Friday, December 4, 2015

The Arcturians - Ascension Is A Multi-Dimensional Activity

Transcript Of The Arcturians On An Hour With An Angel Show -11-26-15

Channel for the Arcturians: Dr. Suzanne Lie 
Host, InLight Radio: Steve Beckow

Arcturians:  Blessings, we are here with you now, Steve.

SB:  Thank you for joining us today.

Arcturians:  Thank you for inviting us.
SB:  I wanted to ask you first in regards to Ascension, many of the ideas we’ve developed around it have been shown to be either too small to contain it or in some respects mistaken.  It’s a much more gradual process than I expected.  Can you help us understand this unfolding process of Ascension better please?

Arcturians:  Yes we will be happy to do so.  We begin, as you might know, saying that Third-Dimensional time is an illusion.  So any predictions according to Third-Dimensional time will, by definition, often be disappointing.  There are many factors involved with Ascension and many players that most people are not even aware of.

And, there is also the push/pull of those who are ready and willing and want to move forward – and the dark ones who know that they will not be able to participate in that so they want to stop that as much as they possibility can. They are in the process of one spectacular, fearful event to hit the world news followed by the next spectacular, fearful event.  So they are working to disseminate fear.

And then there are those in the middle that are constantly being threatened by the fear and perhaps have not yet understood the multi-dimensional quality of unconditional love.  So, therefore there are myriad different energy fields that are all occurring within the same ‘now.’

There are the energy fields of those who are ready, directed and moving along their path.  There are those who are trying to defeat and confuse and stop and halt.  There are those who are looking for a degree of proof that can only be discovered once their consciousness can expand into at least the higher Fourth Dimension.

SB:  You say many players but we really don’t know who those many players might be, whether you’re talking or not talking about individuals in the higher dimensions.  But what more can you tell us, what more detail other than what we already have can you give us about the many players?
Arcturians:  Well, primarily we speak of the three groups – the group that wants to go forward, the group that wants to go backwards and the group that is afraid to go anywhere.

SB:  Oh, okay. I thought you were talking about the many players who are bringing Ascension to us.  For instance, what Matthew calls the higher universal counsels who have planned Ascension.  And then there must be beings or groups of beings who are bringing us distinct energies on occasion. Could you take us behind the curtain and tell us how this event is being managed?  Is that possible?

Arcturians:  Yes, we would be happy to go behind the curtain – especially behind the curtain of the group of those who are ready to move forward, and the energy field and the thought forms that create those energy fields of those who are ready to move forward. Because as we have often said, “Where your attention is, there you are also.”  So, if one were to spend a great deal of their attention, which morphs into intention, on the darkness – then they can become tainted by that energy field.

And if one allows themselves to just stay where it is just comfortable and not take a risk to move on into a greater possible reality then they put their attention on that.  Then that’s where they have chosen to live. For attention is how you connect with realities.

Now there are many realities and all of the many beings who are assisting are presenting, perhaps we would say, “portals.”

Now all these portals go into the same area. However because humanity has moved into such great diversity, we the beings of Light are more than happy to present slightly different portals to the same place.

Now there is of course the Angelic Kingdom and they present a feeling of Love and Forgiveness and Spirituality that many people find comforting and they are happy to enter into that portal.

Now, there are also other beings such as the Andromedans who are very technical, very scientific. However they do move beyond time and live within the ‘now’ for they are Fifth Dimension and beyond.  And, because they’re in a different galaxy, they are somewhat different.  Now, there are many people that appreciate that door and they will go there.

Then there are beings like Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi who are holding the Light within the core of Gaia, to open those portals and to pull those portals into the oneness of the central crystal and the four cornerstone crystals.

Now, there are many beings with many names.  There are the Elohim.  And the Elohim are very focused on the process of creation.  We, the Arcturians, have a strong amount of our beingness within the Elohim.  Therefore when we communicate with the Earth ones, we communicate in a “How can you create this form?”  Whereas the angelic kingdom will communicate with a “I love you deeply. Have faith. I am here to assist you.”

