Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Council - Clearing

Channelled By Ron Head On 12-30-15

Once again we begin by asking that today’s date be included in the message. Today is December 30th, 2015.

Almost everyone who follows our messages will know of the standing wave frequency of the earth called the Schumann Resonance. This frequency has definite effects upon the human being. There is, for instance, a correlation between the steady increase in the frequency over the last few years and your perception of the increasing rapidity of the passage of time.

For almost all of the period during which you have known of this resonance, it was almost a constant. In the last few years, it has more than doubled. That would seem to correspond to humanity’s conscious awakening, would it not? As a matter of fact, as the frequency increased, humanity’s nature has seemed to calm and become more compassionate. You have begun to search within more and more.

So why did we ask that this date be recorded? Yesterday the frequency spiked. Now it has been spiking for quite a while. Sometimes it goes up quite a bit, as these things are measured. Yesterday there was a spike to more than 50 Hz. You thought it was remarkable when it reached 16 Hz.

So what do we have to tell you about that? Well, we have spoken for quite a while and through many channels about the clearing that the inbound energies are helping you to accomplish. And this is true. We have also spoken of the differing effects this has upon those of one purpose and those of another, or as you might say, those who are awakening and those who are not. And we have said that there is a last spurt of clearing that you would be going through in the short term. Guess what!

Imagine that you were trying to clear the muddy water out of your garden hose. It was going rather well, but still there was a bit more that you wanted. So, you walked over to the spigot and gave it sharp twist to full open. So if you felt, or feel, or observe some sudden changes in what is going on within or around you, relax. It’s just another clearing. And if you feel really good, smile and enjoy it. Think of it as getting a head start on your next year.

Oh! And don’t forget to hang on for dear life, as you say.

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