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The People Of Earth Welcome The People Of The Stars


By Steve Beckow On 12-5-15

Welcome to Our Star Brothers and Sisters

The skies above the Earth look like a parking lot these days. Extraterrestrials – or as we (1) prefer to call them, galactics – are all over the place.

Sometimes you need to look carefully, as in the case of lenticular clouds. But most often they make themselves pretty visible.

They could as easily hide from view, but they don’t choose to.

Why not? Because they want to “meet” us. I say “meet” because they’ve met us. It’s we that haven’t met them.

They’ve been here protecting us from our own ill-advised actions that have threatened the existence of the Earth.

One threat to the Earth was depleted uranium. We released enough DU from weaponry in several wars to have finished this planet off. Period. Full stop.

One has only to enter “depleted uranium” in this site’s search box to find out about the omnicidal threat, the threat to all life on Earth, that DU is.  The galactics removed the depleted uranium from the atmosphere. Planet saved. (2)

Let’s take that investigation further. The apparent desire of the American secret government was to start a nuclear World War III.

Lenticular 1They wanted to live out their nuclear war in deep, underground military bunkers. When that war was over, they planned to return to the surface and start again with a much reduced human population to be enslaved to do their bidding.

But the galactics first removed all personnel and then imploded their bunkers in 2011, ending their plans.

Death by nuclear warfare was not in the Divine Plan, or in the cards.

Later they quarantined us to prevent us from spreading nuclear warfare to space.

Sound far fetched? You don’t have to believe me. Just ask yourself. Have you heard of a nuclear bomb being exploded on the surface of the Earth or in space recently? Yes, you’ve heard a lot of reports of them. But those have mostly been been faked.

You’ve seen a few missiles launched and some you didn’t see. (3) But none of them have exploded.
In reality then no nuclear bomb has been exploded in hostile intent since the small nukes of Sept. 11, 2001 were exploded.

Sept. 11, 2001? 9/11?  You don’t know it was an inside job?  Hmmmm…. Don’t know what to say.

If you do know that 9/11 was an inside job, then it may not be a stretch for you to hear that the galactic forces that have guarded us since that day (actually since the end of the Second World War) (4) will neither allow a nuclear bomb to be exploded on Earth nor tolerate World War III nor permit another false-flag operation as extensive and harmful as 9/11 was.

(Paris was not a false flag on the scale of 9/11, in my view. The death figures for 9/11 have been greatly under-reported – 50,000 NYC dead or more is, I think, more probable than 3,000.)

We can continue to follow the trail of our own mayhem and folly. But each time it’s been the galactics who cleaned up after us – after our oil spills and nuclear power plant explosions. It was the galactics who neutralized manmade, Fort-Detrick pandemic virusues released on the population, from AIDS to Ebola, SARS to swine flu. This again was designed to reduce the population to a more manageable 500 million.

It was they who neutralized the toxic pandemic vaccines that were visited on an unsuspecting public and were as infectious as the viruses.

It was they who took out the chief weapons of weather warfare, like HAARP and other weather-control devices.

It was they who neutralized the poisonous chemtrails.

They’re obliged to respect our freewill choices to take each other apart.  Unlike us, they understand and respect the universal laws, like the laws of freewill, karma, and attraction.

So I welcome our star family of ascended brothers and sisters.  There are no dark forces among them or anywhere else in our vicinity. As I see it, we on Earth are safe and protected better than we might imagine.

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

More than safe, the Earth is blessed by the galactic presence.

For those who enjoy gifts, they bring gifts of healing, longevity, and replication. Imagine having the thought of something and it’s instantly there. These are the technologies we’ll soon be routinely enjoying.

They also come to introduce us to new ways of transportation, communication, and peace.

UFO-mothership-333They come to teach us about universal love, to help us create a world that works.
They beam and anchor Light for our planetary shift in consciousness. The next dimension, in the progression of our consciousness, will be one of universal love and harmony, peace and abundance.  The world will naturally – and effortlessly – work in such an environment.

It’s a humbling thought for us to think how primitive and misguided we might appear to them, if they judged us as we judge others. But they don’t judge. Their ways are not our ways. They’re higher.

They’re human like us. They’re in fact our forebearers. They populated this planet. The humans here are originally from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius and the other star systems.  So we’re welcoming back the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, our Ancestors – if that’s your perspective. It certainly does reflect the relationship.

We have no enemies in outer space at this time. The galactic presence ensures it. There were cattle mutilations, but they were mainly done by the secret government to make us feel afraid. The greys are gone. The time at which anyone could interfere with the consciousness shift we’re already in as a planet is now gone … forever.

There’s no downside to the arrival of our star family. I say that on my own recognizance as a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth. This is my declaration to the world.

What’s unfolding before our eyes is part of the greatest show on Earth. Never mind Moses and the Ten Commandments (forgive me, Moses). Never mind the greatest battles ever fought. Never mind Gandhi’s, Mother Teresa’s, or the Dalai Lama’s contributions to humanity.

What’s happening now on planet Earth, thanks in large measure to the galactics, is a stunning and amazing shift in consciousness available to the whole world, which you can feel.  I can certainly feel it.
None of the contrived, false-flag events that the secret government is perpetrating on us at this time can stem the tide of elevating consciousness and transformative love that’s sweeping our planet now. It is the hope of the Earth and it’s unstoppable.

We’re heading towards the greatest celebration this planet has ever had, a welcoming of family from afar and a recognition of our collective freedom and peace, abundance and harmony.

So let’s forgive ourselves for our mistaken impression that they were here to eat us, vaporize us, or whatever. We were wrong. Let’s change tack now.

There’s so much we don’t know about our star family, that they’re just waiting to tell us, if we invite them.

What we’re accomplishing now has never been done before. The eyes of everyone in the universe interested in mass shifts in consciousness are upon us.

I cast my vote for getting involved in this scenario to the greatest extent I can. Never will more dreams come true than through the Divine Plan that this higher-dimensional scenario reflects and represents.

Tremendous reconstruction is taking place around us, in great measure effected by the galactics.  They want us to join them. I for one want to be involved.

(1) Lightworkers.
(2) Unfortunately the hideous damage and disfigurement to people that have resulted from the ingestion of DU continues. My assumption is that these injuries will be addressed by the galactics’ new healing technologies after Disclosure.
(3) On June 20, 2008 a Minuteman nuclear missile was launched from Boseman, Montana, after the Russians showed they could shoot and actually shot down a TR3-B Aurora spacecraft. A second apparent TR3-B took out the Minuteman. The incident nearly started World War III.  Galactic or terrestrial, the incident exposed the existence of the American secret space fleet to non-military eyes.  See “June 20, 2008: The Day the Earth Stood Still” at
(4) Or countless millennia ago, depending on the power of magnification. The galactics have been watching over the planet since the beginning, but they also cannot interfere with our free will, which has resulted in a common state of warfare on the planet throughout the historical record.

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