Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Last Full Moon Of 2015 Will Fall On Christmas

By Alexa Erickson On 12-19-15

Christmas day and the full moon.Christmas is a day of reflection, gratitude, togetherness, cheer, warmth, giving, and goodness. It’s unique for many reasons, one of them being that it happens one day a year — a birthday if you will. When a full moon occurs, there’s an overwhelming energy that arises.

The sun and the moon are in opposite Zodiac signs. And while it proves to be a time of utter charge, it also brings about a sense of balance — the solar yang and the lunar yin are congruous. When the two occasions occur simultaneously, well, that just feels extra special.

The end of a year brings about many feelings. We replay the events of the past and how we changed and grew, and we use our missteps and misfortunes as well as our positive outcomes to pave new intentions for the year ahead of us. We are sensitive this time of year, because there is such a huge transition surfacing.

That’s why it makes it even more intriguing that the last full moon we’ll see in 2015 happens to be on one of the most celebratory days of the year. People are enthralled with this idea, perhaps because it’s so spectacular that two big things are coming together. Bizarre and beautiful occurrences take place during full moons. Wonderful things happen on Christmas. The combination of the two is like a treat you never knew you needed until you’re informed of its presence, and suddenly the excitement consumes you.

Christmas day and the full moon.The December full moon is special because it rises near sunset and then sets close to sunrise. This means that it is the only night in the entire month that the moon stays in the sky for the whole night.

What’s even more exceptional is that a full moon on Christmas day hasn’t occurred for 38 years. The last time it happened was in 1977, and the next one won’t appear until 2034.

The interpretation of the moon is seen in various cultures and religions across the globe. Each full moon is given a special name to track the seasons in the Native American culture. December’s moon is called the Oak Moon, Cold Moon, or Long Nights Moon.

In Buddhist history, the importance of the full moon is linked to many life events, such as the birth of Buddha. His renunciation also took place on this day, as did his Enlightenment, first sermon, and even his passing. A full moon is seen as a supreme time for spiritual development in Buddhism for these reasons.

In Roman culture, the goddess of the moon was named Luna. Their belief says that each evening, Luna would ride her silver chariot across the dark sky, and humans are thought to display erratic behaviour at this time as a result. The words lunatic” and “lunacy” can also be traced to this myth.

In astrological terms, a new moon symbolizes the measurement of power. Here, you are experiencing the pinnacle of your clarity, where all your desires are revealed to you. Now, think of connecting this ideology to the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. You are more aware of everything your mind, body, and spirit require for optimum health from the inside out. Surrounded by people you love, it’s your time to listen closely as your goals for 2016 unfold.

When it comes to weather, ocean tides are affected by the moon’s gravitational pull due to the fact that the moon’s orbit around the earth isn’t fully circular. Also, during both the full moon as well as the new moon, it remains closer to the earth than at any other time, therefore higher tides occur. The connection between this element and yourself can be utterly empowering.

As you can see, there are so many ways to view the beauty of a full moon. People are allured by this rare event of it falling on Christmas day for so many reasons, and now is your time to decide how it will affect you.

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