Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Warning Of A Possible False-Flag Attack


Cosmic Awareness has warned us that a false-flag event is being planned for the Christmas period.

The possible attack is designed not only to dampen our spirits at this holiday time of good cheer,  but also to defeat the significance of the time, which is the rebirth of the Light in the Northern Hemisphere after the period of maximum darkness – the winter solstice.

CA says:

“There are those who are in power whose powers are ebbing now, who are the powers-that-were, [who] would still nonetheless try to curtail this universal expression of good cheer and good wishes upon all human beings.

“This is something that is tolerated to a degree but even there, there are plans to collapse this season and collapse the feeling of hopefulness that so many bear at this time.

“That this means that there are plans afoot that may be designed to create another false flag event over that most sacred period, that soul celebration of Christmas and the Solstice time.

“That this Awareness does not predict, It is simply saying there are plans afoot and that if it does occur at Christmas or in the Christmas period, for this is an extended period of approximately one week from the 24th of December to the 30th of December where the feelings of good will and positivity are so strong.” (1)

This is a time of desperation for the cabal, as its powers diminish and it sees its demise, unless it can turn the tide back from the Light to the dark.

CA advises:

“As this Awareness has spoken so many times before, it all begins within the individual themself, themselves, and because this is so, as you the individual observe whatever events take place during this period, it is also therefore up to you not to fall for the deception, not to be misled by any false flag.

“True there may be suffering for many because of these manipulations, these deliberate attacks upon humanity, but you are not to be drawn into it, you are to stay in the pure powers of these times, of this period of the light returning into the darkness, and you are to remember this message.  …

“It is not about denial if something does occur, but it is about transcendence, it is about going beyond the deception, the lie, the corruption, that is being presented. It is about seeing that everyone has a place in this drama, a role to play and that it may be that those of a spiritual nature can bring light into this matter by accepting the light that comes to them.”

CA asks us to remain aware of the truth of the situation while not being drawn into negativity. CA encourages us to transcend any fear, anger and hatred that arises within us.  We’re asked for a number of reasons.

First, summoning up anger and hatred seems to be exactly what the dark wants. That would lead to opposition and give the dark an excuse to call upon their police and military to put dissent down and further erode civil rights.

Second, responding with these agitated emotional states invokes the Law of Attraction and brings more anger and hatred to us.

Third, it leads us to abandon the Light and respond in dark ways. We become like the dark, rather than like the Light.

We don’t need to react in those ways. The protection of our star brothers and sisters is enough to prevent any attack from going further – into FEMA-camp repression, for instance, or in the worst-case scenario into nuclear war. Nothing like that will happen.

Their help is enough to prevent the dark from realizing any large-scale, long-term benefits from their heinous acts, other than what the attack itself immediately produces.

We may wish to remind ourselves that we’ve been through a situation like this before. Weather warfare, using devices like HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) weather-modification weapons, was used in past times to cause or accentuate the damage of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wild fires, and other “natural” disasters.

But HAARP has been decommissioned. And notice that we’ve all but forgotten about it. The dark did not “win” through their use of weather warfare.

Similarly they won’t win through their use of false-flag attacks and shootings.

We may not understand why the forces of the Light don’t prevent the false-flag attack. But we’re encouraged not to become disaffected or to abandon the Light because an attack has taken place or because we don’t understand why it was allowed to take place.

I personally cannot say that I understand the workings of the Law of Free Will enough to say why the celestials and galactics allow false-flags but I do get that the higher beings are operating under its constraints.

I felt drawn over the Christmas holidays to watch a series called Soviet Storm: WWII in the East. At the same time that I felt a strong pull, I could not figure out why I was watching it (and felt guilty doing so) and why I could not stop watching it until I had seen the complete series. But with CA’s message, I now see one of the reasons.

The Nazis were capable of any act of human depravity – killing hundreds of thousands of people at the Babi Yar Ravine, burning whole villages along with their inhabitants, exterminating millions in the death camps. The Nazis in places like Auschwitz perpetrated horrible acts which I don’t think it appropriate to even discuss here.

The dark of today are the new Nazis and it’d be easy to hate them.

But that plays right into their hands. They’d love it if we abandoned the Light and descended into fear, anger or hatred. We’d be descending to their level and leaving the Light behind.

We’re called upon to do a delicate dance of remaining aware while refusing to abandon love and light. So we here will cover what occurs but not to excess, not descending into dualistic right/wrong, and not allowing the dark to set our agenda.

It’s we lightworkers who now have been asked to set the agenda for this planet. And that agenda is benevolent: rebuilding the social, economic, spiritual, and political order on the basis of universal love and acceptance. That’s orders of magnitude more difficult than tearing society down as the dark are doing.

But I know we’re up for it.
(1) “2015 Christmas Message From Cosmic Awareness,” Dec. 26, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/12/26/2015-christmas-message-cosmic-awareness/.

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