Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sandra Walter: Evolution Of The Wayshowers


 By Sandra Walter On 12-9-15

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
The changes in the way the SUN interprets information are well underway. Of course there is more heat and brightness, which is noticeable to most. The gravitational changes in this area of space will un-veil much in the coming months, and a Mastery-path-specific change in the coming weeks. In your Mastery, notice the difference in the way the light feels.

Notice the way the Solar light feels in the heart. Drop the elevator from the mind into the heart; this is your new interpretation center, Beloveds. All must be perceived from this level in order to see all that is. Changes in the Sun change the way Gaia, our bodies, energy systems, and light bodies will interpret information. Remember the three levels of these messages, Beloveds.

We have arrived at a powerful juncture in our journey. The passage between now (the 12-12 gateways opened this day) and January 17th will be a highly transformative passage for those completing the Resurrection phase. It is a big shift supported by numerous cosmic factors, and what an elegant endeavor it is. All of this unfolds so seamlessly; the blueprints are indeed divine design. This is the predicted evolution of the Wayshowers.

Wayshowers are Humble, Devout, Peaceful and Powerful Beings

Gatekeepers, Wayshowers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers of the True Light are entrusted with Divine service; the sacred path to become Guardians of the New Light. On a grounded level the challenges to that power, peace and service can be plentiful in order for you to find strength and doubtless devotion to Source; a deep inner dedication to Love.

Wayshower, know thyself; we are the light of this new world. This is a sacred endeavor. This deep internal shift we are enduring will reveal new levels of Self in the next few weeks. New levels of consciousness supported by the new light grid systems, the crystalline grid, the HUman heart grid, and the emerging Christed grid system of Gaia will transform the old grid systems into something brand new. We are building new sacred sites, new structures with a very different energy. This will accommodate Gaia as she shifts her magnetics, gravitational fields, and her emerging Solar beingness to accommodate the Solar consciousness emerging on her surface through the HUman heart grid.

Many of you have seen the golden pillars of light connecting the crystalline grid to this new emerging light grid. It is everywhere. You can see this Christed grid lifting, raising the consciousness, raising the vibration, raising the dimensional structure of Gaia upwards and outwards; expanding and rising to meet the new level of consciousness. This is why Lightworkers are placed all over the planet in such a scattered way; we provide stability during this passage.

For those of you who were in service on the 12-12-12 receiving the codes of the New Light and New HUman templates, our Mastery journey will reach its three-year completion and those codes will specifically transform consciousness of the Wayshowers embracing this Resurrection phase. If you received codes along the way from these Wayshowers, we welcome your participation in this evolutionary phase.

Place all of your focus on Love. Random acts of kindness, love, devotion, allowing the transformation of your own heart are imperative in this passage. Forgive and forget the old Light. Resolve to be a Guardian of the New Light. It is the holidays; this makes it easier as the collective consciousness focuses on togetherness.

Use that vibration to amplify your service. Use the vibration of resolution and new beginnings to amplify your work. We understand how consciousness works, it is time to apply HUman light technology – the LoveLight consciousness – to everything we do.

Nurture yourself and others with gratitude and completely refuse to participate in old light agendas. Let that die off, let the old self and old light dynamics wither away. Tend your new garden well, Beloveds. A simple reminder: Remember that your thoughts and your feelings create your reality. It is imperative that the High-vibe tribe focus on the Love. Always present solutions and creative alternatives to those who dwell on the external drama. New light solutions are key.

Hold all of HUmanity in the Source love of your heart each moment. Level up to this New Light gently, patiently, humbly; let the light transform your journey. Let it be strange, different, let the light show you what is Now. All of our power is in Presence. Be with the New you and the New consciousness of others around you. Take note of the good and share it.

Transformation: Stillness, Busy-ness, Stillness

You may experience drowsiness with this passage, and then creative blasts of the New Self emerging. The body will do what it needs to do; it has an intelligence of its own. Your subconscious – which you have aptly trained in your Mastery – may need further direction as your consciousness shifts to accommodate the Higher Self. Notice the difference between Heart-stimulation (creative/sacred activity) and ego-mind stimulation. Lower-level programs attempt to recreate old drama since the 3D drop-off; notice how it isn’t working like it used to.

Much old light will be revealed, however our task is spiritual revelation; revealing what is possible with Divine HUman consciousness. Be aware of slipping into repetitive coping mechanisms, thought patterns, or worrying about the future. Simply turn it off. Stay in the Now. Most of you can recognize this. Help others in the Tribe to comprehend what is occurring (no judgment, just support each other with gentle reminders to focus on what we desire to create).

Cosmic Perspective Helps: We are Wonderful

Let the present be beautiful, strange; love the transformation and it will be easier for everyone. It is what it is. Don’t worry about what you are transforming into or what you will be doing next year. It is important to be present in the love each and every minute. Let it happen. We are here to show the way. That way, right now, is to be open in the love, peace, and express it genuinely. Be authentic in your light. Kindness, compassion, HUmility, reverence; we are entrusted on the highest of levels with this task. Own that role. Honor that you are awake, ascending, walking through this gateway into the unknown. Devotion to the cosmic transformation is your key to Christed Presence. Be here. Now. In the love.

Every Wayshower on the Mastery path will undergo acute shifts over the next month. It is foolish to claim exactly what that will mean for your personal journey, or what is going to happen to the collective as this presents. Right now our focus is on embodying this Christ consciousness for each individual expression, and staying focused on bringing in and forth this New Light. We provide stability for Gaia, kingdoms, elementals and HUmanity by being present with how we feel, nurturing ourselves, being of service to our family, friends and those in our presence. Tap into the HUman heart grid right now or any time that you need comfort, strength, or want to share more love, more light.

This is a very powerful time to receive and step into the New Self. This is the payoff for your dedication to Mastery over the last few years, Beloveds. Get out and do the good work. Plant the crystals, bless the water, write the poems, paint the New Earth, meditate on the Solar light within, merge with Source, open the Gates. The Land, the air, the water, the HUmans, the kingdoms – all is unifying in this cosmic light. Gatekeepers are holding the doors open for evolution. All are welcome to let it in. Let go of everything which troubles you; there is no sense in recreating that. Let us open to our magnificence.
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra


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