of the planet, there the shifting begins as well as to their own multi-dimensional, higher-dimensional expression.

They will expand in their energy pattern and they will begin to overlap and integrate with each other. And so, as Gaia is pretty well covered with all of these wonderful groups that have merged within their group and merged within all the other groups and laid out a strike plan, so to speak for this transmutation to be planet-wide. Does that make sense?

SB: It does, and maybe I can interject here. Because I’ve noticed this very recently that I had this assumption that there was more or less one small core group. And then everybody else was somehow following that. And, I’ve come upon group after group after group that’s fully developed.

ARC: Yes.

SB: …and isn’t known to the other group. And they’re working away and they’ve got people who are participating in the conversation, and we – my group, say – doesn’t know about them, had no idea that they were so well developed in their discussion. Could you talk about that? I realize you just did talk about that.

ARC: We will lovingly respond and expand upon that.

SB: Oh, please, would you?

ARC: Because Gaia’s humans are working their way through that first part in groups; they still have to be…we need to remind all groups that Gaia is a free will planet. And, if you wish to live on a planet where darkness does not exist, then it is the responsibility of the inhabitants of that planet to send the appropriate unconditional love, violet fire, sacred rituals, all of the wonderful things; and so, each of these groups, they all are gathering around a certain modality that you might think, “Oh, look, we just met each other.” No, no, no.

The groups that are created are groups that were already groups in higher frequencies, and they found each other. Do you see the difference in that?

SB: Yes, I do.

ARC: Yes, okay. Then, it’s like, “Oh, it’s you, it’s you. Oh, look at this.” Okay, so therefore, there is all a unity of purpose, a unity of consciousness, a unity…a deep sense of unity within that group. And so, whereto for Earth was just a scattered mess of here and there, there were some people that were spiritual and it’s gathering into groups of right-mindedness and like-heartedness. And each of these groups is expanding.  And when each of these groups expanding up, they overlap to cover the entire surface of Gaia. Do you understand what we’re saying?

SB: I do. I’m trying to imagine how that’s going to happen. It’s surely going to be a wondrous event when it does.

ARC: It will be a wondrous event. That would be the “time.” But, it’s not really about time, it’s about frequency. It’s the frequency in which all these groups intermingle into the One that will create a sufficient amount of fuel to flash Gaia into her fifth dimensional expression.

SB: I thought she was in her fifth-dimensional expression.

ARC: She’s always in the higher expression. Everything begins in the high. So when we say Gaia, we’re talking about third- fourth-dimensional Gaia. So, it’s not about people are going to a higher dimension, it’s that people are returning to their own innate frequencies and dimensionality.

SB: I realize I’m still talking about personal ascension and you encouraged us to move beyond that.

ARC: Yes, we do encourage everyone to move beyond that. Because, there isn’t enough power for individuals to heal the great damage that was done to this planet and to override the darkness that still exists on this planet. It is within the unity of light that Gaia will be free.

SB: All right, well then let’s talk more about coming to this unity of light. There are going to be people who have gathered around notions like energy, there’ll be people who have gathered around notions like consciousness, there’ll be people who gathered around devotional concepts. There’ll be people who are meditating. How are they going to come together? How does this happen?

ARC: Well, a lot of the way that they come together…now, do you understand this? Try not to think third dimensionally. Think of planet-wide instead of this location, that location, the other location. And, what is the thing that is planet-wide and free? The Internet. So, as these groups gather, such as Suzanne, she’s got people from all over the world in her group. Still part of the group, but it’s all over the world.

All the people that have groups, they have – most of them, if they’re on the Internet – they will have groups that will pull from all different places. And, this is that intermingling part that allows each group to intermingle, overlap.

Now, we understand that you think third dimensionally – there’s like a picture of, okay, this group and it’s all together, and that group and it’s all together, and then that group, and then they get bigger and they overlap. Okay, but it’s not that simple, because the groups are in small places.

The groups are largely via the Internet so that they can fetch many, many people. And so there are groups that are already overlapped. And so, when we showed the last picture of having a group that gets bigger and bigger and overlaps, that is a light language, visualistic way to explain what we are saying.

Now, we advance that concept, once the initial one who understood, to say that these groups are not bound by small areas. Some are, some are not. A great many are via the Internet and therefore, they are covering many different areas of the planet at once.

SB: All right. As soon as one group meets another group, there’s a tremendous amount of activity generated. There’s correspondence that goes back and forth and people trying to pull each other into their reality.

