Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Team: Influence the Entire Holographic Field

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 12-15-15

We are here once again to acknowledge and remind you that in truth you are a light being. We are also aware that in the midst of the increased chaos and increased polarizations that are occurring, the idea of being a light being might feel insignificant or even impossible. How can remembering that you are more than your physical form be important when the events in your 3D reality are intense, evoking strong emotions of fear, judgment, hopelessness and separation?

We are here to remind you once again that you truly are bigger than any of these feelings and experiences. You are a magnificent Multidimensional Being of Light Consciousness. You are here to assist and support a new reality to come into form. You could say that you are on assignment and it would be true. Many of you have never felt at home here on the planet Earth and we understand because your divine essence is a part of the cosmic family.

Yet here you are in the midst of these enormous changes and this intense upheaval. All that is appearing upon the screen of reality is being co-signed by the thoughts, words, emotions and actions of the collective. Everyone, we repeat everyone, is a magnificent multidimensional being with the ability to create and call forth what manifests in this dense physical 3D experience.

Unfortunately, from our observation most individuals continue to use their powerful gifts and abilities to create upside down and backwards. They are totally unaware that the very thing they oppose and push against becomes stronger and more solid so to speak. Therefore the creation frequencies of collective consciousness continue to call forth horrific and tragic events that are then energized and made manifest in the global experience.

You are a part of the shift and transformation. You are remembering who you are. You are becoming aware that all that is manifesting as physical reality is co-created by the misunderstood concepts and beliefs held in the matrix.

You are not powerless. You are a being of light. Remember this and continue to bring your true awareness of this fact back into each moment. We realize that this can certainly be a task, especially since you, as well as all others, are empathic and telepathic. Therefore, when the collective energies in the quantum field are generating frequencies of fear, rage, opposition, and separation it is easy as an empath, a sensitive, to match that frequency.

You drop into that emotional quagmire and become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution or resolution. There is no judgment from us; we are only reminding you of how easily you can become plugged into the very things you came here to transform.

Once again, remind yourself that you are a conscious being of light who can and does affect the outcome of your reality. This is a hologame. This is a holographic reality. And when you reduce any aspect of that holographic reality, that part or aspect carries the entire pattern or frequency of that holographic image of reality.

You carry this holographic pattern in your very DNA, just as everyone on this planet does. So here is your truth and your power. When you consciously begin to shift the patterns and programs of limitation within your personal aspect of the collective hologram/hologame, you influence the entire holographic field. You influence the collective consciousness.

Remember that wherever you stand, live and have your physical experience, you are always connected to the holographic field and frequency. This awareness can and will empower you.

We have continued through our words to remind and acknowledge you and offer our gratitude for the dedication you bring to this 3D experience. You are powerful beyond measure. We invite you to claim this truth and begin to activate your understanding of your ability.

Everything that you witness and observe as mis-qualified energies of tragic events, no matter how solid, polarized or seemingly unresolvable, are energy frequencies made solid by focus.

Knowing this truth, you can step forward and begin to offer a different emotional frequency of healing, transformation, and life-sustaining resolve for all. These are the times in which you chose to contribute to the ascension of this planet and humanity.

Pull yourself out of the mass consciousness of limitation, separation, fear and judgment. Offer instead a higher vision, a higher frequency of love, forgiveness, oneness and harmony. This is not an impossible task; trust us when we say that this is your job. This is what you are here to anchor. You have many, many experiences on the timeline that have prepared you for this.

This battle of polarities, of good and bad, of love or fear which humanity has anchored and experienced since the beginning of evolution on Earth, has been and continues to be observed by the entire galaxy. The negative frequencies, the mis-qualified energy and emotions are patterns that are in the process of being transformed.

You are the chalice for this transformation. You are the alchemist for this transmutation. You are the avatar here at this time to anchor the age of enlightenment, of LIGHT, to the life forms on your Earth.
Your planet is spiraling in ever increasing chaos; more and more of your life forms are selecting to exit at this time since the frequencies are not life sustaining. There is a mass extinction occurring. Individuals have forgotten that they are a part of the whole; they are a part of all living things. They have forgotten that the elements of air, water, earth and fire are a part of them.

These elements are truly gifts from the death of a star. It is from these star elements that your physical body is created, and is then animated by your divine spirit and divine consciousness. Do not forget this.

We assure you that this path of total extinction and destruction can be shifted at the last second of the last hour, so all is not hopeless. As more individuals awaken and realize that they are a part of this holographic unfoldment and capable of truly making a difference, there will be big shifts occurring.

Reconnect with one another, reconnect with nature, step into your personal power to hold a vision and anchor a new reality. Moment to moment, hour by hour shift your emotional frequency, your attitudes, and your visions for what is possible. We will continue to remind you that you are not powerless.

Know that there is a celestial portal opening which is offering celestial support during these times, strengthening your intentions and offerings as you consciously co-create a new world. You are not alone in the work, service or assignment. Many individuals around the world are doing this work, quietly within their heart with dedicated conscious action. The numbers are continuing to increase.

Partner with others both energetically and physically. Partner with the celestials, the beings of light and love. Partner with nature and the consciousness of nature. Hold your visions and your intentions strong for this is contributing to the positive acceleration for change.

Know in your heart of hearts that every time you bring conscious light to a situation you add to its resolution. Be aware that when you are polarized, opinionated or judgmental you are adding to the very things you desire to heal and transform.

Call upon us and all the celestial and cosmic beings of divine consciousness and together we will truly support the ascension of this planet and humanity. This is the hour. This is the time to step up and remember who you are and why you are here in this timeframe and dimension.

We embrace you with our gratitude and love for who you are in your magnificence. the ‘team’

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