Then there are the Ascended Masters who are also quite educational.
Archangel Michael is offering his wonderful blue sword to assist people to keep their auras clear and to maintain their vision of the Light.  St. Germaine is very much working with the violet flame to help to transmute.  So there are many different doorways that go into that same room.
Did you have more questions about that?

SB:  Oh my Gosh!  I have so many questions about that.  Before I go into those questions though I am not sure that I personally understand Elohim.  I personally just met a person who is an incarnated Elohim.  I believe it was last weekend.

I don’t really think I know what the Elohim are.  They’re not angels.  Is that correct?  Is there any way to say in just a few words what the Elohim are?

Arcturians:  Yes, there are the first three rays of life of the force of creation.  Number one is the masculine God Force who sets forth, who initiates. That is the ‘Now’ for something new to begin.  That is then sent to the Goddess, the second ray of the Sacred Mother, who gestates that idea…and together they have created this Child. (1) Then the Elohim are the creators of form.  And they are the ones that assist this Divine Ideal to come into the form…into the lower worlds of form.

SB:  So they’re just a different group of beings?  Is that correct?  They have that special path and the powers that go along with it?  Is that correct so far?

Arcturians:  Just like you know that there is a God and there is a God energy.  Then there is a Goddess energy.  The God energy initiates with the sperm, the Divine Ideal, the Goddess energy. The more female energy gestates it into life, and then the Elohim energy makes sure that it is grounded and that it is created within the chosen reality.

SB:  You then mentioned that Sanat Kumara and the Master Kuthumi are holding the Light.  What is entailed in that, because Sanat Kumara is doing many things? What is involved in this activity of holding the Light?

Arcturians:  They are much like transmitters in a way.  If you were to think in terms of regular Light – Light is everywhere – it moves throughout the planet.  Then there are major towers that collect that Light, that information.  Light and information – we do not differentiate between information and Light.  They are the same.

Light is Light language – and the information that is needed to create. Then that goes into the control tower that collapses it and then it has to be grounded.  Everything has to be grounded if it’s going to be experienced within that reality. So it is grounded then in the core of the planet.

Because this Light is of a much higher frequency then the humans of Gaia are used to assimilating, and because it is constantly and slowly stepping up, the Ascended Masters are assisting with grounding and disseminating.  Because they all went through that process of taking an Earth vessel and consciously returning to the highest Light of themselves.  Ascending, they have a deep understanding of what the humans, who are also in that process of ascending, need in order to keep on their trail, so to speak.

SB:  Wow. I apologize for the noise in the background. There’s some reconstruction going on in my building.

Arcturians:  Well that is fine because we are in the process of reconstruction of the entire body.

SB:  (Laughter) That’s so true.  We often think about Ascension and we think about it from an ‘either-or’ place – that Ascension is either gradual or sudden.  I understand that it’s both.  But so far we are experiencing the gradual part of it with a little peek like the September 27th and 28th wave of energy.  But, can you tell us, is there is any discrete event called Ascension?  Are we to expect on one day an event called Ascension to happen or is it all going to be gradual?

Arcturians:  Well, first off we have to remind all of the listeners again that Ascension is not a Third-Dimensional activity.  Ascension is a multi-dimensional activity.  And it is an activity, a process in which one leaves the time of the Third and Fourth Dimension and goes into the Now and the Here and the One of the Fifth Dimension and beyond.  So to answer a question about time, the only answer is that each person will ascend within the Now when they are ready.

SB:  Wow!  (Laughter) That is a brainteaser. But you’re saying that for a 3-D, 4-D person…you’re saying that when a person ascends is in effect up to them.  Are you not?

