Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rumors About Zim Probably Disinformation


ZimWe’re aware of reports that Zimbabwe intends to introduce the Chinese Yuan/Reminbi as its currency and retire the Zimbawean dollar. (1)

I don’t believe the reports, any more than the previous report that Zimbabwean dollars were being exchanged for a pittance of American dollars.

I don’t believe Robert Mugabe would decline the windfall that the Reval means for him and his country.

The preponderant probability is that this is a second round of disinformation whose purpose is to have people discard their Zims and defeat the purpose of the Reval. The Reval will, after all, sound the death knell of the New World Order and its roster of dictators.

The cabal has tried every means to confuse us and make us lose hope.  I’d rather listen to the truth from the Company of Heaven than dubious reports from the controlled mainstream media.

The psychological warfare of planted stories is no different than the psychological warfare of false-flag events.

We can probably expect all manner of disinformation to be broadcast whose aim is to defeat the Reval. I personally don’t plan to pay it a great deal of attention.

I have to add that it isn’t our role to make recommendations to you on financial matters. All I can say is that I personally am continuing on the same course I’ve been steering.

If I were concerned, which I’m not, I might vary my holdings by purchasing Vietnamese Dong. The Dong is a publicly-tradeable currency (whereas the Zim is not) and so can be cashed in at any time at near-full value (minus exchange fees).

During and after the Reval, GAoG will not be providing financial guidance. No one here has the expertise or qualifications to do that. Seeking professional guidance is probably advisable.

(1) See for instance:;; and Thanks to Aidan Quinn.

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