Wednesday, December 23, 2015

As We Shift – A 5D Holiday Guide


By Sophia Love On 12-22-15

With the completion of Hanukkah, the onset of Christmas and the upcoming New Year, the idea of holiday is all around.  This is that time of year, for many of us, when thoughts turn homeward.  Yet, we are shifting.  What does a “5D” season include?

Accept – Regardless of where you stand on the scale of belief – this is not your grandfather’s holiday.  We are not the same, no matter what those Christmas songs keep reminding us to dredge up.  This year…

Embrace – our new way to festival.  This may include more physical celebration, lots of community involvement and less money.  This year…

Appreciate – the things that actually last well beyond the ribbons and wrappings.  These are the people, the ones sharing this holiday with you, making the moment memorable.  This year…

Love – the ones you are with, the ones you aren’t with and the ones you have yet to meet.  Not only in this now, but every now coming.  2015 was preparatory and perhaps most of all it brought us to our knees for love.  Not to an altar or a specific god, not to the words of a specific doctrine, but to truth – all separation is fictional.  We are One.  This year…

Anticipate – what is next.   It promises to break all the rules, wipe out all the existing structures and set the stage for our emergence.  We are on the threshold of new traditions – created by an awakened race.  The Hue-Man Race.

In recent years, this time was one I had little use for.  With religious beliefs shattered, it all seemed farcical and a complete waste of energy.

Not so now, as in fondness I appreciate traditions celebrated with love, joy and family.

Gathering for community’s sake is a hallmark of humanity.  Gifting to create joy is an expression of abundance. Hugs happen a lot this time of year. For all of this I am grateful beyond words.

For our humanity is our brilliance and love is our birthright.  This is who we are.

We’ve come through a horrific history only to emerge as a complete expression of creation.  We’ve held every particle of light and that combination has enthusiasm and heroism running through it.

Our signature is unique in its emotional exuberance and creative potential.  We’ve been held back, yet that has not stopped us.  It is an honor to share the last days of this year in celebration with you.  On every front you enliven and excite the days.

Eleven days ago my tea was paid for by the woman in front of me at Starbucks.  In cities all over the world, people are leaving coats for the homeless on lampposts.  There’s a tree with scarves on it for students in need at the school where I work.

We are a generous, joyful, hugging hoard of humans in December.  I predict in our shifting “5D World” that all of this and more will be our everyday – making every day a holiday.  For this is who we actually are.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

With warmest and loving wishes,

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