Arcturians:  What we are saying is Ascension is a state of consciousness.  All of the higher dimensions are in existence.  Creation begins at the highest frequency and moves down to the lowest frequency.  So once one is inhabiting the lowest frequency, all of those higher frequencies already exist.

They are not creating the higher frequency.  They are not making that higher frequency.  They are in the process of recalibrating their consciousness to a frequency in which they can perceive that higher frequency, because you can only perceive that which resonates to the state of your consciousness.[Ed. Believing is Seeing, not the other way around.]

As beings expand their consciousness into higher and higher frequencies, they are able to perceive more and more of what it is they are supposed to do.  By “supposed to do,” what we are speaking of is there are many, many beings, most of them are known as Lightworkers and some of them are not known as Lightworkers.  Some of them are actually hidden within the darkness and those are very, very brave beings.

And there are many higher-dimensional beings who have shared their spark with a physical vessel.  And, in doing so they’ve actually moved into this lower frequency of reality so that they can assist others in expanding their consciousness, so that they can expand their perceptions and so they can perceive the Light and the Love that already exists but is imperceptible to those lower frequencies of perception.

SB:  So you said they have shared their spark with other people and that’s a topic that we discussed some time ago.  What is involved when one of these higher beings share their spark with somebody?

Arcturians:  Well, first off, a higher-dimensional expression, likely someone that is on a Fifth-Dimensional planet and/or a multi-dimensional star ship: and many Pleiadians, and many Arcturians, and many Sirians and more and more Andromedans, some from Alpha Centaura, some from Antaras – they have come to assist the planet.  They have come to assist Gaia, because they know that a planet is a living being.

What Third-Dimensional humanity thinks of Gaia is a big rock that is theirs and they get to live off and do anything that they want to.  What they don’t realize is that it is a living being.  However the higher-dimensional perspectives know that the planet is a living being and they have taken Earth vessels so that they can assist with the Ascension of the planet so that Gaia can transmute into her higher frequencies, and as she transmutes into her higher frequencies, then those who have transmuted into their higher frequencies will be aware.

Now if you were to look back to the early 90’s when Suzille first began speaking with us, you would see that reality was very, very different than it is now.  Reality has changed.

SB:  How has it changed?  Can you give us some examples of the change that you see?

Arcturians:   Yes, one of the greatest changes is that more and more people are able to believe that there are higher beings that are speaking to them.  More and more people are able to actually allow the higher beings’ message to go into them and they transcribe it and share it with others.

More and more people are realizing that they are not just a human being.  They are remembering.  Suzille hears about this all the time.  They are remembering the planets that they came from.  They are remembering their life in the higher frequencies.  They are remembering why they came here and they are seeking to fulfill the mission that they chose.  So there is a great awakening.

SB:  Thank you for that.  I personally, after the heightened energies of September 27th and 28th went into what I’ve called a transformed space, probably around sixteen or seventeen times.  And Archangel Michael characterized that as a trip through the Ascension Portal.

For me it was a movement from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness, from ordinary Love to transformative Love, from no bliss to bliss.  But, I said to myself, well, this can’t be a trip through the Ascension Portal because I expected myself to be much more elevated or something.  Is this how it all starts? Can you talk a little bit about what our experience of the ascending process will be please?

Arcturians:  We can talk about some possible realities. However Gaia is a very diverse planet and there are myriad, myriad different types of people here.  And we do not want anyone to think “Oh, I must have that happen to me or that means I am not ascending.”

Many different people have many very different experiences so we will try to represent the different types of experiences that people may have.  And we will do it in somewhat of a sequential fashion in that usually it begins when they become disenchanted with their Third-Dimensional reality.  They begin to realize that there has to be more than just getting a job and getting money and accumulating and having parties and rearing children.  There’s more. They know there’s more.

They don’t know what it is but they feel a calling inside of them.  Something is – not dissatisfied – but urging for more.  Something reminds them that that which they were trained to think of as success is not enough.  And that which they were trained to think of as failure very often is that very catalyst that puts them into an entirely different state of consciousness so that they can change their perceptions and begin to realize that they are different and that there are new urges inside of them.

