Thursday, December 17, 2015

VEIL EIGHT “The Illusion Of Self”

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 12-16-15

It worked. It worked. I thought of Earth and then I was there. I woke up in my bed. But now, awakening has a new meaning. When I come here, I feel like I have awakened. Yet I know I must be asleep before I can get here. Then, it is like falling asleep when I leave here, and I must wake up before I can know I have returned. I wonder if all this is less confusing when one is in "I AM" consciousness.

"In 'I AM', my dear, there is no confusion, only enlightenment."

"Oh, Lady Astrea, I am so glad to see you again. I miss you when I am on Earth."

"But, my dear," she replies, "I am not far from you when you are on Earth. If ever you want me, just think of me and I shall hear you and travel along your beam of thought to answer you. But come now, my dear, it is your time to enter the circle."

Why is it that she brings me to the circle just as I wish to ask a question? Oh, yes, I remember, questions are merely a form of doubt. The circle glistens around me as the Ladies approach. I do know that I no longer doubt this experience. I may not understand it, but I no longer question it. As the Ladies take the veil I hear Lady Leto saying, "Dear one, the string that ties the veil of illusions is emotion. Know the emotion that you feel now. Allow it to communicate with you and give you the information you need, then release it so that you may continue with your work.

"The veil that is lifted this evening is 'The Illusion of Self.' Within this illusion, personal importance is a source of external reward and success. The 'self' is not the same as the 'Self', for many 'selves' make up the 'Self' and many of those 'selves' are not even of one lifetime. However, humanity has put such effort into establishing the little ‘self’ that humans begin to believe that that is all they are. They begin to believe that they are the body and that they are ruled by the ego.

As an infant and a small child, one knows that there is no separation and that all on Earth are one. Infants and small children ‘know’ that a body holds their essence and they are actually much more than just a physical form. Since the world into which they are born is not yet ready for this concept, the children are taught to become their body, to focus all awareness on the physical form and to become a 'self.'

"With the release of this veil, you will begin to know and understand all the desires, goals, needs and rewards of this small 'self.' Watch each one of these through the eyes of the 'Self' and release them all as particles of an illusion."

And now the mighty Hilarion speaks: "To be able to become one with the High Self is a vast and awesome task. I can remember how I suffered in my Earth lives to accomplish this task. My ego was strong and resented its death. You, my one, have striven first to establish a sense of 'self' so that you could better relate to the world that always felt like a foreign planet to you. Therefore, it may be difficult indeed to give up that which you have searched so hard to find.

“Release now the illusion that this small, lonely 'self' is all of you. Surrender instead to the Higher Self that you have always felt in the close distance. Fear not the ramifications. I know the reasons for building the illusion of ‘self’ and it is necessary while one is learning one’s Earthly lessons. However, when one moves to the state of teacher, one carries the answers within.

"Release that small role with all its haunting emotions and Earthly strife. You no longer need to suffer to learn, for now you can learn through teaching. Feel the presence of the masters in your physical vehicle. Watch as all that was 'real' fades into a symbol. Know the Earth as it truly is—a schoolroom for human evolution. Collect your degrees now and leave your desks. Step up to the podium and allow your Higher Self to inhabit the vehicle that you have worked so long to prepare."

Although I can barely understand what Hilarion has just said, Apollo now adds, "I see how this is a difficult task for you to comprehend, and I know that it will take all the courage that you possess. To deny the suffering that told you you were alive is to truly face death. Die now, my one. Die to hardships, die to restraint, die to criticism, and die to human love.

See your Angels of Resurrection and feel the divine detachment as you are united with your Higher Self. Give away each emotion as it signifies a reaction to your third-dimensional life. Instead listen, observe, and understand the message passed from the third dimension to your Higher Self. Look down into all Illusions that hold the 'self' in sorrow and reward. To know the death of 'self' is to feel and be everlasting life."

As the masters finish speaking, my mind is in a whirl. How can they know so much about me personally? Although I don't yet remember my Earth life too well, I'm sure it was nothing significant. How can they know or even care about one small person such as my ‘self’?

"Because you have called us." I hear the loving voice of Lady Astrea answer my thought. I realize now that somehow I have traveled outside of the circle or, perhaps, it has left me.

"How do you hear my thoughts, Lady?" I finally ask the question.

"My one, it matters not to me which voice you use as I listen only to your heart. We of the higher dimensions are only concerned with the issues of Earth that affect the true heart. All else is merely a lesson being played and replayed. The lives and thoughts of the human realm only concern us when humans have come to the point in their evolution where they call for divine intervention from their hearts and truly accept it. It is not that we do not love all of humanity, but rather that they are unable to accept our assistance. As long as beings have all their senses focused on the physical world, they are prisoners of that very world which they believe is all that exists."

I can hardly hear her last words, as I know I am now leaving. Oh, please, let me remember what I have learned here. Oh, please, help me to be awake on Earth…

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