ARC: Within the state of consciousness of planetary ascension, nobody wants to pull anybody into their reality. Because they are not thinking about their reality, they are thinking about the reality of Earth and that is what creates the unity consciousness. It is not about personal gain.

SB: I agree with you 100 percent. It’s just that there are some people, when one makes contact, I mean, it just happened with me the other day that I made contact with a person who had her own group and immediately she began asking deference from me, asking me to defer to her, and it was most objectionable, and I withdrew. I drew back.

ARC: Yes absolutely.

SB: So can you talk about that? In other words, when light worker groups come together if there is one group that is still in the place of wanting to be king of the hill, or whatever it is. What do we do?

ARC: We would define this almost like …the flea from the dog. They are trying to hitch a ride on something else. And as you know, as we all know, this process, especially you…because you have both been on the planet for a long time. And you were both on the planet when it was very, very, very dark.

You were both on the planet during 9/11 many, many darks came in right until the end of World War II. And that is when Gaia asked for help. Because she could see more wars coming and she could not survive another world war. And so this is when the whole game plan changed, with the baby boomer generation, so to speak.

Because that was the first generation that came into adulthood and …with this thinking in terms of planetary consciousness.

SB: Sense of nation, Sense of wanting to change the world so to speak.

ARC: And so when somebody is trying to take from somebody else or take somebody else’s stuff, that’s not planetary consciousness. That’s “I want this from you. Me person wants this from you person so I can pretend I’m a powerful person like you.” Okay, all of that, that is why we realized we cannot talk about personal consciousness, because there are too many people, I mean personal ascension, that there are too many people that are still bound in that reality. And we need to shift their consciousness in terms of “We are a planet and we must create this ascension as one being.”

SB: Right. Okay. Nevertheless, when we do come together, a certain amount of this tug of war, this …trying to pull some people into somebody else’s sphere of influence or whatever it is going on, how do we handle that, as light workers?

ARC: As light workers, the way that we handle it is that we send them unconditional love, violet fire and release them. Send them unconditional love, violet fire.

SB: All right. But, supposing we’re at a conference or a congress and this is going on, and some outcome could be impacted by it. How…is the way we handle it the same then as you just said, that we send them unconditional love, violet fire?

ARC: I see. Now, again, we get back to a multi-dimensional state of consciousness. From the third dimensional state of consciousness there is that diversity and separation. This group wants that and that group wants the other. Now, if you are there as a physical being, then you have to deal with it in some physical manner, such as kicking them out or whatever.

However, if you are within this council, within this activity, fully connected to your multi-dimensional self, then you would know that you can call in Archangel Michael. You can call in St. Germaine. You can call in the Arcturians. You can call in the Pleiadians, you can call in all these higher dimensional beings that will come into that reality and shift it. And…the way that it will become shifted for the one that is aware, that will see, “okay…there are no mistakes and there are no accidents.” This person is a voice of a group and if the entire planet is ready to ascend, then you can’t ignore any voices of any group.

Now, if they are just the forces of darkness, then you will be surprised how much they are shut down by unconditional love and the blazing of the violet fire, as well as the compassion. Compassion is very important because compassion begins to break their programming. And, those who are the victimizers are the greatest victims, because they all had to go through horrible events in their childhood to be brought into that dark awareness.

And, inside of them there is that that kernel of light. And, bringing in the angels, and the ascended masters and surrounding them with unconditional love and violet fire, the dark ones will either become so uncomfortable that they will come up with some excuse to leave, or they will begin to shift inside of themselves. And, if something occurs on a treaty level that appears to be a disaster, then that was what was supposed to happen to get the attention of the greater reality.

SB: Hmm. Okay. Now we have about seven minutes left and there is one topic I’d like to go into because it’s going to affect all of us.  And that’s, we’re moving along very well, adjusting to the energies and watching ourselves have certain experiences and adjusting to those and assimilating this and integrating that, and all of a sudden, the Reval happens, and “Oh, my God, now we have to make decisions about how to get this money out there and we have to watch banking things and we have all kinds of cares on our plate and suddenly life has become very complicated, very quickly, and we have no more time to think about energy levels and what have you.” What do we do then?

ARC: that is why the Reval has not occurred.

SB: Okay. Can you expand on that a bit, please?