And there’s this new kind of Love that doesn’t have condition.  They can actually love someone that isn’t very nice.  They can actually send this unconditional love to other people in other situations and the situation changes.  They’re actually realizing that where their attention is there they are also.  And if they put their attention on that which is troubling them, that grows.

But if they send that unconditional love to that which is bothering them and they put their attention on this feeling of Light, of Love, of ability to transmute, to shift, to know. They begin to study. They look and they go on the internet and they go to websites. They read new books and they become hungry for something new.  And their consciousness soaks it in.

Then they begin by having perceptions that they were never able to have before. Very often this begins by seeing perhaps an aura and they don’t actually see the aura but they will notice that they will come to one person and they will just want to embrace the person and say, “Hi, how are you, I’m so happy to see you again,” even though they’ve never seen them in this lifetime.

On the other hand they might go into a room and see across the room that someone is standing there that they will not trust, they will not talk to and in fact they will send that person that very unconditional love.  So they are beginning to gather a sense of discernment that was not possible via their Third-Dimensional perspectives.  Do you understand what we are saying?

SB:  I do.  In fact I’ve experienced some of those states and developments that you’re talking about.  Would you like to continue?  Is there more?

Arcturians:  Yes, there is the remembering component.  Now this is when they begin to remember and they remember things within themselves as if it is themselves.

But that’s impossible because they’ve never been on a star ship.  They’ve never been on a planet that’s completely different.  They’ve never walked over to a replicator and opened the door and pulled out the clothes they are going to wear today.  They’ve never gone into a car that flies above the ground.  They’ve never done those things.  But they remember them as if they are actually doing that.
And what they are getting is what you would call a trailer:  “The Coming Adventures of New Earth.”  Their consciousness is expanded to embrace that ‘Now’ of a completely different type of reality, a reality that has no polarities.

A reality in having no polarities, it has no good, it has no bad.  Because it has no good and it has no bad, it has something between where people get lost and try to figure out who they are.  And because there is no good and there is no bad, and no polarities, there is no separation.

And then they begin to look at people, all people, even people that are sick or wounded or in need, or poverty stricken or people that are mean, or part of the illuminati. They begin to understand what the illuminati means.  They begin to look back into history and see everything that they have ever known from a different perspective.  And many, many people are offering this up on the Internet so the information is very available for everyone to get once they’re interested.

SB:  From my own experience I’ve noticed people listening to me wonder:  “Well how does it happen that you just start experiencing universal love and looking upon everybody with love?”  From my own experience, when the bliss comes, it utterly obliterates my worry and it utterly obliterates distinction between one person and another.

There’s no impetus to engage in that kind of activity of distinguishing one person from another.  It’s as if the bliss drowns the worries or sweeps them aside or something.  Is that what you’re referring to?  Is it the impact of the bliss?

Arcturians:  Yes, we are referring to that state of consciousness that humans have often called bliss.

SB:  A state of consciousness.  Is the Fifth-Dimensional state of consciousness in fact bliss?

Arcturians:  Well, let us give a bit of history before we answer that question.  Then we will answer that question.

First off, Gaia was so deep in darkness for so, so long that many of those who once were thought to have ascended – no one even knew that there was a Fifth Dimension.  They only knew there was a Fourth Dimension because they went to sleep and they went to this place, (2) and they meditated and they talked to the Shaman and they were within that Fourth Dimension because that is a part of the Third Dimension. (3)  It is your aura.

So they were able to go to that peak of the Fourth Dimension that is the spiritual plane,  the I AM presence.  But they were not yet able to go into that next Octave of the Fifth Dimension.  And what has occurred is that more and more people are able to make that Octave shift.

