Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Pleiadians: Uniting With Your Divinity Is Pure Magic

 Channelled By L'Au'Ra Pleiadian On 12-21-15

Clarifying things about Being Child Like, and living in the wonder and the magic of You. This is not about seeking happiness or even being happy. Joy is the result of being in the natural state (child like) of doing and being what you came here to experience, just like being in love, finds you, you don’t find it.

Many of you, have forgotten what you love, what is most natural to you, and your life may have become an endless daily grind for survival and security, while attempting to attain, higher levels of your awareness, with a sternness and a complexity, that only leaves you more perplexed while continuing to seek, that which is not here now.

The reason for this is simple, the mind and ego never settles for now~ for what is most natural to you, to come to you, and through you, as in playing. Playing as and in, what naturally brings you joy. The ego bypasses what appears child like, as it forsakes its innocence, as inconsequential.

I desire to be very clear about this, what I write is not about language, or about dissecting the meaning of words, that is what the ego does, as it always seeks more, to find more meaning. To seek out endlessly, and never arrive, accept, and simply enter that state of innocence, where it is OK to not know.

I don’t know why I want to play like this, it just feels good. That is nonsense to the ego.

I don’t know why I want to do this (fill in the blank)... And time flies by as if it doesn’t exist.

Do not judge what you enjoy. Or what others enjoy. This could be for some golf, or watching a sport, or for others knitting, or dancing. Follow this, what brings you Joy.

Let go of the reasons about why.

That is play, the ego doesn’t understand it, and that is OK, PLAY ANYWAY.

Accept it is ok to not know. To not know what is in store for you as your Destiny.

The ego struggles with this, and the ego isn’t bad, it’s just when you enter playing and being, and accepting and loving everything that arises, then, everything becomes play. And in the state of play (again just words) there is no ego, only wonder, joy, embracing what is, through loving and accepting, what you are.

Whether you are an Angel in human form (the word Angel is even just a word) or whether you are Source or God, Or Divine (they all point to the Eternal You which has no name for it in mortal language) this State of Being, is your state of innocence, where you have let go of the concerns of the ego, and you enter a state of Pureness and Play, through loving everything and accepting everything, including the ego, and you fully become that which you already are.

So let go of trying to figure it out, that is the endless seeking of the ego.

Play and be the innocence that you are.

Love what you love, with the undying Passion of your experience.

Allow this to be the Way in which you embrace the unknowable, as the way of Being, the pureness of you.

To some who live through the filter of the ego still, these words will appear as nonsense, and you will continue to seek.

To those of you that are ready, you will enter ever more deeply the Magic and the Beauty of your Soul. These words activate all that is dormant within you.

Your life will be the ease, grace and wonder of simply Being and living as the Destiny that you Are and have always been.

Eternal Love and Endless Ecstasy!

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