ARC: The reval money will not help anything. Money is what the darkness has used to create more darkness. Love is the answer. If in some state of consciousness the beings of Earth gather into that state that they have that degree of love, they probably won’t need the money because that degree of love will probably put them into the fifth dimension where there is no money. So the reval is probably very dangerous to ascension. It would be a great distraction.

And this ascension is the collective choice of the people on Gaia. So far the collective choice has been: “no, money is not going to solve our problems. Love is going to heal our reality.”

SB: Okay, but of course, there are lot of people who are sinking under debt, can’t find jobs, and all that…

ARC: Well, one of the first things that will happen as the planet moves into higher frequency of light is that those things will become resolved and they will be resolved because people have a higher state of consciousness.

Don’t think for a moment that because people have money, they‘re going to spend it to help others. Because, look at the world so far. How many wealthy people have actually used their money to help others? Some have. But, it’s a very small percentage.

SB: Hmm. Oh, my, it just gets more and more complicated. We have Zap today saying that the reval has been signed and it’s here and then you seem to be suggesting that it’s not going to be happening soon.

ARC: Well, that was announced on the Internet several years ago.

SB: Yes. Well

ARC: Yes, so.

SB: Uh, huh. Okay.

ARC: So it’s the energy field. There has to be an energy field where there is a majority of sharing and love. All the wars were fought for money.

SB: Yes.

ARC: All the wars were fought for money.

SB: Well, I hear what you just said, but still, at some point the reval does come in or anything else that has us need to take our focus away from our inner reality and put it on the external reality. And, what do we do then, in terms of maintaining our direction for our ascension and our contribution to planetary ascension? What do we do when there’s a demand that we take our attention off the inner reality and put it on the outer reality?

ARC: Oh, there is never, ever a demand to take it off the inner reality. The inner reality needs to expand to encompass the outer reality. The inner reality is where your true multi-dimensional self exists. Your inner reality is your portal that is open to your higher frequencies. The inner reality …we would never want the inner reality to close. We want the inner reality to move past that third dimensional perceived limitation that there’s an inner reality and an outer reality. There is reality.

SB: All right. But, there will be some people who will say, ”Look there’s been a shooting spree in San Bernardino.” …and you must take your attention off the inner reality and place it on these outer events.

I’m not doing that because, I’m telling myself, “No. This is the Illuminati wanting me to do that.”

ARC: Absolutely. Absolutely. That is the challenge. Absolutely. And, if you do take your consciousness out of the inner reality, you don’t take it out, you expand it and you, you know, you call in the angels.

Sue Lie: Okay, I’m going to tell a story, just briefly. I was working in Santa Monica and there was this person that lost control of his car and went down this street that used to be a street that was having a farm thing, and killed a bunch of people, including children.

And, that was the day that I wasn’t in my office. The next day I was in my office and I walked down there expecting to feel the most horrid energy. And, it was filled with angels. The sky around there was filled with angels. And all I felt was love.

SB: And, what deduction did you make about that, Sue? That it was filled with angels and, so…

SL: The deduction that I got was that all of these people were taken by angels. And, from the third dimensional perspective, it was a horrible thing. But, I don’t know, I would be okay if maybe someone took me by the angels. …I could do it. That’s okay. All right I’ll go.

SB: Laughter. “I’ll go.”

SL: I’ll go, I’ll go with the angels. Of course, we always are with the angels. All the time. We just forget about it because you get bound by all this 3-D stuff. But the angels are always with us. Always. And the galactics are always with us and the scout ships are always with us. We are so protected, we are so covered. There are so many wonderful things that are happening that we just have to open our eyes to see. We have to look up.

It’s much like the ancient people. They looked down to find help, but then they look up. When you look up, when you… look up to the higher frequencies. And the higher frequencies are filled with light and love.

SB: We have, unfortunately, run out of time. I’d dearly love to continue. But…do the Arcturians have any final comment that they’d like to make?

ARC: Blessings to you all, each and every one. You are all within the now of the beautiful One that you are creating.

SB: Thank you. Sue, do you have any final comments? I surely thank you for coming and filling in for Linda as she’s recuperating from her surgery. Thank you ever so much.

SL: And, I thank you very much. I send blessings to Linda on her recuperation. I hope that I have done her well in her absence. And thank you very much for inviting me, Steve. I really appreciate it and thank you to everyone who is listening or will listen.

SB:  And I hope you continue to enjoy your holiday, which you’re still in. Thank you for interrupting it and coming on the show.

Channeled by Dr. Suzanne Lie

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