Now, you said something about when.  First off, the thing about the octave shift is that when you leave the Third/Fourth Dimension, you leave time as you know it.  So when you go into that octave shift, like when you had your moments of bliss, you don’t have your watch out: “Okay I’m going to time how long I’m in this bliss.”  Because as soon as you looked at your watch and began to time it, your consciousness was lowered and the bliss would be gone.

SB:  (Laughter) Right!

Arcturians:  And if you just happened to look at the clock before and looked at the clock after, you might be able to see what the timeframe is, but usually it is when you are so disassociated from time- you have no idea what time it is - that you are able to allow yourself to surrender into that bliss.
Because time is a nag:  “Oh wait, it’s time to pay your bills.”  “Oh wait, it’s time to answer the email.”  “Oh wait, have you made your phone calls yet?”   So time has to be released because it is a horrible taskmaster.  Isn’t it?

SB:  Yes, I even forgot a lunch appointment.  I ran all the way to the restaurant afterwards.

It is that way.  There is no attention on time.  As I say, I really have no understanding of what the Fifth Dimension will feel like, so all we can do, or all I can do,is to really rely on your descriptions and rely on some kind of knowledge.  It’s rather like groping in a dark room.

Arcturians:  Actually no, because the Fifth Dimension is not something that you understand.  Understanding is a Third-Dimensional concept.  You have to release you, meaning all of you.
You need to release the addiction to time bound, sequential, Third-Dimensional thinking because the Fifth Dimension is within the ‘Now’.

So what occurs is, in the Fifth Dimension, often it is almost like an accident – like the perfect storm, where it just turns out that your thoughts are clear, your emotions are loving, and you’re not feeling a lot of pressure.

You are just relaxing and enjoying your life and maybe you are doing mantras or in a state of meditation and then – oh, you feel this feeling that very often begins with the Kundalini waking up from the base of your spine and the spine begins to undulate and your body is filled with Light and your thoughts are no longer combined with your Third-Dimensional brain.  It’s like wow, this is a great ride.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Once people get that feeling they want that feeling again.  That’s amazing.  You didn’t have to work out first, you didn’t have to change your diet or meditate for twelve days.  You didn’t have to do anything.  You just were able to have that moment where you let go of the Third/Fourth Dimension.

SB:  Yes, I’ve definitely had that and it’s wonderful.  Please continue.  What happens after that?

Arcturians:  What happens after that?  Well, that is something that each of you will need to discover for yourself because that is when you are the creator of your reality.

Now this is why we have been speaking through Suzille and through others all about becoming the master of your thinking, the master of your emotions.  Because if the penny drops, if the Light arrives and you have this moment and you go, “Oh no, I can’t deserve this.”  Okay, then it’s over.

At that moment when this comes in, you have to have this practice of:  “Thank you, thank you. I accept, I accept. Blessings be. Thank you, thank you.  I accept, I accept, I accept.”  Then you accept.  “I accept, I accept, I accept.”

So you accept all or none, because there is no differentiation within that frequency.  If you were to say, “I accept the good part about this experience but I don’t accept the bad part.”  Well, there is no bad part, so right away your consciousness went right down into the Third and Fourth Dimension where there are polarities.

So once one has this experience you really have to let go.  You have to let go of all of your Third/Fourth Dimensional thinking.  You have to let go of polarities; you have to let go of thought of right, wrong – all those limitations that have been fed to you in your Third/Fourth Dimensional realities.

SB:  The bliss itself will make that easier to let them go.

Arcturians:  The bliss gives you something to leap into.  But you still have the choice to leap into it or step back and analyze it.  If you leap into it, you’re there.  When you analyze it, you’re out of there.

SB:  It’s interesting because some of what you are saying goes well past terrestrial sages, even ones who claim to be avatars.  Da Free John used to say, “It’s all about radical understanding.”  I don’t think he meant by “understanding” what you’re pointing to.  I don’t think he meant a mental operation.  It’s probable he meant acceptance.

Arcturians:  Well, this is why it is important to release all addictions to Third-Dimensional language systems because Third-Dimensional language systems like to put labels on things.  And labels have different meanings to different people and this is not something that is different to anyone.  And even the people are not different.

When you move into the “Nowness” of the One, you are within the unity of all life.  “Understanding” is a Third-Dimensional concept, which means if you have to understand – that means you don’t understand.  So there is a polarity.  “Yes, I understand” – “No, I don’t understand.”  Accepting is faith – faith in the feeling of bliss.

Now some people have problems that they will have the bliss and then that inner voice comes in, “Ah, you don’t deserve it.”  Well bless that inner voice because it drops you right out of your bliss and then you turn around and say, “Hello inner voice, who are you?  I think I need to heal you right away.”

So whoever it is – “Come out and talk to me or disappear forever.”

SB:  Supposing we’re comfortably on dry land in the Fifth Dimension.  I hope I’ve used an appropriate simile.  That is not the end of the journey of Ascension is it?  Just simply arriving in the Fifth Dimension – there’s more to it is there not?

Arcturians:  Yes, Ascension is a multi-dimensional process and it goes on.  There is no ending to it.

SB:  I hear you, but the Ascension that all of you have come here to help us with – my understanding is that – the kind of conclusion, the end point for this part of the operation is a permanent heart opening.  It’s Sahaja Samadhi.  Am I correct in that?

Arcturians:  Yes, the heart and mind become one.  The mind is a multi-dimensional mind and heart has a fully opened and revealed the three-fold flame of wisdom, power and love because there is no separation.

Your mind and your heart are not separated.  Your right hand and your left hand are not separated.  There is no separation.  There is unity within the Now of the One, here.  We are here within the Unity of the Now of the One.

SB:  Yes, well, here I am pushing labels again.  But, I’m trying to understand this process in order to be able to write about it for others who don’t understand it at all perhaps.  They’re just awakening or whatever.

Arcturians:  Let us interrupt for just one moment.

SB:  Please

Arcturians:  The questions are wonderful because you speak with many people and you have an awareness of the types of questions that people would like to ask.  We are more than happy to answer those questions.

However, once within that ‘nowness’ for as long as that ‘nowness’ can be experienced, while still holding a physical form, there is this opening of the portal.  And once we, the Galactics, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic kingdom see that wide-open portal, we just put as much information through that portal as we can.

Then that person comes back and says, “How will I ever write this all down?”

SB:  You have a standing invitation with me.  That’s for sure.  So we’ve been told that there will be an event called Ascension and the Galactics and Angelics will be ready to welcome us.  Is that really the case?  Is there an event called Ascension? Or is this a gradual process that goes on forever?

Arcturians:  Now this is going to confuse you, but we will say it anyway.  From the Third-Dimensional perspective there is a description of how a Third-Dimensional human has said that it will occur for themselves because they are still holding their Third-Dimensional self. And if they were not in quite a bit of connection with their Third-Dimensional self, they would not have laid out this sequential process of how it is for everyone.

For within the Third Dimension there is absolute freedom for everyone to experience Ascension exactly the way they have chosen to experience it.  Because once one is returning to that Fifth-Dimensional state of their personal mastery – once they actually live in the Fifth Dimension they have left behind that personal mastery because they’ve gone into the land of unity.  But there is this jumping off point.

So each person goes to their personal mastery however it is that they go through their personal mastery and many and more and more are sharing their type of personal mastery so that anyone that resonates to that type of personality, frequency, culture, gender, upbringing can say, “Wow, I can do that.  That feels really good to me.  I think I could do that.  I couldn’t do what that person said, or that person said, but I think I could do it like this person said.”

So, those beings that are sharing their process, they are gathering other like-minded beings.  And, unity is absolutely vital for the ascension of a planet.

It’s usually like you said – you’re just a regular person and then you have an ascended experience and then “bang” back to a regular person.  Then you are a regular person and then an ascended being, and then back down. All right, why – why do you go back and forth?

It’s because you didn’t come to ascend yourself. You’re already a multi-dimensional being.  You’re already ascended.  You came to ascend the planet.  You have to remember how you did that so that you can share it with others, so they can remember how to do that.

So you, it’s no longer “you,” one person it’s you and two, four, eight, ten, fifteen, one-thousand, four-thousand, ten-thousand – other people who are opening this massive portal.  Do you see the difference in just one person saying, “Oh good, I get to Ascend now”?

SB:  Yes and it can be embarrassing at times because I have my friends around me who are speeding ahead and having wonderful experiences and then saying – come on, come on.  I have to say no.  My job is to go up steadily with everyone else and then write about it.

Arcturians:  Absolutely. It’s the same for Suzille.  There are certain meditations that she does not do because she knows that if she would do them she would likely go into Light body.  So she chooses not to do them because it is not her ‘Now.’  She has not yet completed her mission.  Nor have you.

SB:  If we weren’t talking in the Ascension area and talking to people in the growth movement they’d be pointing out that our bodies have bands of muscular tension that restrain and restrict our awareness.  When muscular tension goes up for instance, awareness goes down.  The physical body has a large impact on us.  And I wondered if you could speak for a moment on the impact?

Arcturians:  We will tell you in a type of allegory.  On our star ships…our star ships are live beings…we are live beings.  We are not separate from our star ship and our star ship is not separate from us.

Those of you who are still within the illusion of being an individual have your individual star ship, which is your physical body.  Now just as we must consistently maintain and take care of and unconditionally love our star ship so that we can travel the galaxy, you must continually maintain, stay in alignment, listen to and care for your personal star ship, physical body, so that you can take your maiden voyage out to the galaxies yourself.

So therefore, one of the things that occurs is that your physical body is an animal.  Now, animals know what they need.  If you have a dog, a dog will know when it’s hungry. A dog will know when it needs water.  If you are happy, the dog will know it.  If you are sad, the dog will know it.  So your physical body is a wonderful information system.

But like all information systems, you have to keep it calibrated.  If your computer wasn’t calibrated, if your calibration was off to the internet, you wouldn’t get the internet.  You have to calibrate your consciousness with your physical body. Your physical body gives you a lot of information about Ascension.

Your physical body will first off say – ‘if you eat this food we will show you how your Light body will respond.’  Now Suzille, it just started that her whole diet was completely changed because her body would not allow certain foods.

Then the body will say, “You must run this energy through me if you want me to be a highly functional body.  So you have to do your yoga, or your exercise, or have acupuncture, or get a massage.  So your body becomes the living being that is telling you how to transmute physicality into a higher frequency.  Do you understand what we are saying?

SB:  Yes, I do.  I need to switch over to the topic of abundance if that is alright with you.

Arcturians:  That is fine. It is a very Third-Dimensional topic.

SB:  Yes.  You mentioned back in March 2013 that the arrival of abundance was a matter of frequency and vibration.  Can you talk to us a little about what has happened since 2013 to our frequency and what the impact is on the approach of abundance please?

Arcturians:  What has happened is that the Light has gotten lighter and the dark has gotten darker because the separation of worlds has begun.

SB:  Wow!  Why don’t we talk about the separation of worlds the next time we meet because that’s a topic unto itself that is fascinating?  Please continue.

Arcturians:  So therefore, Third-Dimensional abundance is measured in terms of money, in terms of financial prosperity.  This is a relatively, if you look at the entire age of Gaia, a relatively new concept that was brought on by the very people who control the money – the Illuminati.

It used to be that you were abundant if you had a healthy farm and healthy children and good neighbors and everybody came together and people who had the crops shared the crops and the people who had the animals shared the meat.

Everybody worked together as one person just like on New Earth.  Nobody even had a purse. They didn’t have money.  You might have had a little money stuffed under your mattress but you didn’t spend money. You shared with each other.

But then the illuminati came in with television and began to tell everyone that they had to buy this, they had to buy that, and you were a good person if you had enough money to buy this.

Then it all began to be about getting the money that you wanted, whereas before, you got what you wanted with work and camaraderie.  Of course that happened before television, but the real domination of money over spirituality began with the commercials on the television set.

SB:  Not with ads in magazines?  I guess not to that extent.

Arcturians:  No, no.  You could flip the page to not look at the ad but on the television the commercial was there and you had to watch the whole commercial to get back to your show.

SB:  Interesting.  I don’t know how we can discuss this while not discussing the separation of the worlds.  Maybe we should leave this particular discussion until next time.

Arcturians:  Abundance is a state of consciousness.  Now, when one goes into the state of consciousness of  ‘I AM’ an abundant person and when one says “Thanksgiving for the substance at hand,” it will duplicate the substance indefinitely. They have the ability to welcome that into their reality.  Now, many people get a lot of money and blast right through it as if it didn’t even exist.
People love money, people hate money, but money is just a means of exchange of energy.

Back in South America there was so much gold that it meant nothing.  It was just another gold rock.  So the Incas made ornate tapestry and that was their money.  So, money was something that was hard to get. Therefore it had value. You could exchange it.

It’s hard to get valuable things, so you could get something else that you want.  As you transmute into your Fifth-Dimensional consciousness, your ability to create your reality greatly expands and what you need comes to you.  Sometimes it comes to you that you got money to purchase it.  More often it comes to you because it is your ‘Now’ and you are able to accept it.

SB:  I know for myself I have a monk’s inclination, so I have a lot of work to do in this area because I have this unconscious thought that non-attachment is bliss and it’s very hard for me to get into topics like creativity and abundance as you’ve just described it.

Arcturians:  Well, everyone has their own path that they have chosen to be the representative of…within that incarnation.  And as we all become – all of us meaning all of those who are wearing physical vessels at this ‘Nowness’ – as all of us awaken more and more, our powers of creativity begin to increase and our resourcefulness increases, our intelligence increases, our creativity increases because we are moving into the Fifth Dimension where thoughts become manifest.  Therefore, if you have a negative thought, that becomes manifest and it throws you right out of the Fifth Dimension.

SB:  That’s going to be an exciting development to see our thoughts be manifest.

Arcturians:    All of the Ascended Masters went through great long periods of mastery of their thoughts.  If one cannot master their thoughts, they cannot achieve Ascension because your thoughts are – what you think about you bring about.  That’s what this planet is.  And if you think about something negative you’re going to bring it about.  If you have a Fifth-Dimensional consciousness or a higher dimensional consciousness, you’ll bring it about quicker.  So, what you think about, you bring about.

SB:  That’s interesting.  Do you have any final words before we wrap up the program today?

Arcturians:  Our final words are to love yourself unconditionally, to respect yourself unconditionally, and to know that as long as you are loving and respecting yourself, you know that you are fulfilling your mission because your mission is filled with unconditional love, unconditional respect, and the ability to transmute your reality with the Violet Fire.

SB:  Wonderful!  Thank you very much. We’re so glad to have you and we’re going to have you back in two weeks, which I’m really looking forward to.

Sue Lie: Great, I’m looking forward to it as well.

Link Here to original transcript.
(1) The Arcturians have just described the Trinity of Father, Mother, and Child (Father, Holy Spirit and Son or Brahman, Shakti, and Atman). They are the Transcendental, the Phenomenal, and the Transcendental within the Phenomenal.
(2) I.e., they went astral travelling to the Fourth-Dimensional Astral Plane, in sleep.
(3) The Third and Fourth Dimensions are linked. In physical lifetimes we existed within the Third Dimensions. Then after death and between physical lifetimes, we existed on the Fourth Dimension or Astral Plane.

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